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CA [See redirect]

Cadiz, Spain [3 subentries]

Caen, France [1 reference]

Calker, B. C. V. (Dutch medal maker) [1 reference]

Calkoen, Hendrik (Amsterdam lawyer) [1 reference]

Cambridge, Mass. [2 references]

Camden, Charles Pratt, 1st Earl of (pres. of the Privy Council) [1 reference]

Canada [6 subentries]

Canary Islands [4 references]

Cape Ann, Mass. [2 references]

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia [1 reference]

Capellen de Lathmer (relative of Joan Derk) [2 references]

Capellen tot den Pol, Joan Derk, Baron van der (Dutch anti-Orangist patriot) [10 subentries]

Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia [2 references]

Capua, Italy [2 references]

Caramanico, Francesco d’Aquino, Principe de (Sicilian ambassador to Britain) [1 reference]

Carleton, Gen. Sir Guy (Brit. commander in chief in America) [5 subentries]

Carlisle, Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of [2 references]

Carmichael, William (secy. to Jay) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Carnes, Mr. [2 references]

Carrière (French artist) [1 subentry]

Carte, Thomas [1 subentry]

Caspian Sea [2 references]

Castries, Charles Eugène Gabriel de La Croix, Marquis de (French naval minister) [4 references]

Cataraqui River [3 references]

Catherine II (the Great), Empress of Russia [7 subentries]

Cats, V. (of Leeuwarden, Netherlands) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Caucasus Mountains, Russia [1 reference]

Cavendish, Lord John (M.P.) [4 references]

Cerisier, Antoine Marie (editor of Politique hollandais) [15 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Cérutti, Joseph Antoine Joachim [1 subentry]

CFA [See redirect]

Challet Pere & Fils (Paris mercantile firm) [1 reference]

Chalut, Abbé (French cleric) [2 references]

Chalut de Vérin, Geoffroy (farmer general, brother of Abbé) [1 reference]

Channing, William (of R.I.) [3 references]

Chantilly, France [1 reference]

Chapman, Mr. (1st officer of Grace) [1 reference]

Charleston, S.C [2 subentries]

Charlestown, Mass. [1 reference]

Chastellux, François Jean de Beauvoir, Chevalier de (French officer) [1 reference]

Chattahoochee River [3 references]

Chavannes de la Giraudiére, L. de [1 subentry]

Chehaw Neck, S.C. [1 reference]

Cherokee Indians [2 references]

Chesapeake Bay [1 reference]

Chester, England [1 reference]

Churches [9 subentries]

Cicero (Mass. privateer) [6 references]

Clarendon (pseudonym) [See redirect]

Clark, George Rogers (U.S.) [2 references]

Classical references [24 subentries]

Clinton, George (gov. of N.Y.) [1 reference]

Clinton, Lt. Gen. Sir Henry (former Brit. commander in chief in America) [2 subentries]

Cloth and clothing [8 subentries]

Coaches [5 references]

Cockade Conspiracy [3 references]

Codes and ciphers [8 subentries]

Codfish [2 references]

Codman, John, Sr. (father of Stephen) [1 reference]

Codman, John, Jr. (brother of Stephen) [2 references]

Codman, Stephen (Boston merchant) [2 subentries]

Codman & Smith (Boston merchants) [1 reference]

Coffin, Capt. Alexander (of the Hero) [1 reference]

Colleges and universities [7 subentries]

Commerce (Mass. privateer) [1 reference]

Commissioners at Paris (1st joint commission) [7 subentries]

Commissioners at Paris (2d joint commission) [77 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Committees of Correspondence [2 references]

Condillac, Abbé Étienne Bonnot de (French writer) [1 reference]

Congress (Amer. ship) [1 reference]

Connecticut [5 references]

Connecticut River [4 references]

Constance (Amer. brig) [1 reference]

Constitutions des treize États-Unis de l’Amérique [2 references]

Constitutions of the Several Independent States of America [3 references]

Continental Army [11 subentries]

Continental Congress [38 subentries]

Continental Journal (Boston) [1 reference]

Continental Navy [3 references]

Contraband [3 references]

Conway, Gen. Henry Seymour (Brit. commander in chief) [3 references]

Cook, Capt. James (Brit.) [1 reference]

Cooper, Rev. Samuel (of Boston) [3 references]

Copenhagen, Denmark [7 subentries]

Corn [1 reference]

Cornwallis, Gen. Charles Cornwallis, 2d Earl of (Brit.) [2 subentries]

Corsica [1 reference]

Cossoul, François (merchant) [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Cottin fils & Jauge (Paris banking firm) [1 reference]

Count D’Artois (Amer. ship) [1 reference]

Courier de l’Amérique (Philadelphia) [1 reference]

Courier de l’Europe (London) [5 subentries]

Courier du Bas Rhin (Cleves) [3 references]

Court de Gebélin, Antoine (French scholar) [2 subentries]

Cox, Capt. (of N.C.) [2 references]

Coxe, Tench (politician and economist) [1 reference]

Crack, Capt. Stephen (of Boston and the Fearnot) [2 references]

Crajenschot, Jacobus Adrianus (Amsterdam bookseller) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Cranch, Mary Smith (1741–1811, sister of AA) [1 reference]

Cranch, Richard (1726–1811, brother-in-law of JA) [7 subentries]

Cranch family [1 reference]

Creek Indians [2 references]

Creutz, Gustav Philip, Graf von (Swedish ambassador to France) [5 subentries]

Crèvecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. Jean de [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Crimea [1 reference]

Crocco, Giacomo Francisco (Moroccan negotiator) [1 reference]

Crommelin, Daniel, & Sons (Amsterdam banking firm) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Customs Commissioners (Brit.) [1 reference]

Customs Commissioners, American Board of (Brit.) [2 references]