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 Adams Papers Indexes | Papers of John Adams, Index to volume 15 |  D

Dalton, Ruth (daughter of Tristram) [2 references]

Dalton, Tristram (Newburyport merchant) [15 subentries]

Dana, Rev. Edmund (brother of Francis) [1 subentry]

Dana, Francis (U.S. minister to Russia) [11 subentries]

Dana, Helen Kinnaird (wife of Edmund) [1 reference]

Danielson, Timothy (of Brimfield, Mass.) [5 subentries]

Danube River [4 references]

Dardanelles Strait [3 references]

Dartmouth College [5 references]

Dawes, Thomas (Boston lawyer) [2 references]

Deal, England [2 references]

Deane, Silas (of Conn.) [7 subentries]

Deaths [16 subentries]

Debts [9 subentries]

Declaration of Independence [2 references]

Declaration of Rights and Grievances (1774) [1 reference]

Declaratory Act (1720) [3 references]

Delahoussaye, Potier (French merchant) [1 subentry]

De Lancey, Lt. Col. Oliver, Jr. (loyalist and asst. adjutant general at N.Y.) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Delaware [1 reference]

Delaware Capes [1 reference]

Delaware River [5 references]

Delft, Netherlands [3 references]

Delius, Arnold Kaufmann (Bremen merchant) [2 references]

Demerara, Guyana [4 references]

Denmark [10 subentries]

Devonshire, England [1 reference]

Dickinson, John (Penn. politician) [2 references]

Doel, Belgium [2 references]

Dogger Bank, Battle of the [2 references]

Dohrman, George (of Lisbon) [1 subentry]

Don River [1 reference]

Dorchester, Mass. [1 reference]

Dordrecht, Netherlands [4 references]

Dover, England [1 reference]

Dover, Strait of [See redirect]

Downs, The, England [2 references]

Dublin, Ireland [1 reference]

Ducher, G. J. A. (of Paris) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Du Coudray, Philippe Charles Jean Baptiste Tronson (French officer) [3 references]

Dudley, John (ex-prisoner) [8 subentries]

Dumas, Charles William Frederic (U.S. agent at The Hague) [20 subentries]

Dumas, Marie (wife of Charles) [5 references]

Dumas, Nancy (Anna Jacoba, daughter of Charles) [2 references]

Dunbar, Battle of (1650) [1 reference]

Du Ponceau, Pierre Étienne (secy. to Livingston) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Dupré, Augustin (French medal maker) [1 reference]

Dutch-American Convention on Recaptures [6 references]

Dutch-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce [13 subentries]

Dutch language [4 references]

Dutch Navy [1 reference]