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HA2 [See redirect]

Haarlem, Netherlands [2 references]

Hackensack, N.J. [1 reference]

Hadfield, T. (Brit. Army officer) [1 subentry]

Hague, The, Netherlands [11 subentries]

Haidar Ali, Sultan of Mysore [1 reference]

Haldimand, Gen. Frederic (Brit.) [2 references]

Hale, Samuel (loyalist) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Halifax, Nova Scotia [1 reference]

Hall, Capt. Clement (U.S.) [1 reference]

Hamburg, Germany [3 references]

Hamilton, Alexander (N.Y. member of Congress) [1 reference]

Hampshire County, Mass. [1 reference]

Hancock, John (gov. of Mass.) [15 subentries]

Harmar, Col. Josiah (U.S.) [5 references + 1 subentry]

Harris, Sir James (former Brit. minister to Russia) [1 reference]

Harrison, Benjamin (gov. of Va.) [1 subentry]

Harrison, Col. (American in London) [1 reference]

Harrison, Mr. (John Cranch’s London agent) [1 reference]

Hartford (merchant ship) [1 reference]

Hartley, David (Brit. peace negotiator) [43 subentries]

Harvard College [4 references]

Harvard University Press [1 reference]

Harwich, England [2 references]

Havana, Cuba [3 references]

Haverhill, Mass. [1 reference]

Havre, Le (Havre de Grâce), France [3 subentries]

Hawkins, Thomas (Brit. watchmaker) [2 references]

Health and illnesses [27 subentries]

Heefke, Jan (glassmaker) [1 reference]

Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands [1 reference]

Helsingör (Elsinore), Denmark [1 reference]

Henry, Col. William (U.S.) [2 references]

Herculaneum, Italy [1 reference]

Hey, Mr. Van der (Dutch financier) [1 subentry]

Heyden de Reynestein, Count Sigismund Pieter Alexander van (chamberlain of William V) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Heyman, Herman (Bremen merchant) [7 subentries]

Heyman’s, Herman, Sons (Bremen mercantile firm) [1 subentry]

Hichborn, Benjamin (Boston lawyer) [1 reference]

Higginson, Stephen (Mass. member of Congress) [3 references]

Hingham, Mass. [2 references]

Hispaniola [2 references]

History [2 references]

Hoboken (Hoobock Island), N.J. [4 references]

Hoburg, Conrad Hilmer (bookseller) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Hodshon, John (Amsterdam banker) [2 references]

Hogendorp, Charles van (of The Hague) [1 subentry]

Holidays [1 reference]

Holland and West Friesland (province of the Netherlands) [2 subentries]

Holten, Dr. Samuel (Mass. member of Congress) [4 references]

Holtrop, Willem (Amsterdam bookseller) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Holtzhey, Jean George (Dutch medal maker) [9 subentries]

Holyoke, Edward Augustus (pres. of Mass. Medical Society) [2 references + 2 subentries]

Homer [2 subentries]

Honduras [3 references]

Hoobock Island [See redirect]

Hooft, Henrik Danielszoon (burgomaster of Amsterdam) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Hooft, Willem (burgomaster of Amsterdam) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Hop, Hendrik van (Dutch minister to Austrian Netherlands) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Hope & Co. (Amsterdam banking firm) [4 subentries]

Hopkins, Thomas (merchant) [3 references]

Horace [1 subentry]

Horneca, Fizeaux & Co. (Amsterdam banking firm) [1 reference]

Horses [1 reference]

Howe, Maj. Gen. Robert (U.S.) [4 references]

Hudson River [1 reference]

Hughes, Adm. Sir Edward (Brit.) [1 reference]

Hull, Lt. Col. William (U.S.) [1 reference]

Hungary [2 references]

Hunt, John (cousin of A. Ridley) [1 reference]

Huntington, Brig. Gen. Jedidiah (U.S.) [1 reference]

Hurd, John (Boston insurance broker) [1 subentry]

Hutchinson, Thomas (former gov. of Mass.) [3 references]

Hutson, James [1 subentry]

Huyghens, Willem (burgomaster of Amsterdam) [1 reference]

Hyndford (Hindford), John Carmichael, 1st Earl of [2 references]