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Papers of John Adams | Volume 1, September 1755–October 1773 | Papers of John Adams

To Nathan Webb, 1 September 1755To Richard Cranch, 2 September 1755To Nathan Webb, with Comments by the Writer Recorded in 1807Literary Commonplace Book, 1755 – 1756To the Reverend Jacob Bailey, January 1756To Charles Cushing, 1 April 1756To Richard Cranch, 29 August 1756To John Wentworth, September 1756To Richard Cranch, 18 October 1756To Charles Cushing, 19 October 1756From Richard Cranch, October 1756To John Wentworth, 12 April 1758To William Crawford, October 1758To Tristram Dalton, October 1758To John Wentworth, October 1758To John Wentworth, October 1758To William Crawford, October – November 1758To Samuel Quincy, October – November 1758To an Unidentified Correspondent, October – December 1758To Richard Cranch, November – December 1758Marginalia in John Winthrop’s Lecture on Earthquakes, 5 December 1758; 12 March 1761To Josiah Quincy, 17 May 1759To Samuel Quincy, July 1759From Jonathan Sewall, 29 September 1759To Jonathan Sewall, October 1759To Robert Treat Paine, 6 December 1759Will of Deacon John Adams, with Comments by His Son John, 8 January 1760; 10 July 1761; 29 April 1774From William Crawford, 13 January 1760From Jonathan Sewall, 13 February 1760To Jonathan Sewall, February 1760Draft of a Letter on the Evils of Licensed Houses, 29 May 1760To Jonathan Sewall, 10 September 1760Draft of a Letter on the Succession to the Chief Justiceship, 5 November 1760To Samuel Holden Parsons, 5 December 1760Draft of a Letter from an Old Man on the Evils of Licensed Houses, January 1761Draft of a New Year’s Address to His Nieces, January 1761To Peter Chardon, January 1761Draft of a Letter from an Old Man on the Evils of Licensed Houses, March 1761To Samuel Quincy, 22 April 1761Draft of a Letter to the Boston Gazette on the Evils of Licensed Houses, May 1761Inventory of Deacon John Adams’ Estate, 9 October 1761Report of the Braintree Town Committee for the Sale of the South Common, 12 April 1762Report of the Braintree Committee on the Proceeds of the Sale of the South Common, 19 May 1762Draft of a Letter to All Young Gentlemen on the Evils of Factionalism, February 1763On Political Faction, Man’s Nature, and the Law: 3 March – 5 September 1763From William Crawford, 4 July 1763To Zabdiel Adams, 23 July 1763To Samuel Quincy, 2 January 1764From Jonathan Sewall, 15 February 1764Report of the Braintree Committee for Repairing Highways, 21 May 1764Report of the Braintree Town Committee to Lay Out the North Common, 1 April 1765A Dissertation on the Canon and the Feudal Law: May – 21 October 1765On the Pillaging of Andrew Oliver’s Home, 15 August 1765Instructions to Braintree’s Representative concerning the Stamp Act: [ante 24 September] – 10 October 1765Report of the Braintree Committee for the Sale of the North Common, 30 September 1765From Jonathan Sewall, 5 October 1765Humphrey Ploughjogger to the Boston Gazette, 14 October 1765From William Cooper, 18 December 1765Notes on the Opening of the Courts, 19 December 1765Argument before Governor Bernard and the Council in Favor of Opening the Courts, 20 December 1765A Dissertation upon Office-Seekers, 26 December 1765From Joseph Palmer, 1765Clarendon to William Pym: 13–27 January 1766From the Sons of Liberty, 5 February 1766From Thomas Crafts Jr., 15 February 1766Clarendon to the Boston Gazette, 12 May 1766Replies to Philanthrop, Defender of Governor Bernard: [ante 9 December 1766] – 16 February 1767From Jonathan Sewall, 11 March 1767Sui Juris to the Boston Gazette, 23 May 1768Committee of the Boston Sons of Liberty to John Wilkes, 6 June 1768Instructions of Boston to its Representatives in the General Court, 17 June 1768Committee of the Boston Sons of Liberty to John Wilkes, 5 October 1768Petition of the Boston Town Meeting to King George III, 4 April 1769Draft Instructions of Boston to its Representatives in the General Court, 8 May 1769Boston Town Meeting Committee Report on Measures for the Vindication of the Town, 18 October 1769Boston Town Meeting Committee to Dennys De Berdt, 23 October 1769Boston Town Meeting Committee to Benjamin Franklin, 23 October 1769Committee of the Boston Sons of Liberty to John Wilkes, 4 November 1769Suffolk County Bar Book, 3 January 1770 – 26 July 1774Governor Winthrop to the Inhabitants of New England, January 1770Calendar of John Adams’ Service in the Massachusetts House of Representatives: 7 June 1770–16 April 1771To Catharine Macaulay, 9 August 1770Draft of a Newspaper Communication, August 1770Boston Town Committee Report on a Society to Promote the Arts, Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce, 29 September 1770To John Lowell?, 15 December 1770Announcement of Changes of Address of John Adams’ Law Office, 22 April 1771From Catharine Macaulay, 19 July 1771To William Whipple, 27 January 1772Draft of a Newspaper Communication, 9 February 1772The Brace of Adamses, 9 February 1772From William Whipple, 13 February 1772Notes for an Oration at Braintree Concerning Government, 2 March – 18 May 1772From Nathaniel Freeman, 4 October 1772To Catharine Macaulay, 31 December 1772On the Independence of the Judges: 11 January – 22 February 1773The Constitutional Debate Between Thomas Hutchinson and the House of Representatives: 26 January – 2 March 1773Petition to the General Court for Setting off “The Farms” From Dorchester to Braintree, 5 February 1773Petition to Have Boston Accept Pleasant Street, 5 May 1773Elected Council Members Negatived by Governor Thomas Hutchinson, 26 May 1773From Joseph Hawley, 30 June 1773Chrispus Attucks to Thomas Hutchinson, 19 July 1773; 26 July 1773Genealogical Note, 7 August 1773From Catharine Macaulay, August 1773Adams Elected to Membership in Supporters of the Bill of Rights, 21 September 1773From Mercy Otis Warren, 11 October 1773