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Papers of John Adams | Volume 2, December 1773–April 1775 | Papers of John Adams

To James Warren, 17 December 1773To James Warren, 22 December 1773From James Warren, 3 January 1774Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Peter Oliver: 24 February 1774From Edward Dilly, 4 March 1774From William Woodfall, 12 March 1774Report to the General Court on Massachusetts Boundaries: [March—May 1774] To Robert Treat Paine, 9 April 1774To James Warren, 9 April 1774To Ebenezer Thayer Jr., 25 April 1774To Alexander Wedderburn, 25 April 1774To William Woodfall, 14 May 1774Calendar of John Adams’ Public Service in Boston: 18 May – 9 August 1774Elected Council Members Negatived by Governor Thomas Gage, 25 May 1774From Mary Nicolson, 26 May 1774Appointment of Massachusetts Delegates to the Continental Congress, 17 June 1774To James Warren, 25 June 1774To Joseph Hawley, 27 June 1774From Jonathan Williams, 28 June 1774To William Tudor, 29 June 1774Marginalia in Letters to . . . The Earl of Hillsborough from Governor Bernard, June 1774From James and Mercy Otis Warren, 14 July 1774To James Warren, 17 July 1774From Edward Hill, 19 July 1774To John Tudor, 23 July 1774To William Tudor, 24 July 1774To James Warren, 25 July 1774From Joseph Hawley, 25 July 1774From Jonathan Williams, 25 July 1774From Edward Hill, 29 July 1774From John Tudor, 1 August 1774To William Tudor, 4 August 1774From Edward Hill, 8 August 1774From John Trumbull, 20 August 1774From William Tudor, 21 August 1774To William Tudor, 28 August 1774From William Tudor, 29 August 1774From Joseph Hawley, August 1774From William Tudor, 3 September 1774From Edward Hill, 4 September 1774John Adams’ Service in the Continental Congress: 5 September – 26 October 1774From Catharine Macaulay, 11 September 1774To William Tudor, 14 September 1774From Joseph Palmer, 14 September 1774From William Tudor, 17 September 1774To Josiah Quincy Jr., 18 September 1774From William Tudor, 22 September 1774From Benjamin Kent, 23 September 1774From Edward Dilly, 24 September 1774To Joseph Palmer, 26 September 1774From William Tudor, 26 September 1774To William Tudor, 29 September 1774To the Boston Committee of Correspondence, September 1774Samuel Swift to Thomas Cushing, 2 October 1774To William Tudor, 7 October 1774From Richard Cranch, 15 October 1774From Samuel Cooper, 16 October 1774From James Warren, 16 October 1774From Samuel Swift, 20 October 1774Reply to A Friendly Address to All Reasonable Americans, 17 November 1774John Adams’ Service in the First Provincial Congress: 5–10 December 1774To Edward Biddle?, 12 December 1774Donation for the Boston Poor from Two Virginia Counties, 16 December 1774Donation for the Boston Poor from Chesterfield County, Virginia, 17 December 1774From James Warren, 19 December 1774To James Burgh, 28 December 1774To James Warren, 3 January 1775To Mercy Otis Warren, 3 January 1775From Edward Dilly, 13 January 1775From James Warren, 15 January 1775To a Friend in London, 21 January 1775The Letters of Novanglus: 23 January–April 1775From Samuel Swift, 30 January 1775From Mercy Otis Warren, 30 January 1775Credentials of the Massachusetts Delegates to the Continental Congress, 6 February 1775To a Friend in London, 10 February 1775From James Warren, 20 February 1775John Adams’ Public Service in Braintree: 6–15 March 1775From Samuel Swift, 13 March 1775To James Warren, 15 March 1775To Mercy Otis Warren, 15 March 1775From James Warren, 15 March 1775From John Waite, 18 March 1775From Samuel Swift, 31 March 1775To the Reverend Caleb Gannett, 1 April 1775From William Tudor, 4 April 1775From Mercy Otis Warren, 4 April 1775Alexander McDougall to ?, 14 April 1775