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Papers of John Adams | Volume 4, February–August 1776 | Papers of John Adams

John Adams’ Service in the Continental Congress: 9 February – 27 August 1776To James Warren, 11 February 1776To John Trumbull, 13 February 1776To James Warren, 14 February 1776From Joseph Ward, 14 February 1776To Thomas Crafts Jr., 18 February 1776To William Heath, 18 February 1776To James Warren, 18 February 1776To Charles Lee, 19 February 1776From John Morgan, 19 February 1776From Joseph Palmer, 19 – 24 February 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 29 February 1776From William Tudor, 29 February 1776From Elisha Boudinot, 2 March 1776From Joseph Frye, 4 March 1776To John Thomas, 7 March 1776From James Warren, 7 March 1776From Horatio Gates, 8 March 1776From Mercy Otis Warren, 10 March 1776From Joseph Ward, 14 March 1776From John Sullivan, 15 – 19 March 1776To James Warren, 21 March 1776To Horatio Gates, 23 March 1776From Joseph Ward, 23 March 1776From Jonathan Trumbull, 25 March 1776Thoughts on Government: ante 27 March—April 1776From Jeduthun Baldwin, 28 March 1776To James Warren, 29 March 1776From James Warren, 30 March – 3 April 1776From Hugh Hughes, 31 March 1776To George Washington, 1 April 1776To Joseph Palmer, 2 April 1776To James Warren, 3 April 1776The Massachusetts Delegates to the President of the Council, 3 April 1776From Joseph Ward, 3 April 1776From Mercy Otis Warren, 3 April 1776From John Winthrop, 5 April 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 6 April 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 11 – 12 April 1776To Joseph Palmer, 12 April 1776To William Tudor, 12 April 1776To William Heath, 15 April 1776To James Warren, 16 April 1776To Mercy Otis Warren, 16 April 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 16 April 1776From John Penn, 17 April 1776From Samuel Chase, 18 April 1776To James Warren, 20 April 1776From Jeduthun Baldwin, 20 April 1776From Samuel Chase, 21 April 1776From William Tudor, 21 April 1776To James Warren, 22 April 1776From Samuel Cooper, 22 April 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 22 April 1776From Horatio Gates, 23 April 1776To William Tudor, 24 April 1776From Benjamin Kent, 24 April 1776To Horatio Gates, 27 April 1776To John Penn, 28 April 1776From Samuel Chase, 28 April 1776To James Otis Sr., 29 April 1776From Joseph Greenleaf, 30 April 1776James Warren to John Adams, with a Letter from Benjamin Greenleaf to James WarrenFrom John Winthrop, April 1776From Archibald Bulloch, 1 May 1776From William Gordon, 1 May 1776From William Stearns, 1 May 1776From Horatio Gates, 4 May 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 4 – 8 May 1776From John Sullivan, 4 May 1776From William Tudor, 4 May 1776From Joseph Ward, 5 May 1776To John Winthrop, 6 May 1776From James Warren, 8 – 9 May 1776From James Sullivan, 9 May 1776The General Court to the Massachusetts Delegates, 9 – 10 May 1776To James Warren, 12 May 1776To John Winthrop, 12 May 1776To James Warren, 15 May 1776From Richard Devens, 16 – 20 May 1776From Henry Knox, 16 May 1776To James Warren, 18 May 1776From Richard Lee, 18 May 1776To James Warren, 20 May 1776From Samuel Cooper, 20 May 1776From William Cushing, 20 May 1776From Patrick Henry, 20 May 1776From Benjamin Hichborn, 20 May 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 20 May 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 20 May 1776To James Sullivan, 26 May 1776From Nathanael Greene, 26 May 1776From Benjamin Kent, 26 May 1776From Samuel Cooper, 27 May 1776To Benjamin Hichborn, 29 May 1776From Hugh Hughes, 29 May 1776To Samuel Cooper, 30 May 1776From John Winthrop, 1 June 1776To Henry Knox, 2 June 1776From Nathanael Greene, 2 June 1776From James Warren, 2 June 1776To Patrick Henry, 3 June 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 3 June 1776To Hugh Hughes, 4 June 1776To Richard Lee, 4 June 1776From James Warren, 5 June 1776The General Court to the Massachusetts Delegates, 6 June 1776To Samuel Cooper?, 9 June 1776To William Cushing, 9 June 1776To James Warren, 9 June 1776To Oakes Angier, 12 June 1776To Francis Dana, 12 June 1776To John Lowell, 12 June 1776To David Sewall, 12 June 1776John Adams and the Board of War: 12 June – 27 August 1776Plan of Treaties: 12 June–17 September 1776From Josiah Quincy, 13 – 25 June 1776From Pelatiah Webster, 13 June 1776From Samuel Chase, 14 June 1776To Samuel Chase, 14 June 1776From Isaac Foster Jr., 14 June 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 15 June 1776To James Warren, 16 June 1776From Joseph Ward, 16 – 17 June 1776To Horatio Gates, 18 June 1776From Joseph Ward, 20 June 1776The Board of War to George Washington, 21 June 1776From Samuel Chase, 21 June 1776To Nathanael Greene, 22 June 1776To Benjamin Kent, 22 June 1776To Samuel Holden Parsons, 22 June 1776To William Gordon, 23 June 1776To John Sullivan, 23 June 1776To John Winthrop, 23 June 1776To Samuel Chase, 24 June 1776To William Tudor, 24 June 1776From Horatio Gates, 24 June 1776Thomas Walker to John Adams, with a Letter from P. Gamelin to Chabrand DelisleJohn Adams’ Copy of the Declaration of Independence: ante 28 June 1776From Samuel Chase, 28 June 1776To Archibald Bulloch, 1 July 1776To Samuel Chase, 1 July 1776From Samuel Cooper, 1 July 1776From Joseph Palmer, 1 July 1776To Samuel Cooper, 2 July 1776From Joseph Reed, 4 July 1776To Joseph Ward, 5 July 1776From Samuel Chase, 5 July 1776To Joseph Reed, 7 July 1776To James Warren, 7 July 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 7 July 1776From William Tudor, 7 July 1776From Samuel Chase, 8 July 1776From Joseph Ward, 8 July 1776To Samuel Chase, 9 July 1776From Jonathan Mason Jr., 9 July 1776To Samuel Cooper, 10 July 1776To William Tudor, 10 July 1776To Joseph Ward, 10 July 1776From James Warren, 10 July 1776From Nathanael Greene, 14 July 1776To James Warren, 15 July 1776From Nathaniel Barber Jr., 15 July 1776From Samuel Cooper, 15 July 1776From Thomas Cushing, 15 July 1776From David Sewall, 15 – 19 July 1776To Joseph Ward, 17 July 1776From Horatio Gates, 17 July 1776From James Warren, 17 July 1776To Jonathan Mason Jr., 18 July 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 19 July 1776From William Heath, 20 July 1776To Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 21 July 1776Elbridge Gerry to Samuel and John Adams, 21 – 22 July 1776From Jeduthun Baldwin, 22 July 1776From Daniel Hitchcock, 22 July 1776To Nathaniel Barber Jr., 24 July 1776To Thomas Cushing, 24 July 1776To James Warren, 24 July 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 24 July 1776To John Avery, 25 July 1776To James Warren, 26 July 1776To James Warren, 27 July 1776From Francis Dana, 28 July 1776From Joseph Ward, 28 July 1776From William Cushing, 29 July 1776From Henry Knox, 29 July 1776George Washington to the Board of War, 29 July 1776To William Heath, 3 August 1776To Daniel Hitchcock, 3 August 1776To Samuel Holden Parsons, 3 August 1776Elbridge Gerry to Samuel and John Adams, 3 August 1776To Nathanael Greene, 4 August 1776From Thomas Mifflin, 5 August 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 6 August 1776From James Warren, 7 August 1776From Joseph Ward, 8 August 1776From Thomas McKean, 9 August 1776From Harriet Temple, 10 August 1776To Samuel Holden Parsons, 11 August 1776From James Warren, 11 August 1776From Jonathan Mason Jr., 12 August 1776To Horatio Gates, 13 August 1776; 18 August 1776A Report of the Board of War, 13 August 1776From Samuel Adams, 13 August 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 13 August 1776Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant to John Adams, with a Draft of an ArticleTo William Tudor, 14 August 1776From Samuel Cooper, 14 August 1776From John Lowell, 14 August 1776To Thomas Mifflin, 15 August 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 15 August 1776To Francis Dana, 16 August 1776From Samuel Adams, 16 August 1776To Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 17 August 1776To James Warren, 17 August 1776To Samuel Adams, 18 August 1776From William Tudor, 18 August 1776To Samuel Holden Parsons, 19 August 1776From William Tudor, 19 August 1776To Joseph Ward, 20 August 1776To Jonathan Mason Jr., 21 August 1776To Harriet Temple, 21 August 1776To James Warren, 21 August 1776From Henry Knox, 21 August 1776From Daniel Hitchcock, 22 August 1776From Abraham Clark, 23 August 1776From Thomas Edwards, 23 August 1776From Horatio Gates, 23 August 1776To Daniel Hitchcock, 24 August 1776To William Tudor, 24 August 1776From Benjamin Lincoln, 24 August 1776To Joseph Hawley, 25 August 1776To Henry Knox, 25 August 1776To Joseph Palmer, 27 August 1776From Benjamin Franklin, 28 August 1776From Jonathan Bayard Smith, 28 August 1776