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Papers of John Adams | Volume 5, August 1776–March 1778 | Papers of John Adams

To William Tudor, 29 August – 20 September 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 29 August 1776From William Tudor, 29 August 1776John Adams’ Service in the Continental CongressTo Samuel Cooper, 4 September 1776To James Warren, 4 September 1776From William Tudor, 6 September 1776From Joseph Ward, 6 – 12 September 1776To James Warren, 8 September 1776From Daniel Hitchcock, 9 September 1776From Isaac Smith Sr., 11 September 1776From Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, 14 September 1776From Samuel Adams, 16 September 1776From John Winthrop, 17 September 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 17 September 1776From Samuel Purviance Jr., 18 September 1776From James Warren, 19 September 1776From James Sullivan, 22 September 1776From William Tudor, 23 September 1776To James Warren, 25 September 1776From Henry Knox, 25 September 1776From Samuel Adams, 30 September 1776From William Tudor, 3 October 1776To James Warren, 5 October 1776From Samuel Holden Parsons, 8 October 1776James Sullivan to John Adams and Elbridge Gerry, 11 October 1776To Unknown, 5 November 1776From John Trumbull, 21 November 1776To the Speaker of the Massachusetts House, 28 November 1776Credentials of the Massachusetts Delegates, 10 December 1776To Elbridge Gerry, 31 December 1776From Oliver Wolcott, 1 January 1777John Adams’ Service in the Continental CongressGeneral Court to John Adams and Robert Treat Paine, 3 January 1777From Elbridge Gerry, 8 January 1777From Samuel Adams, 9 January 1777From William Cushing, 14 January 1777Intelligence from London, 31 January 1777To James Warren, 3 February 1777To James Warren, 3 February 1777Intelligence from London, 3 February 1777Amended Credentials of the Massachusetts Delegates, 4 February 1777John Adams to John Avery, with Letter of Resignation from Superior CourtTo James Warren, 12 February 1777; 15 March 1777From William Tudor, 12 February 1777From John Sullivan, 14 February 1777To James Warren, 17 February 1777To Joseph Palmer, 20 February 1777To John Sullivan, 22 February 1777From James Warren, 22 February 1777To William Tudor, 25 February 1777Committee Report on Abraham Clark’s Motion, 27 February 1777From Nathanael Greene, 3 March 1777Vernejoux to the President of the Board of War, 4 March 1777To James Warren, 6 March 1777From John Avery, 7 March 1777From William Tudor, 7 March 1777To Nathanael Greene, 9 March 1777To William Tudor, 11 March 1777Extract of a Letter from William Bingham, 15 March 1777From William Tudor, 16 March 1777To James Warren, 18 March 1777To James Warren, 18 March 1777To John Avery, 21 March 1777To James Warren, 21 March 1777To William Tudor, 22 March 1777From William Tudor, 23 March 1777From James Warren, 23 March 1777To James Warren, 24 March 1777From Samuel Freeman, 25 March 1777From Jonathan Hastings Jr., 25 March 1777To James Warren, 26 March 1777To William Tudor, 27 March 1777From William Gordon, 27 March 1777From Thomas Johnson Jr., 27 March 1777To James Warren, 31 March 1777To James Warren, 1 April 1777From Samuel Cooper, 3 April 1777From James Warren, 3 April 1777From Nathanael Greene, 5 April 1777To Samuel Cooper, 6 April 1777To James Warren, 6 April 1777To James Warren, 6 April 1777From Isaac Foster, 7 April 1777To William Gordon, 8 April 1777To Nathanael Greene, 13 April 1777From Nathanael Greene, 13 April 1777To James Bowdoin, 16 April 1777To James Warren, 16 April 1777From Joseph Palmer, 16 April 1777From Joseph Ward, 19 April 1777From Samuel Freeman, 23 April 1777From James Warren, 23 April 1777To Samuel Freeman, 27 April 1777To William Tudor, 27 April 1777To Unknown, 27 April 1777From James Warren, 27 April 1777To Unknown, 28 April 1777To James Bowdoin, 29 April 1777To James Warren, 29 April 1777To James Warren, 2 May 1777From James Bowdoin, 2 May 1777From Nathanael Greene, 2 May 1777To James Warren, 3 May 1777From Henry Knox, 3 May 1777From James Warren, 5 May 1777To Samuel Freeman, 6 May 1777To Joseph Palmer, 6 May 1777To James Warren, 6 May 1777From Nathanael Greene, 7 May 1777From James Warren, 8 May 1777To Nathanael Greene, 9 May 1777From Donold McDonold [i.e. Joseph Ward], 9 May 1777To Nathanael Greene, 10 May 1777From Henry Knox, 10 May 1777From Joseph Ward, 12 May 1777From Jonathan Hastings Jr., 14 May 1777From Thomas Jefferson, 16 May 1777From Joseph Ward, 19 May 1777Massachusetts Delegates to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, 21 May 1777To Nathanael Greene, 24 May 1777To Thomas Jefferson, 26 May 1777From Andrew Henshaw, 27 May 1777Resolution on Pardoning Power, 28 May 1777From Nathanael Greene, 28 May 1777From John Sullivan, 28 May 1777From Samuel Cooper, 29 May 1777To Nathanael Greene, 2 June 1777To John Sullivan, 3 June 1777From William Gordon, 5 June 1777From James Warren, 5 June 1777From John Sullivan, 8 June 1777To James Warren, 11 June 1777From James Warren, 11 June 1777Motion on Gunning Bedford, 12 June 1777From Apollos Morris, 14 June 1777To James Warren, 19 June 1777From Joseph Ward, 20 June 1777From James Warren, 22 June 1777From Nathaniel Peaslee Sargeant, 23 June 1777From Thomas Crafts, 25 June 1777From Joseph Ward, 28 June 1777From Joseph Ward, 4 July 1777To Nathanael Greene, 7 July 1777To James Warren, 7 July 1777From Samuel Cooper, 10 July 1777From James Warren, 10 July 1777From James Warren, 11 July 1777Joseph Ward to John Adams, with Letter from Richard Varick to Joseph WardFrom Samuel Cooper, 24 July 1777From Joseph Ward, 26 July 1777From Joseph Ward, 27 July 1777From Samuel Holden Parsons, 28 July 1777New England Delegates to George Washington, 2 August 1777From John Lowell, 4 August 1777From William Gordon, 7 August 1777From Benjamin Rush, 8 August 1777From James Warren, 10 August 1777To James Warren, 12 August 1777Board of War Resolutions, 15 August 1777To James Warren, 18 August 1777From Thomas Jefferson, 21 August 1777To William Gordon, 31 August 1777From Andrew Henshaw, 1 September 1777From Andrew Henshaw, 3 September 1777From Joseph Nourse, 3 September 1777From Joseph Ward, 4 September 1777From James Warren, 4 September 1777Henry Laurens, Richard Henry Lee, and John Adams to Joseph Trumbull, 5 September 1777From James Warren, 7 September 1777From Caleb Davis, 10 September 1777The Board of War to the Officer in Charge of Hessian Prisoners, 16 September 1777From James Warren, 17 September 1777From Thomas McKean, 19 September 1777Order to Continental Officers, 22 September 1777From Samuel Freeman, 25 September 1777From John Sullivan, 28 September 1777From William MacCreery, 29 September 1777From Benjamin Rush, 1 October 1777From Hector McNeill, 9 October 1777From Joseph Ward, 9 October 1777Committee Report on George McIntosh, 9 October 1777From William MacCreery, 10 October 1777From James Warren, 10 October 1777From James Warren, 12 October 1777From Benjamin Rush, 13 October 1777From Benjamin Rush, 21 October 1777From Samuel Cooper, 22 October 1777Proposed Amendment to the Articles of Confederation, 23 October 1777From Samuel Cooper, 24 October 1777From Benjamin Rush, 31 October 1777From John Sullivan, 10 November 1777From John Sullivan, 13 November 1777From James Lovell, 14 November 1777From James Lovell, 18 November 1777To Elbridge Gerry, 19 November 1777From James Lovell, 22 November 1777Commission for Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, and John Adams, 27 November 1777Resolution on Property Confiscation, 27 November 1777From James Lovell, 28 November 1777From Daniel Roberdeau, 28 November 1777From James Lovell, 1 December 1777From the Foreign Affairs Committee, 3 December 1777From Elbridge Gerry, 3 December 1777From the President of the Congress, 3 December 1777To Elbridge Gerry, 6 December 1777To James Lovell, 6 December 1777To Francis Dana, 8 December 1777From Elbridge Gerry, 8 December 1777From James Lovell, 8 December 1777To Elbridge Gerry, 9 December 1777To Daniel Roberdeau, 9 December 1777From Nathan Rice, 10 December 1777From Thomas Jefferson, 17 December 1777From James Lovell, 17 December 1777Archibald Campbell to John Adams, with letters from Elias Bowdinot to Heman Allen and from Heman Allen to Archibald CampbellFrom James Lovell, 21 December 1777James Lovell to John Adams, with Congressional Resolution: A State of FactsFrom Henry Marchant, 22 December 1777To Elbridge Gerry, 23 December 1777To the President of the Congress, 23 December 1777To the Foreign Affairs Committee, 24 December 1777To James Lovell, 24 December 1777To Daniel Roberdeau, 24 December 1777To Archibald Campbell, 25 December 1777Johann Kalb to John Adams, with Two Letters of Introduction for John AdamsFrom James Lovell, 30 December 1777Ward Chipman to Montfort Browne, December 1777From James Lovell, 1 January 1778From Henry Laurens, with Appended Note of John Adams to Richard Cranch, 5 January 1778From Lafayette, 9 January 1778From Samuel and Robert Purviance, 9 January 1778From James Lovell, 13 January 1778John Adams to the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, with an Account of Adams’s ExpensesFrom Henry Laurens, 15 January 1778From James Lovell, 20 January 1778From Daniel Roberdeau, 21 January 1778From William Ellery, 22 January 1778From the President of the Congress, 22 January 1778From Benjamin Rush, 22 January 1778From Elbridge Gerry, 25 January 1778From John Hancock, 2 February 1778To Lafayette, 3 February 1778To Henry Laurens, 4 February 1778To William Ellery, 6 February 1778To James Lovell, 6 February 1778To Benjamin Rush, with Postscript by Abigail Adams, 8 February 1778From James Lovell, 8 February 1778From Benjamin Rush, 8 February 1778From William Vernon Sr., 9 February 1778From Barnabas Deane, 10 February 1778From James Lovell, 10 February 1778From James Lovell, February 1778From Patrick Henry, 5 March 1778From William Vernon, 9 March 1778