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Volumes | Volume XIX: July–December 1795 | Documents

The Defence of the Funding System, [July 1795]Horatius No. II, [July 1795]The Defence No. IV, [1 August 1795]From George Washington, 3 August 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 3 August 1795From William Bradford, 4 August 1795From Tench Coxe, [4 August 1795]The Defence No. V, [5 August 1795]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 5 August 1795Philo Camillus No. 2, [7 August 1795]The Defence No. VI, [8 August 1795]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 10 August 1795To the Editor of the Minerva, 11 August [1795]The Defence No. VII, [12 August 1795]Philo Camillus No. 3, [12 August 1795]The Defence No. VIII, [15 August 1795], with enclosureHamilton-Oneida Academy Mortgage, [15 August 1795]From Thomas and Richard Lee and Son, 15 August 1795From Marquis de Rouvray, 15 August 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 15 August 1795From Edmund Randolph, 16 August 1795, with enclosurePhilo Camillus No. 4, [19 August 1795]The Defence No. IX, [21 August 1795]The Defence No. X, [26 August 1795]To Philip Schuyler, 27 August 1795The Defence No. XI, [28 August 1795]From Philip Schuyler, [31 August 1795]From George Washington, 31 August 1795Notes of Objections to the British Treaty, [August 1795]To Phineas Bond, 1 September 1795To Robert Morris, 1 September 1795From Phineas Bond, 2 September 1795The Defence No. XII, [2–3 September 1795]From Nicholas Olive, 3 September 1795To Nicholas Olive, 4 September 1795To George Washington, 4 September 1795The Defence No. XIII, [5 September 1795]From Elie Williams, 7 September 1795The Defence No. XIV, [9 September 1795]The Defence No. XV, [12 and 14 September 1795]The Defence No. XVI, [18 September 1795]From Ezekiel Gilbert, 18 September 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 20 September 1795The Defence No. XVII, [22 September 1795]From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 26 September 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 3 October 1795From Samuel Ogden, 5 October 1795The Defence No. XVIII, [6 October 1795]To Robert Morris, 6 October 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 6 October 1795From Robert Morris, 8 October 1795To James Greenleaf, 9 October 1795From Philip Schuyler, 12 October 1795To Peter Smith, 12 October 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 13 October 1795The Defence No. XIX, [14 October 1795]To George Washington, 16 October 1795To Abraham Van Vechten, 22 October 1795To Defence No. XX, [23 and 24 October 1795]Certificate for Ephraim Brasher, [26 October 1795]To John Stevens, 26 October 1795To George Washington, 26 October 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 26 [October] 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 27 October 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 28 October 1795From George Washington, 29 October 1795From George Washington, 29 October 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 29 October 1795To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 29 October 1795The Defence No. XXI, [30 October 1795]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 30 October[–12 November] 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 2 November 1795The Defence No. XXII, [5–11 November 1795]To George Washington, 5 November 1795To the Editor of The Argus, [6 November 1795]From George Washington, 10 November 1795Explanation, [11 November 1795]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, [11 November 1795][The Defence No. XXIII], [14 November 1795][The Defence No. XXIV], [14 November 1795]From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 14 November 1795From Jean Marie de Bordes, 15 November 1795From Robert Morris, 16 November 1795From George Washington, 16 November 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 16 November 1795From Timothy Pickering, 17 November 1795The Defence No. XXV, [18 November 1795]From George Washington, 18 November 1795To George Washington, 19 November 1795To Timothy Pickering, 20 November 1795From George Washington, 23 November 1795[The Defence No. XXVI], [25 November 1795]To George Washington, 26 November 1795[The Defence No. XXVII], [28 November 1795]From George Washington, 28 November 1795From George Washington, 28 November 1795Draft of George Washington’s Seventh Annual Address to Congress, [28 November–7 December 1795]From James Butler, 1 December 1795From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 1 December 1795[The Defence No. XXVIII], [2 December 1795]From James Hardie, 2 December 1795[The Defence No. XXIX], [5 December 1795]From John Habersham, 7 December 1795To James Hardie, 7 December 1795[The Defence No. XXX], [9 December 1795]The Defence No. XXXI, [12 December 1795]To Rufus King, 14 December 1795To Robert Morris, 14 December 1795From Timothy Pickering, 14 December 1795The Defence No. XXXII, [16 December 1795]From Rufus King, 16 December 1795From Thomas FitzSimons, 17 December 1795From Robert Morris, 18 December 1795The Defence No. XXXIII, [19 December 1795]From John Lowell, Junior, 19 December 1795From George Washington, 22 December 1795[The Defence No. XXXIV], [23 December 1795]To George Washington, 24 December 1795[The Defence No. XXXV], [26 December 1795]To Timothy Pickering, 26 December 1795To George Washington, [27–30 December 1795]American Jacobins, [1795–1796]Relations with France, [1795–1796]