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Volumes | Volume XXV: July 1800–April 1802 | Documents

To Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 1 July 1800To Ebenezer Stevens, 1 July 1800To Jonathan R. Wilmer, 1 July 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 1 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 2 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 2 July 1800From Daniel Jackson, 2 July 1800To Caleb Swan, 2 July 1800From John F. Hamtramck, 3 July 1800To John F. Hamtramck, 3 July 1800Account with James Chapman, 4 July 1800From Frederick N. Hudson, 4 July 1800From James Stille, 4 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 7 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 7 July 1800To Ebenezer Stevens, 7 July 1800To James Stille, 7 July 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 7 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 9 July 1800From Samuel Dexter, 10 July 1800From Thomas Y. How, 12 July 1800From Thomas Ellison, 14 July 1800, with enclosureTo Aaron Ogden, 14 July 1800From Ebenezer Stevens, 14 July 1800From John J. U. Rivardi, 16 July 1800From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 17 July 1800From John Rutledge, Junior, 17 July 1800, with enclosureFrom Philip Schuyler, [17 July 1800]From Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, [19 July 1800]To Paul Busti, 23 July 1800To Samuel Dexter, 28 July 1800From James Wilkinson, 28 July 1800, with enclosureTo William R. Putnam, July 1800To James Wilkinson, July 1800To William Vans Murray, [July–August 1800]To John Adams, 1 August 1800To George Cabot, 1 August 1800From Abraham R. Ellery, 2 August 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 3 August 1800To James A. Bayard, 6 August 1800To Edward Carrington, 7 August 1800To Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 7 August 1800To Richard Stockton, 7 August 1800To Samuel Dexter, 8 August 1800To James Wilkinson, [8 August 1800]From Richard Stockton, 9 August 1800From George Cabot, 10 August 1800To Jeremiah Olney, 12 August 1800From James Wilkinson, 12 August 1800To Philip Schuyler, 13 August 1800From James A. Bayard, 18 August 1800To William R. Putnam, 18 August 1800To Philip Schuyler, 18 August 1800To Benjamin Stoddert, 18 August 1800To John Jay, 19 August 1800To John Marshall, 19 August 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 19 August 1800From George Cabot, 21 August 1800From James McHenry, 22 August 1800From George Cabot, 23 August 1800From John Marshall, 23 August 1800From Jeremiah Wadsworth, 23 August 1800From William Bingham, 24 August 1800From John Jay, 25 August 1800From Philip Schuyler, 25 August 1800From Benjamin Stoddert, 25 August 1800From Fisher Ames, 26 August 1800To William Jackson, 26 August 1800From John Jay, 26 August 1800Petition to the Mayor and Corporation of the City of New York, [26 August 1800]From Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 27 August 1800From John Jay, 27 August 1800From Herman Le Roy and William Bayard, 27 August 1800To James McHenry, 27 August 1800From Edward Carrington, 30 August 1800From “Hambden”, [30 August 1800]To Herman Le Roy and William Bayard, 1 September 1800Receipt from Isaac McComb and Company, [2 September 1800]To John Jay, 3 September 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 3 September 1800From James McHenry, 4 September 1800, with enclosuresFrom Francis A. Vanderkemp, 15 September 1800Receipt from John Scott, 18 September 1800From John Jay, 22 September 1800From Charles Wilkes, 24 September 1800From Benjamin Stoddert, 25 September 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 26 September 1800From Philip Schuyler, 29 September 1800Receipt from William Barton, [September 1800]To ———, 1 October 1800To John Adams, 1 October 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 1 October 1800To George Cabot, 2 October 1800From Samuel Dexter, 2 October 1800To John Marshall, 2 October 1800, with enclosureTo Aaron Ogden, 2 October 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 2 October 1800To James Wilkinson, 8 October 1800From William Vans Murray, 9 October 1800To Philip Schuyler, 9 October 1800To William Lewis, 10 October 1800From George Cabot, 11 October 1800From John G. Coffin, 11 October 1800From William Lewis, 11 October 1800From James McHenry, 12 October 1800From James Wilkinson, 13 October 1800From Oliver Ellsworth, 16 October 1800, with enclosureAlexander Hamilton, Thomas Cooper, and David A. Ogden to Thomas FitzSimons, Herman LeRoy, William Tilghman and Matthew Pearce, 17 October 1800To Ebenezer Stevens, [21 October 1800]Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq. President of the United States, [24 October 1800]Account with John McComb, Junior, [25 October 1800]To John Jay, [30–31 October 1800]From Jeremiah Olney, 3 November 1800From William Irvine, 13 November 1800To James McHenry, 13 November 1800To Timothy Pickering, 13 November 1800From Benjamin Goodhue, 15 November 1800Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Cooper, and David A. Ogden to Thomas FitzSimons, Herman LeRoy, William Tilghman and Matthew Pearce, 17 November 1800To Henry Cheriot, 18 November 1800From James McHenry, 19 November 1800To James McHenry, 22 November 1800From George Cabot, 29 November 1800Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Cooper, and David A. Ogden to Thomas FitzSimons, Joseph Higbee, and Robert Morris, Junior, November 1800To Madame Caradeux Lecaye, November [1800–1803]From James McHenry, 1 December 1800From James Gunn, [11 December 1800]From James Gunn, [13 December 1800]From Timothy Pickering, 14 December 1800From Aaron Ogden, 15 December 1800From Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy, 16 December 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 16 December 1800From Harrison Gray Otis, 17 December 1800From Theodore Sedgwick, 17 December 1800To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 17 December 1800From James Gunn, [18 December 1800]To James Ross, 18 December 1800From Gouverneur Morris, 19 December 1800From Eliphalet Fitch, [20 December 1800]To Theodore Sedgwick, 22 December 1800To Harrison Gray Otis, [23 December 1800]To Gouverneur Morris, 24 December 1800To James Gunn, 24 December 1800From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 25 December 1800To John Marshall, 26 December 1800To Gouverneur Morris, 26 December 1800To James A. Bayard, 27 December 1800From Louis Le Guen, 27 December 1800To James Ross, 29 December 1800From James McHenry, 31 December 1800From Fisher Ames, [December 1800]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, [December 1800]Rules for Philip Hamilton, [1800]To Louis Le Guen, [1800]From John Marshall, 1 January 1801To James McHenry, 4 January 1801To John Rutledge, Junior, 4 January 1801, with enclosureFrom Gouverneur Morris, 5 January 1801From James A. Bayard, 7 January 1801From James Gunn, [9 January 1801]To Gouverneur Morris, 9 January 1801To Gouverneur Morris, 10 January 1801From John Rutledge, Junior, 10 January 1801From Theodore Sedgwick, 10 January 1801From James McHenry, 12 January 1801To Gouverneur Morris, [13] January 1801From Louis Le Guen, 15 January 1801Receipt to Louis Le Guen, [15 January 1801]From Aaron Ogden, 15 January 1801To James A. Bayard, 16 January 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 16 January 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 16 January 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [18 January 1801]To Theodore Sedgwick, 21 January 1801From Gouverneur Morris, 26 January 1801From Henry Glen, 27 January 1801From Henry Lee, 6 February 1801From Marquis de Lafayette, 10 February 1801To Edward Livingston, 10 February [1802]To Edward Tilghman, 11 February 1801From Edward Tilghman, 12 February 1801From John Jay, 15 February 1801From George and Jacob Gilbert, 16 February 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, 20 February [1801]To Elizabeth Hamilton, 21 February 1801To James A. Bayard, 22 February 1801From Benjamin DeWitt, [25 February 1801]To Elizabeth Hamilton, 25 February 1801From Nathaniel G. Ingraham, 26 February 1801To Nathaniel G. Ingraham, 6 March 1801From James A. Bayard, 8 March 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, 8 March 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [9 March 1801]To Elizabeth Hamilton, 10 March [1801]From Abraham Van Vechten, [13–21 March 1801]To Elizabeth Hamilton, [16 March 1801]From Henry Glen, 21 March 1801An Address to the Electors of the State of New-York, [21 March 1801]To Philip Schuyler, 22 March 1801From William Constable, 23 March 1801From Barent Gardenier, 24 March 1801To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 25 March 1801From Philip Schuyler, 27 March 1801From Jeremiah Olney, 9 April 1801Campaign Speech, First and Second Versions, [10 April 1801]Notes for Speech by Samuel Miles Hopkins to the Electors of the Middle District, [17–24 April 1801]Campaign Speech, [21 April 1801]From Ambrose Spencer, 21 April 1801From James Scott and Company, 24 April 1801From Oliver Phelps and Robert Gilchrist, 28 April 1801From Timothy Pickering, 29 April 1801To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 8 May 1801To James Madison, 20 May 1801From James Madison, 26 May 1801From Jeremiah Olney, 9 June 1801To John Jay, 11 June 1801To John Lowell, Junior, 11 June 1801To William Beekman, 15 June 1801From John McComb, Junior, [22 June 1801]From Sarah Alexander, Lady Stirling, 26 June 1801To John B. Church, [27–28 June 1801]To Jeremiah Olney, 29 June 1801From Thomas H. Cushing, 1 July 1801Indenture between Alexander Hamilton of the First Part and Richard Harison and Aaron Ogden of the Second Part, [1 July 1801]Bond to Richard Harison and Aaron Ogden, [1 July 1801]From Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 14 July 1801From William Bingham, 21 July 1801To Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 27 July 1801To Rufus King, 28 July 1801To Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 18 August 1801From Richard Riker, 18 August 1801From Eugene Lucet, 20 August 1801From John Penn, 21 August 1801From William Vans Murray, 28 August 1801From Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 4 September 1801From Nicholas Olive, [4 September 1801]From William W. Woolsey, 4 September 1801From Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 6 September 1801From Philip Schuyler, 9 September 1801From William Hornby, 15 September 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [23 September 1801]From John Jay, 25 September 1801To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, [25 September 1801]To Bushrod Washington, September 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [2 October 1801]To Elizabeth Hamilton, 4 October 1801To Rensselaer Schuyler, 4 October 1801From Daniel D. Thompson, 7 October 1801From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 10 October 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [17–18 October 1801]From Elizabeth Hamilton, 19 October 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, 21 October 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [25 October 1801]To Jedediah Huntington, 12 November 1801From Robert Smith, 20 November 1801To James McHenry, 21 November 1801From Bushrod Washington, 21 November 1801From Joaquim L. Steinbach, 23 November 1801From Benjamin Rush, 26 November 1801From John Dickinson, [30 November 1801]From Philip Schuyler, 4 December 1801From James McHenry, 4 December 1801From George W. P. Custis, 5 December 1801From Nicholas Olive, [15 December 1801]The Examination Number I, [17 December 1801]From Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 19 December 1801The Examination Number II, [21 December 1801]The Examination Number III, [24 December 1801]From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 24 December 1801The Examination Number IV, [26 December 1801]To Philip Schuyler, 28 December 1801From James A. Bayard, 29 December 1801The Examination Number V, [29 December 1801]To Theophilus Parsons, 31 December 1801To Elizabeth Hamilton, [1801]To Pierre Charles L'Enfant, [1801]To Robert Troup, 1801The Examination Number VI, [2 January 1802]From Philip Schuyler, 2 January 1802From Chevalier de Colbert, 4 January 1802The Examination Number VII, [7 January 1802]From Nicholas Evertson, 12 January 1802The Examination Number VIII, [12 January 1802]From Rufus King, 12 January 1802From Charles W. Hare, 14 January 1802From William Henderson, 15 January 1802The Examination Number IX, [18 January 1802]The Examination Number X, [19 January 1802]From Robert G. Harper, 19 January 1802Draft of a Resolution for the Legislature of New York for the Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, [29 January 1802]Alexander Hamilton and Richard Harison to Charles Williamson, 1 February 1802The Examination Number XI, [3 February 1802]Remarks on the Repeal of the Judiciary Act, Versions 1–3, [11 February 1802]From Gouverneur Morris, 22 February 1802The Examination Number XII, [23 February 1802]To the New-York Evening Post, [24 February 1802]The Examination Number XIII, [27 February 1802]To Gouverneur Morris, [29 February 1802]The Examination Number XIV, [2 March 1802]The Examination Number XV, [3 March 1802]To Gouverneur Morris, 4 March 1802From Gouverneur Morris, 11 March 1802From William Jackson, 12 March 1802To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, [15 March 1802]From Samuel S. Smith, 18 March 1802The Examination Number XVI, [19 March 1802]The Examination Number XVII, [20 March 1802][From Thomas Truxtun], [22 March 1802]From Thomas Truxtun, 26 March 1802From Philip Schuyler, 28 March 1802From Cornelius Bogert, 29 March 1802To John Dickinson, 29 March 1802To Benjamin Rush, 29 March 1802To Aaron Burr, [1 April 1802]From Philip Schuyler, 5 April 1802To James A. Bayard, 6 April 1802The Examination (concluded) Number XVIII, [8 April 1802]From Rufus King, 8 April 1802From James A. Bayard, 12 April 1802From David Gelston, 14 April 1802From Bushrod Washington, 15 April 1802To James A. Bayard, [16–21] April 1802Speech on Congressional Election in New York City, [21 April 1802]From James A. Bayard, 25 April 1802From Jeremiah Wadsworth, 26 April 1802