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Volumes | Volume XXVI: 1 May 1802–23 October 1804 and Additional Documents 1774–1799 | Documents | Additional Letters and Documents, 1774–1799

To Alexander McDougall, [1774–1776]Statement Concerning James Ledlie, 11 February 1777To John Laurance, [1 March–10 April 1777]To Captain Francis Grice, 30 May 1777To Major General Benjamin Lincoln, 4 June 1777To Colonel Clement Biddle, [17 June 1777]To Hugh Knox, 1[–28] July 1777Receipt to Captain Caleb Gibbs, [2 September 1777]To George Washington, [12 November 1777]To Charles Pettit, [23 May 1778–1781]To George Washington, [23 June 1778]To Elias Boudinot, [5 July 1778]To Colonel Charles Stewart, [18 November 1778]George Washington to Henry Laurens, 18 November 1778To Brigadier General Henry Knox, [26 March 1779]To Colonel Israel Shreve, 26 May 1779To Jeremiah Wadsworth, [27–29 June 1779]From Brigadier General Henry Knox, 28 June 1779To Colonel Joseph Ward, [8 July 1779]To Baron von Steuben, 9 July [1779]George Washington to ———, [12 July 1779]To Brigadier General Henry Knox, [24 July 1779]To Abraham Parley, [24 July 1779]To Major General Nathanael Greene, [27 July 1779]To Major General Nathanael Greene, [10 September 1779]To James Duane, [1 October 1779]From Marquis de Lafayette, 7 October 1779To Samuel Huntington, [19 October 1779]Brigadier General Louis Le Bèque Du Portail and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton to Samuel Huntington, [26 October 1779]Samuel Huntington to Brigadier General Louis Le Bèque Du Portail and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton, 27 October 1779To James Duane, 29 October 1779To Lieutenant Colonel John Taylor, [29 October 1779]To Brigadier General Henry Knox, [30 January 1780]Major General Arthur St. Clair and Lieutenant Colonels Edward Carrington and Alexander Hamilton to George Washington [21 March 1780], enclosureTo Marquis de Barbé-Marbois, [10 May 1780]To Brigadier General Henry Knox, [4 June 1780]George Washington to Major General William Alexander, Lord Stirling, 8 June [1780]George Washington to ———, 30 June 1780George Washington to Major General Alexander McDougall, 2 July 1780To Brigadier General Henry Knox, [9 July 1780]From Brigadier General Henry Knox, [9 July 1780]From Marquis de Fleury, [29–30 August 1780]To Marquis de Barbé-Marbois, [13 September 1780]From Lieutenant Colonel Richard Varick, [22 October 1780]From Lieutenant Colonel Richard Varick, [23 October 1780]From Lieutenant Colonel Richard Varick, 24 October 1780, with enclosureCommission as Lieutenant Colonel, [25 October 1780]To Colonel Timothy Pickering, [25 October 1780]From Marquis de Lafayette, [30 October 1780]Certificate for Major Robert Forsyth, [10 November 1780]Continental Congress Nomination as Minister to France, 9 December 1780Continental Congress Nomination as Minister to Russia, 15 December 1780To Charles Stewart, [21 January 1781]To Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens, [4 February 1781]To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 9 February 1781To Colonel Timothy Pickering, [9 February 1781]From Colonel Hugh Hughes, 16 February 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 27 February 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 5 May 1781From Colonel Hugh Hughes, 5 May 1781To Stewart and Totten, 20 May 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 13 July 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 15 July 1781From Colonel Hugh Hughes, 18 July 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 21 July 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, 25 July 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, [28 July 1781]Account of Clothing Purchased for the Officers, [August 1781]List of Officers and Men Who Have Received One Month's Pay, [7 September 1781]State of the Arms Accoutrements & Ammunition in Lt. Colo. Hamiltons Battalion of Light Infantry, 24 September 1781To Colonel Hugh Hughes, [November 1781]To Vicomte de Noailles, [November–December 1781]To Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth, [1 February 1782]To Vicomte de Noailles, [4 April 18 May 24 May 1782]Appointment as Receiver of Continental Taxes, [15 April 1782]To ———, [12 October 1782]To George Clinton, [25 December 1782]Continental Congress Report on a Memorial from the Legislature of Pennsylvania, [December 1782–January 1783]To George Washington, [24 February 1783]Continental Congress Motion by Alexander Hamilton and Richard Peters, Regarding Lewis Morris, [25 February 1783]To George Washington, [17 March 1783]To Benjamin Lincoln, [9 April 1783]Continental Congress Motion Regarding Moving Military Lines, [23 April 1783]To John Chaloner, [1 May 1783]From John Allan, [28 May 1783], with enclosureFrom Benjamin Lincoln, May 1783Continental Congress Motion to Extend the Time Allowed for Appeals from Maritime Courts, [6 June 1783]From George Washington, [7 June 1783]Continental Congress Draft of a Proclamation by President of Congress, [24 June 1783]To Elias Boudinot, [24 June 1783]Receipt to Abel James, 26 July 1783Account with the State of New York, [30 July 1783–26 March 1784]To George Clinton, [3 August 1783]To John Chaloner, [22 August 1783]From John Jay, [28 November 1783]To Abel James, 4 December 1783To John Chaloner, [11 December 1783]To James Madison, [18 April 1784]To Thomas Pearsall, 20 May [1784]To James Bowne, 17 June 1784To Aaron Burr, 17 July 1784Receipt to John Thomas, 14 October 1784To George Clinton, [26 November 1784–17 July 1787]To Richard Varick, 13 January 1785From Abel James, 21 January 1785Petition of John Lamb, [1–9 February 1785]To John Chaloner, [2 February 1785]Conveyance from James Barclay and Others, [17 September 1785]To ——— Townsend, [27 December 1785]To Egbert Benson, [1785–1787]To Samuel H. Parsons, 11 January 1786Receipt to Andrew Craig and William Cooper, 23 January 1786Conveyance. Isaac Moses, Nicholas Low, Daniel Ludlow, and Alexander Hamilton to Alexander Macomb, 15 February 1786To Andrew Craig and William Cooper, 2 March 1786To Isaac Gouverneur, Junior, [March 1786]To Aaron Burr, [4 April 1786]To Elihu Marshall and James Bingham, [19 April 1786]Receipt to Robert Morris, 19 April 1786From Murray, Sansom, and Company, [April 1786]To John Delafield, [22 May 1786]Receipt to Robert Cambridge Livingston, [8 June 1786]Stephen Van Rensselaer to the Tenants of Rensselaerwyck, [July–August 1786]To the Corporation of Albany, 28 October 1786Moses Myers to Nicholas Low, Daniel Ludlow, and Alexander Hamilton, 23 November 1786Certificate of Clerkship for Dirck Ten Broeck, 26 January 1787To ———, [2 June 1787]To Aaron Burr, [June–October 1787]Receipt to Philip Van Cortlandt, [5 July 1787]From Marquis de Lafayette, 26 October [1787]To Peter Van Schaack, [October 1787]Bill and Receipt from Francis Childs, [12 November 1787]Subscription to the Ohio Company for Education and Worship in the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio, March 1788To Nicholas Low, [6 May 1788]Certificate by Ezra L'Hommedieu, Egbert Benson, and Alexander Hamilton of a Statement by Abraham Yates, Junior, Respecting His Vote on the Constitution of the United States, [8 August 1788]From Philip Schuyler, 2 September 1788John H. Livingston, Thomas Jones, Alexander Hamilton, and Brockholst Livingston to Richard Morris, 8 September 1788From Theodore Sedgwick, [12 November 1788]From Philip Schuyler, 21 November 1788Conveyance. Isaac Roosevelt and Robert C. Livingston to Thomas Jones, John H. Livingston, Alexander Hamilton, and Brockholst Livingston, 4 December 1788Receipt to Baron von Steuben, [12 December 1788]Certificate of Clerkship for Joseph Strong, [20 January 1789]Certificate of Good Character for Peter Ogilvie, [13 February 1789]To Isaac Ledyard, [18 February 1789]Conveyance to George Anthon, 25 April 1789From George Washington, [4 June 1789]From Samuel Jones, [5 August 1789]Appointment as Secretary of the Treasury, [11 September 1789]To Sharp Delany, 13 September 1789To John B. Church, [28 September 1789]To Samuel Jones, [September 1789]From Samuel Jones, [4 October 1789]From Jedediah Huntington, 7 October 1789To Jeremiah Wadsworth, [9–15 October 1789]To Jedediah Huntington, [11 October 1789]To Sharp Delany, 17 October 1789From Jedediah Huntington, 29 October 1789From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, [October 1789]To Otho H. Williams, 7 November 1789From Charles Lee, 21 November 1789To Thomas Smith, 21 November 1789To Peyton Short, [1 December 1789]From Charles Lee, 24 December 1789From Charles Lee, 30 December 1789From Charles Lee, 31 December 1789Tax Assessment, 1789From Pierpont Edwards, [4 January 1790]To John Holker, [8 January 1790]From Charles Lee, 8 January 1790From William Ellery, 10 January 1790From John Holker, 13 January 1790To the President, Directors, and Company of the Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Manufactures and the Useful Arts, 25 January 1790From Charles Lee, 29 January 1790To Pierpont Edwards, 30 January 1790To Benjamin Lincoln, 30 January 1790To George Washington, [31 January 1790]Draft of An Act Making Further Provision for the Payment of the Debts of the United States, [January–12 July 1790]From Otho H. Williams, [15 February 1790]From Tench Coxe, [February 1790]From William Ellery, 8 March 1790Contract with Melancton Smith, [15 March 1790]To Benjamin Huntington, 19 March 1790From Benjamin Huntington, 19 March 1790To Robert Morris, [19 March 1790]Conversation with George Beckwith, [22 March–April 1790]From William Ellery, 30 March 1790To Benjamin Lincoln, 13 April 1790To Thomas Smith, [17 April 1790]To Abraham Van Vechten, [20 April 1790]Certificate of Clerkship for Henry W. Livingston, [29 April 1790]To Otho H. Williams, [29 April 1790]From Jedediah Huntington, 30 April 1790To Jeremiah Lansing, [17 May 1790]From Jedediah Huntington, [27 May 1790]From Otho H. Williams, [30 May 1790]From William Ellery, 1 June 1790From Alexander Martin, 1 June 1790From Bennett Wheeler, [5 June 1790]To William Ellery, [7 June 1790]To Jedediah Huntington, 7 June 1790To Bennett Wheeler, 14 June 1790To William Ellery, [19 June 1790]From William Ellery, 22 June 1790To Robert Morris, [25 June 1790]From Charles Lee, 20 June 1790From William Ellery, [June 1790]From William Ellery, 6 July 1790From William Ellery, 12 July 1790Draft of a Secret Article Concerning the Treaty of Peace with the Creeks, [20 July–4 August 1790]To Alexander Martin, 29 July 1790From William Ellery, 2 August 1790From William Ellery, 9 August 1790Report on the Petition of Moses Hazen, [9 August 1790]To Jedediah Huntington, 14 August 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 15–21 August 1790From William Ellery, 23 August 1790To George Washington, [23 August 1790]Account with Tench Coxe, [24 August 1790]To William Ellery, [27 August 1790]To Samuel R. Gerry, [3 September 1790]To Nicholas Gilman, [10 September 1790]To Benjamin Lincoln, [10 September 1790]From William Ellery, 14 September 1790Treasury Department Circular to the Commissioners of Loans, 16 September 1790Conveyance: Alexander Hamilton to Jane Moncrieff, 20 September 1790From William Ellery, 20 September 1790From Brockholst Livingston and Edward Greswold, 23 September 1790From Charles Lee, 25 September 1790To Pierpont Edwards, [26 September 1790]From William Ellery, 27 September 1790To William Ellery, 27 September 1790To Tench Coxe, [1–20 October 1790]To Joseph Nourse, [2 October 1790]From William Ellery, 5 October 1790To William Ellery, [6 October 1790]From William Ellery, [11–18 October 1790]From Charles Lee, 16 October 1790From William Ellery, 18 October 1790From William Ellery, 25 October 1790To John Langdon, 26 October 1790To William Ellery, [29 October 1790]From William Ellery, 1 November 1790From William Ellery, 8 November 1790To Thomas Mifflin, 13 November 1790To William Ellery, [14 November 1790]From William Ellery, 16 November 1790From Walter Livingston, 20 November 1790To Israel Ludlow, 20 November 1790From Hugh Hughes, 21 November 1790From William Ellery, 22 November 1790From William Ellery Junior, 30 November 1790To Tench Coxe, [November 1790–1794]To Tench Coxe, [November 1790–1794]To Samuel Bosworth, 2 December 1790To William Ellery, [6 December 1790]To Edmund Randolph, [10 December 1790]To Sharp Delany, 12 December 1790To Nathaniel Appleton, 13 December 1790To William Ellery, [13 December 1790]To Nathaniel Phillips, [13 December 1790]From Willem Six, [17 December 1790]From Walter Livingston, 18 December 1790From William Ellery, Junior, 21 December 1790From Charles Lee, 22 December 1790From William Duer, [24 December 1790]To William Ellery, [28 December 1790]From Samuel R. Gerry, [1 January 1791]To Walter Livingston, [5 January 1791]From Thomas Jefferson, [11 January 1791]Treasury Department Circular to the Commissioners of Loans, 11 January 1791From Walter Livingston, 15 January 1791From William Ellery, 17 January 1791To Benjamin Lincoln, [22 January 1791]From William Ellery, [25 January 1791]From William Ellery, 31 January 1791From William Ellery, 31 January 1791To William Ellery, [31 January 1791]To Tench Coxe, [1 February 1791]To John Cochran, [8 February 1791]To John Neufville, [8 February 1791]To Tench Coxe, [February-May 1791]From Tench Coxe, [19 March 1791]Conversation with George Beckwith, [March-April 1791]To John Rutherfurd, [March 1791–January 1795]From Jeremiah Wadsworth, [24 April 1791]From Théophile Cazenove, 26 April 1791To Théophile Cazenove, [26 April 1791]To Jeremiah Wadsworth, [April 1791]From George Cabot, [2 May 1791]To Tench Coxe, 9 May 1791From John Neufville, [15 May 1791]From David Wolfe, 16 June 1791To Henry Marchant, [30 June 1791]From John Jay, [8 July 1791]To Tench Coxe, [13 July 1791–1792]Conveyance to Isaac Moses, 21 July 1791From Elizabeth Hamilton, [6 August 1791]To Elizabeth Hamilton, [12 August 1791]Account with John B. Church, [13 August 1791]From William Duer, [16 August 1791]To Elizabeth Hamilton, [17 August 1791]From Philip Schuyler, 1 September 1791To George Gale, 3 September 1791From Robert Troup, 12 September 1791From William Constable, 14 September 1791From Henry Marchant, 14 September 1791From John Armstrong, [17 September 1791]From Walter Livingston, 5 October 1791To Catharine Greene, 2 November 1791To John Rutherfurd, [4 November 1791–8 October 1792]To Ann Pemberton, [2 December 1791]Report on the Subject of Manufactures, [5 December 1791]To the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, [21 December 1791]To Ann Pemberton, [December 1791]To Tench Coxe, [1791–1794]To William Webb, [1791–1792]To John Kean, [28 February 1792]From William Banks, 1 March 1792From John Langdon, [5 March 1792]To Tench Coxe, [12 March 1792]To the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, 19 March 1792From William Duer, 21 March 1792From William Duer, 22 March 1792From Robert Troup, [24 March 1792]To Philip Livingston, [25 March 1792]From Nicholas Low, 25 March 1792From Philip Livingston, 27 March 1792To John Kean, [28 March 1792]To the President and Directors of the Bank of Maryland, 29 March 1792To Tench Coxe, [15 March–April 1792]To the President and Directors and Company of the Bank of Maryland, 10 April 1792Tobias Lear to Samuel Hanson, [21 April 1792]To George Washington, [5 May 1792]Treasury Department Circular, [9 May 1792]To Sylvanus Bourne, 10 May 1792Receipt to Rufus Putnam, 21 May 1792From William Duer, 30 May 1792From Thomas Jefferson, [5 June 1792]To Robert Troup, [7 June 1792]To John Hancock, [10 June 1792]To John Langdon, 18 June 1792To Robert Purviance, [19 June 1792]To Edward Wigglesworth, [28 June 1792]To Henry Marchant, 29 June 1792To Robert Troup, [30 June 1792]To James Lingan, [3 July 1792]From Benjamin Tallmadge, 20 July 1792To the President and Directors of the Bank of Maryland, 25 July 1792To George Washington, 11 August 1792From William Constable, [19 August 1792]Honorary Degree from Rhode Island College, 4 September 1792To Tobias Lear, 6 September 1792To James Lingan, 6 September 1792From David Wolfe, 8 September 1792To Tobias Lear, 11 September 1792To John Campbell, [18 September 1792]To Nicholas Low, [18 September 1792]To ———, [22 September 1792]From Winthrop Sargent, [24 October 1792]To Thomas Willing, [24 October 1792]To John Chaloner, [26 October 1792]From James Lovell, October 1792From Henry Knox, 3 November 1792To the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, 5 November 1792To Theodosius Fowler, [9 November 1792]From Theodosius Fowler, 13 November 1792From Henry Knox, [14 November 1792]To the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, 8 December 1792To James O’Hara, 18 December 1792To Samuel Hodgdon, [20 December 1792]To Winthrop Sargent, 31 December 1792To Thomas Willing, [8 January 1793]To the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States, [10 January] 1793From Theodosius Fowler, 2 February 1793From Tench Coxe, [4 February 1793]To William Hull, [28 February 1793]To the President and Directors of the Office of Discount and Deposit, Baltimore, 2 March 1793To John Rutherfurd, [4 March 1793–31 January 1795]From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, [30 March 1793]To John Kean, 4 April 1793From Tench Coxe, [13 April 1793]From Henry Marchant, 13 April 1793To Tench Coxe, [15 April 1793]To Joseph Whipple, 15 April 1793To Samuel Hodgdon, [17 April 1793]To Tench Coxe, 19 April 1793Treasury Department Circular to the Collectors of the Customs, 23 April 1793To Thomas Jefferson, [9–14 May 1793]To Tench Coxe, [17 May 1793]To Jonathan Jackson, [18 May 1793]To John Cochran, [25 May 1793]To Tench Coxe, [3 June 1793]From Tench Coxe, 5 [–8] June 1793To Tench Coxe, [14 June 1793]From Robert Troup, [15 June 1793]From Robert Troup, [18 June 1793]To Robert Troup, [20 June 1793]To John B. Church, [6 July 1793]To Benjamin Brown, [8 July 1793]To John Cochran, 13 August 1793To John A. Chevallié, [14 August 1793]From Tench Coxe, [27 August 1793]To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 3 September 1793From Abraham Yates, Junior, 26 September 1793From George Washington, [23 October 1793]From Tench Coxe, 16 November 1793To William Ellery, [20 November 1793]From Tench Coxe, [21 November 1793]From Walter Livingston, 30 November 1793To Hodijah Baylies, [5 December 1793]From Tench Coxe, [13 December 1793]From Tench Coxe, [17 December 1793]From Tench Coxe, [18 December 1793]From George Clymer, [19 December 1793]From Tench Coxe, [20 December 1793]To Daniel Brent, [26 December 1793]To Jabez Bowen, [1793]From Tench Coxe, [1 January 1794]To Tench Coxe, [12 January 1794]To William Ellery, [23 January 1794]From Tench Coxe, [25 January 1794], with enclosureFrom Tench Coxe, [18 February 1794]To George Washington, [9 April 1794]To Stephen Moylan, [19 April 1794]From Tench Coxe, [21 April 1794]From Tench Coxe, [26 April 1794]To George Washington, [27 April 1794]To George Washington, [21 May 1794]To John Clark, Junior, 17 June 1794To Tench Coxe, [19 June 1794]To John Nicholson, [25 August 1794]From George Washington, [5 September 1794]To Nicholas Low, [6 September 1794]To Samuel Hodgdon, [11 September 1794]To Thomas Willing, [11 September 1794]From Tench Coxe, 25 September 1794From William Bradford, 27 September 1794To Abraham Parley, [8 October 1794]To Jasper Yeates, [11 October 1794]Alexander Hamilton, Richard Peters, and William Rawle to David Lenox, 11 November 1794To Robert Purviance, 27 November 1794Subscription for Promoting the Cultivation of the Vine, [1794]Views on the French Revolution, [1794]To Noah Webster, Junior, [30 September 1795–1798]From Tench Coxe, 14 December 1795To James McHenry, [19 January 1796]To Tench Coxe, [27 February 1796]To Tench Coxe, [16 May 1796]From Tench Coxe, 17 May 1796To Tench Coxe, 30 May 1796To Tench Coxe, [12 June 1796]From Tench Coxe, 13 June 1796From Barent Bleecker, [12 September 1796]To Tench Coxe, [10 November 1796]Receipt to William Cooper, [10 March 1797]From Oliver Wolcott, Junior, [13 April 1797]To Oliver Wolcott, Junior, 22 April 1797To Robert Troup, [20 June 1797]From Cyrus De Hart, 2 August 1797From James Monroe, [4 August 1797]To James Monroe, [8 August 1797]To Tench Coxe, [23 August 1797], with enclosureFrom Tench Coxe, 26 August 1797To Théophile Cazenove, October–December 1797From Thomas Stoughton, [11 November 1797]From Theodore Sedgwick, [19 November 1798]From Michael Welsh, [1798–1804]From William Duer, 13 January 1799, with enclosureFrom William Duer, 17 January 1799From William Duer, [16 February 1799]From Jean Mouchon, 2 March 1799To John Murray, 2 April 1799From Ezra L’Hommedieu, [9 April 1799]From Edward Carrington, [5 July 1799]