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Volumes | Volume XXVI: 1 May 1802–23 October 1804 and Additional Documents 1774–1799 | Documents | Undated Letters and Documents

From ———, [n.p., n.d.]To ———, [n.p., n.d.]To ———, [n.p., n.d.]To ———, [n.p., n.d.]To ———, [n.p., n.d.]To ———, 15 MarchFrom John Burchan, [n.d.]To Mathew Carey, [n.d.]Comments on Jews, [n.p., n.d.]From Peter Corne, [n.p., n.d.]Draft of an Act Imposing Duties on Carriages and Servants, [n.d.]To Elizabeth Hamilton, [n.p., n.d.]To Richard Harison, [n.p., n.d.]To John Laurance, [n.p., n.d.]To John Laurance, [n.p., 28 February]To Henry Lee, [n.p., n.d.]Receipt from LeRoy and Bayard, [n.d.]To James McHenry, [n.d.]To Peter Van Gaasbeck, [n.p., n.d.]To Benjamin Walker, [n.p., n.d.]To ——— Watts, [n.p., n.d.]To ——— Wooster, [n.p., 22 August]