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About the Adams Papers index

About the Index to the Adams Papers Digital Edition

In the original letterpress edition of the Adams Papers on which this digital edition is based, each volume carried its own back-of-the-book index to the contents of that volume. Digitization and conversion to XML of the Adams Papers volumes added prior to 2013 was supervised by the editorial staff of the Adams Papers at the Massachusetts Historical Society. They undertook the work of converting the original letterpress indexes to a single consolidated index covering the entire span of digitized volumes. They regularized entry and subentry headings, categorized subentry types, and corrected errors discovered in the course of this work. Rotunda is using a somewhat simplified form of the original MHS index as an index to our digital edition (MHS developed a rich index schema that includes some elements not used in our digital indexes).

Volumes added starting in 2013 were digitized by the University of Virginia Press to our current Founding Era platform specifications. Indexes to these volumes have not been integrated into the original cumulative index, and therefore appear separately.

In the letterpress indexes, references are to page numbers or page ranges. In the digital edition, we determine programmatically which document(s) may be found on the designated page or pages. Instead of giving a bare page number as the reference link, we provide the full title of the first document on the page. In cases where a page includes more than one document, a + is added to the title to indicate that the text referred to may be found in one of the following documents. Clicking on a document reference takes the reader to the top of the “page” in the digital edition, where key terms from the index entry are highlighted to make it easier to locate the target of the reference.

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