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Hamilton Index – Q

Hamilton Papers Index: Q

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Note: page numbers refer to the letterpress edition. Footnotes that have been moved to the end of documents in the digital edition will appear on a different virtual “page,” but the hyperlink will point to the new location.

Quackenboss, Gerrit: land appraiser, XXVI 172n
Walter Quackenboss v Thomas Underhill: and Hamilton’s law practice, III 66
Quackenbush, Nicholas: deputy quartermaster general (American Revolution), accounts, VI 478n
Quadruple Alliance of London (1718), XXV 164n
Quaker Hill, N.Y., II 198n
Quakers: exemption from Army, V 181; and proposed treaty with Indians at Sandusky, XIV 228; and ratification of Constitution, IV 332–33
Quarrier, Alexander: and lighthouse at Cape Henry, Va., VII 342, 344
Quartermaster department, see American Revolution, Army
Quartermaster general, see American Revolution, Army, and United States Army (peacetime) and United States Army (Quasi-War)
Quasi-War, see Congress of the U.S., acts of, for 1798–1800, and France and Hamilton, Alexander, and individual states and McHenry, James and Pickney, Charles Cotesworth, and U.S. Army (Quasi-War) and U.S. Navy and Washington, George, (post-Presidency) and Wilkinson, James
Quassaick, Creek, N.Y., XXIII 54n
Quebec (city), I 244n, VI 547, VII 119, XXIV 536n; and American Revolution, II 167, 380, 396, III 200n; exploration and settlement of North America, III 706, 707; and Jay Treaty, XVIII 407, 462, XIX 178, 180, 187n; and Quasi-War, XXIV 43
Quebec, province of, VIII 526n, XIX 219n, XXIII 5n; British edict against U.S. trade with, XIII 399n; governor of, see Carleton, Guy, and Haldimand, Frederick; and independence of Vt., IV 134n
Quebec Act, XIX 219; Hamilton’s comments on, I 68–69; Hamilton’s newspaper articles on, I 165–76
Queen Annes County, Md.: excise survey, IX 428, XII 94
Queen Anne’s War: and British fiscal policy, V 545
Queen Charlotte (British packet), XV 257n
Queens Borough (Kayaderosseres Patent), N.Y.: in American Revolution, II 481
Queen’s College (subsequently Rutgers College), XXI 43n, XXV 598n
Queens County, N.Y., III 21n, 23n, 41n, 51n, 54n, V 246n, IX 247n, 367n, 494n; and N.Y. Assembly, IV 4n, 54, 63, 104n, 107n; and N.Y. gubernatorial election (1789), V 261
Querini, Alvise: Venetian Ambassador to France, XXI 508n
Quesnay, —— (Mr.): and Hamilton’s law practice, III 66
Quesnay, François: French economist, and “Report on Manufactures,” X 6n
Quibbletown, N.J.: in American Revolution, I 238–39, 273n, 274, headquarters, I 273
Quiberon, France: British expedition against, XXV 51n
Quillet, Pierre: member of French consular service, XXI 524
Quincy, Jacob: petition of, XVIII 174
Quincy, Josiah: ed., The Journals of Major Samuel Shaw, IX 38n, 42n, 43n, 49n, 51n
Quincy, Josiah, 3rd: Boston Federalist, and election of 1800, XXIV 575
Quincy, Mass: home of John Adams, XXIII 2n, 13n, 515n, XXIV 593n
Quotas, see Requisitions or quotas