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Note: page numbers refer to the letterpress edition. Footnotes that have been moved to the end of documents in the digital edition will appear on a different virtual “page,” but the hyperlink will point to the new location.

“X,” see Hottinguer, Jean Conrad
Xenophon, I 402
Xerxes, IV 380
“XY”: author of reply to “T.L.” letters, XII 193, 194n
XYZ affair, XXI 341n, 368–73, 378–79, 390, 397, 408, 409–10n, 428–32, 441–47, 458, 465–66, 489–90n, 506–13, XXII 3–4, 217n, XXV 3n, 33n, 140–41n, 206, XXVI 3n, 141n
“Y” see Bellamy, —— (M.)
Yadkin River, N.C.: in American Revolution, II 386, V 355, XXVI 797
Yale College, IX 358, 367n, XXI 358, 359, XXV 149n, XXVI 80n; report on petition on behalf of, XI 268
Yancey, Charles: on manufacturing in Va., IX 301–4
Yancey, Robert: Additional Army candidate (Tenn.), XXII 311
Yard, James: Philadelphia merchant, and British restrictions on trade in West Indies, XVIII 15–16n; payment for bills of exchange drawn on France by Santo Domingo, XVII 538
Yardly, see Yeardley
Yarmouth, England: visited by John and Angelica Church, III 572, 579
Yarn: manufacture of, in Va., IX 279
Yassous River, see Yazoo River
Yates, Abraham, Jr.: Albany, N.Y., Antifederalist, delegate, Continental Congress (N.Y.), III 14, IV 492–93, XXVI 809, and vote on Constitution, XXVI 473–74; Hamilton on, III 139; mayor of Albany, and Hamilton’s illness with yellow fever, XV 343–48, 349–50, XXVI 714, and Hamilton’s law practice, XVIII 373; member, N.Y. Senate, III 139, 609, 611, as associate of George Clinton, III 139, 609, 611; opposition to Constitution, IV 623n
Yates, John Van Ness: Albany, N.Y., lawyer, and state election (1803), XXVI 112
Yates, Joseph C.: comment on Additional Army candidate (N.Y.), XXII 96
Yates, Peter W.: Albany, N.Y., lawyer, career, XXVI 10n; and Hamilton’s law practice, XXVI 10
Yates, Robert: Antifederalist politician, justice and chief justice, N.Y. Supreme Court, XI 6, 110, XXII 467, 468n; candidate, U.S. Senate, V 359–60; Constitutional Convention, delegate (N.Y.), IV 108, 234n, 235n, XXVI 122n, notes on, IV 159n, 174n, 178n, 195–202, 209–10n, 211n, 212–13n, 214n, 215n, 216n, 216–17, 219n, 221–22; delegate, N.Y. Ratifying Convention, V 135, 138–39, 140, 156n, 179–80; Hamilton on, III 140, 609; member, Council of Revision, III 609; and N.Y. gubernatorial election, (1789) V 254n, 254–55n, 259, 260, 261, 269n, 308, 312–14, 315–16, 320–21, 327, 339, 344, 345n, 361n, XXVI 238, (1792) X 580, 581–82, XI 1–2, 6, 110, (1795) XVIII 20n, 308n, 482n; Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention Assembled at Phila …, IV 159n, 174n, 195n, 209–10n, 211n, 212–13n, 213n, 214n, 215n, 216n, 217n, 219n, 221–22n, 235n; and Vt. conspiracy, XI 25n
Yates, William (son of Robert Yates): Additional Army candidate (N.Y.), XXII 97, 467; Regular Army (Quasi-War), XXIII 77, 610
Yazoo lands: claims to, companies, and speculations in, VII 148n, XVIII 383n, XIX 310–11n, 454n, XX 211n, XXI 165n, XXIV 283n, XXV 419n, XXVI 81n
Yazoo (Yassous, Yazou, Yazous) River (present state of Miss.), XV 298, XXIII 47; and boundary of W. Fla., III 296n
Yazous River, see Yazoo River
Yeardley, Sir George: colonial governor of Va., and background of American Revolution, I 113
Yeates, Donaldson: comment on Additional Army candidate (Md.), XXII 303
Yeates, Jasper: associate justice, Pa. Supreme Court, and Whiskey Insurrection, XVII 21–23n, 88n, 126n, 131n, 138n, 140–41n, 145–46n, 262n, 316, 333n, XXVI 736
Yeaton, Hopley: capt., revenue cutter for N.H., VII 79, 97, 158, VIII 514, IX 195, 297–98, 417, X 365–66, 384–85, 389, XI 4, 315n, XIV 480, XV 6, XXVI 701n
Yeisser (Yeyser), Englehard: comments on Additional Army candidates (Md.), XXII 297, 302
Yellot, Jeremiah: naval agent, Baltimore, Md., XVI 526, 583n
Yellot, William: Baltimore, Md., merchant, and supplies for revenue cutter, XVI 554
Yellow fever: epidemic of, in Baltimore, Md. (1794), XVII 126, 127n, 157–58, 301, at Bermuda Hundred, Va. (1798), XXII 414, in New York City, (1796) XX 258–59, 471–72, (1798) XXII 186–87, 193, 197, 198n, 202n, 253n, 267n, 447, XXVI 763n, (1799) XXIII 413, 437, 473, 553, XXIV 215–16, (1803) XXVI 138n, 152n, in Philadelphia, (1793) XV 324–25, 329, 331–32, 340, 341, 343, 358–59, 361–62, 378, 384–87, 388, 398–99, 452, 468, 474, 611, XVI 9, 48, 207, XXVI 845, (1797) XXI 309, XXVI 757–58, (1798) XXII 65, 68, 147, XXIII 24n, (1799) XXIII 357n, 411n, 510n, 527n, 542n, 546n, XXIV 2n, 509n, in Santo Domingo (1802), XXV 252n, XXVI 54n; Hamilton’s disagreement with Benjamin Rush on cure of, XV 331–32, XXV 437–38n
Yellow Springs, Pa.: in American Revolution, headquarters, I 326
Yeocomico River, Va., XXVI 494n; customs district of, XXVI 491n, 494, 495n, accounts, XIII 38–39, 577, XV 478–79, 482–83, 486–87, collector of customs at, pay, XI 237 (see also Redman, Vincent)
Yerving, Solomon: Additional Army candidate (Md.), XXII 307
Yeyser, see Yeisser
York, Frederick Augustus, Bishop of Osnabrück (Osnaburgh), duke of: allegedly proposed as monarch of U.S., IV 236n, 241, 242n, XXVI 198n, 210; British army commander, and wars of French Revolution, XVII 96, 305, XIX 123n. See also James, Duke of York and Albany
York, District of Me.: port of entry, XVI 501, collector of customs at, pay, XI 236, customs accounts, XIII 36–37, 576, XV 476–77, 480–81, 484–85
York, Pa.: in American Revolution, I 317; and excise opposition, XII 306–7n, 312, 515, 520, XIII 232, XVII 41; in Quasi-War, XXIII 512n, 548, XXIV 16, 380n; Baron von Steuben’s conference with committee of Continental Congress at, V 210n, 213n, 214, VI 218, 220, 222, 224, 311–15, 317, 320–22, 325–26; and Whiskey Insurrection, XVII 248
York County, District of Me.: in Quasi-War, XXIII 29
York County, Pa.: excise survey, VIII 189, IX 427; and lack of opposition to excise, XII 595; and Whiskey Insurrection, XVII 248
York County, S.C.: excise survey, VIII 190, IX 429
York County, Va., XXIII 344n; excise survey, IX 428
York Island, see New York City
York River, Va., VII 19n
Yorkshire, England, I 377, IX 86n; migration of textile workers from, XI 243
Yorktown, N.Y., II 80n
Yorktown, Pa., see York, Pa.
Yorktown, Va.: in American Revolution, (after Battle of) III 457, (before Battle of) I 323, Battle of, I 191, II 658n, 675, 677–83, III 83n, 97n, 128n, 145n, 191, 199n, 461, 575n, V 201, 220, XXI 77, Cornwallis’ role in, XXVI 420–22, 422n, Hamilton’s battalion in, arms, accoutrements, and ammunition for, XXVI 419, clothing for, XXVI 414–16, members of, XXVI 416–18, Hamilton’s role in, XXVI 30–31, 101, 326; port of entry, collector of customs at, pay, XI 237 (see also Archer, Abraham, and Reynolds, William), customs accounts, XIII 38–39, 572, 573, 577, XV 478–79, 482–83, 486–87, inspector of the revenue for the port of, see Archer, Abraham, and Reynolds, William
Yorktown Manor, East Greenwich, R.I.: Lafayette at (American Revolution), I 541, 543n
Yoshpe, H. B.: The Disposition of Loyalist Estates in the Southern District of the State of New York, XX 59n, XXVI 782n
Young, Alfred F.: The Democratic Republicans of New York: The Origins, 1763–1797, XX 35n, 36n
Young, Arthur: English advocate and publicist of scientific farming, III 569, IX 490–91n; Annals of Agriculture, IX 377n, XII 550, 551n; on English agriculture, IX 376, XII 550; and Hamilton’s “Report on Manufactures,” IX 37n
Young, Charles: Army contractor, XI 205, 407n, payments to, XIII 565, 566, 569, XV 520, XVII 521
Young, Ebenezer: Army (American Revolution), Hamilton’s battalion, XXVI 418
Young, James: wagonmaster general, Pa. (American Revolution), I 435n
Young, Sir John: and exploration and settlement of N. A., III 711
Young, John: excise opposition, XVII 30n
Young, Joseph: British Army (American Revolution), prisoner, II 205n
Young, Notley: and Hamilton’s dispute with John F. Mercer, XII 575n, XIII 515n
Young, Samuel: presents claim of William Lewiss, XII 619
Young, William: and sale of certificates, VIII 150n
Young, William: partner of George Dannaker and Army contractor, X 528, XII 608, XVII 525, payments to, XIII 241–42, 276, 314–15, 372, XIV 8, 154, XV 521, XVII 520, XXVI 689, quality of supplies furnished, XV 436, XVI 113n, 365n, XVII 129n
Young, William: Philadelphia stationer and printer, Hamilton’s account with, XVI 564
Young, William, Jr.: Additional Army candidate (Conn.), XXII 279
Youngs, Isaac: and Hamilton’s law practice, III 39
Youngs, Samuel: Additional Army candidate (N.Y.), XXII 104, 108
Yrujo, Carlos Martinez, marqués de Casa: Spanish minister to U.S., XX 308, 309n, and U.S. consular representation at New Orleans, XXIV 305n, and U.S. crisis with France (1798), XXI 345
Yuiville, George, and Company: and customs regulations, XIII 160n
“Y.Z.”: pseudonym used by author in dispute over Illuminati, XXV 21–22
Yznardi, Joseph M.: U.S. consul at Cadiz, on French seizure of neutral vessels, XX 492, and William Tatham’s activities in Spain, XX 154n, 156, 157n
“Z,” see also Hauteval, Lucien
“Z”: author of letter in newspaper on Jay Treaty, XIX 114n
Zacharie, Stephen: Baltimore, Md., merchant and member of firm of Zacharie, Coopman, and Company, XIII 212n, XVI 101n, and customs regulations, VII 391, VIII 302, X 560–61
Zacharie, Coopman, and Company: Baltimore, Md., merchant firm consisting of Stephen Zacharie, a naturalized American, and Francis Coopman, a Frenchman in occasional partnership with John Baptist Vochez, a Frenchman, VII 391n, VIII 303n; and bills drawn on France, XIII 211–12, XVI 378n; and customs regulations, X 560, XI 524, XVI 100, 505, 532, XVII 461–62; nature of firm’s business, XVI 101n
Zahniser, Marvin R.: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Founding Father, XXIV 452n
Zaleucus, I 405
Zane, Isaac: Va. agent for accommodation of British prisoners of war, XI 301, XVI 77; owner of Va. iron works, and cannon for U.S., XVI 540, 565, XXVI 848
Zante: Venetian island, and wars of French Revolution, XXI 204n, XXII 376, 377n
Zealand (Sjaelland), Denmark, IV 394
Zenobia (ship): and Hamilton’s law practice, XXV 434
Zieber, Philip: Army contractor, XI 174, payment to, XV 521
Ziegler, David: commander, Fort Washington, Northwest Territory, XI 362
Zinzendorf, Ludwig Philipp, graf von: Austrian chancellor (1727), XX 423n
Zook, George F.: “Proposals for New Commercial Treaty Between France and the United States, 1778–1793,” XIII 403n, 404n
Zorndorf, Battle of (Third Silesian or Seven Years’ War), XXIV 98n
Zoroaster (Spitama Zarathustra), I 405
Zuell, —— (Mr.): potash manufacturer, Suffield, Conn., IX 345