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A Note on This Version of DMDE

The American Founding Era version of DMDE

The Dolley Madison Digital Edition, the first completed publication from Rotunda, was conceived of and implemented as a fully born-digital edition, based on underlying XML transcriptions that captured a rich set of information about people, places, and topics. Neither the data conventions nor the user interface are fullly compatible with those of the American Founding Era platform, which was necessarily designed to handle converted letterpress editions whose underlying data was captured in a more homogeneous way.

The version of the DMDE contained in this American Founding Era framework contains only the document transcriptions; neither the sidebar annotations linking to identifications of people and places, nor the customized search, are available in this version. Readers are encouraged to consult the standalone edition for a richer reading experience. (Look for a link at the bottom of each document leading to the identical document in the standalone edition.)

Rotunda staff