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From Adam Stephen, 4 October 1755 [Colonial Series 2:75]+


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– at Johns Creek [1 reference]

– at Loyalhanna [2 references]

– at mouth of Patterson Creek [2 references]

– at Wills Creek [1 reference]

– at Winchester [1 reference]

– chain of [31 references]

– construction of [29 references]

– construction of chain of [2 references]

– Fort Harmar [1 reference]

– fortified houses [1 reference]

– Fort Knox [3 references]

– Fort Washington [2 references]

– GW on chain of [1 reference]

– GW's opinion on chain of [1 reference]

– GW's proposal for fort on Virginia side of Potomac [7 references]

– in Augusta County [1 reference]

– in Catawba Valley [1 reference]

– in Cherokee country [2 references]

– in Halifax County [1 reference]

– in Halifax harbor [1 reference]

– in Halifax (Nova Scotia) harbor [1 reference]

– in Maryland [6 references]

– in New York [3 references]

– in North Carolina [1 reference]

– in Pennsylvania [14 references]

– money for construction of [1 reference]

– Muscle Shoals [2 references]

– of rangers [2 references]

– on Blackwater River [2 references]

– on Bullpasture River [1 reference]

– on Cacapon River [2 references]

– on Carvin Creek [1 reference]

– on Catawba River [2 references]

– on Cedar Creek [1 reference]

– on Craig Creek [2 references]

– on Jackson River [3 references]

– on Little Cacapon River [3 references]

– on Mayo River [2 references]

– on Ohio River [3 references]

– on Patterson Creek [7 references]

– on Potomac River [3 references]

– on Rentfroe Creek [1 reference]

– on Roanoke River [2 references]

– on Shenandoah River [1 reference]

– on Smith River [2 references]

– on South Branch [11 references]

– on South Branch of Potomac River [13 references]

– on Tonoloway Creek [1 reference]

– on Wagon Road [1 reference]

– plans of [12 references]

– proposal for a chain of [3 references]

– Steuben [2 references]

– to be retained [1 reference]

– Virginia fort in Cherokee country [2 references]

See Also

See also Ashby's fort (Va.)

See also Bell's fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Bigham (Bingham's) fort (Pa.)

See also Breckenridge's fort (Va.)

See also Buttermilk fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Carlisle (Pa.)

See also Cherokee fort (Va. fort in Cherokee Country)

See also Christian's (Christy's) fort (Va.)

See also Cloyd's fort

See also Cocks's fort (Va.; now W.Va)

See also Craig Creek fort (Johns Creek fort)

See also Cresap's fort (Md.)

See also Cunningham's fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Dickinson's [matches multiple entries]

See also Dickinson's fort (Cowpasture River, Va.)

See also Dickinson's fort (Fort Young; Jackson River, Va.)

See also Edwards's fort (Va.)

See also Enoch's fort (Va.)

See also Fry's fort (Va.)

See also Harness's fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Harris's fort (Mayo River fort; Va.)

See also Horner's (Homer's) fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Kuykendal's (Kirkendal's) fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Mendenhal's fort

See also Miller's fort (Va.)

See also Neally's fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Newkirk's Fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Patterson's fort (Mass.)

See also Patterson's fort (Frederick County, Va.)

See also Patterson's fort (Pa.)

See also Pearis's fort (Va.)

See also Pearsal's fort (McKenzie's fort; Fort Pearsal; Va., now W.Va.)

See also Pomfret Castle (Patterson's fort; Pa.)

See also Sleepy Creek (W.Va.): fort at

See also Stephens's fort (Fort Stephens; Va.)

See also Stoddert's fort (Md.)

See also Terry's fort (Blackwater River fort; Va.)

See also Town Fort

See also Trout Rock (W.Va.): fort at

See also Upper Tract fort (Va., now W.Va.)

See also Vause's fort (Fort Lyttelton; Va.)

See also Waggener's Lower Fort (Fort Pleasant; Van Meter's fort; Va., now W.Va.)

See also Waggener's Upper Fort (Fort Defiance; W.Va.)

See also Wood's fort (Va.)