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From Adam Stephen, 4 October 1755 [Colonial Series 2:75]+


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– at Johns Creek [1 reference]

– at Loyalhanna [2 references]

– at mouth of Patterson Creek [2 references]

– at Wills Creek [1 reference]

– at Winchester [1 reference]

– chain of [31 references]

– construction of [29 references]

– construction of chain of [2 references]

– Fort Harmar [1 reference]

– fortified houses [1 reference]

– Fort Knox [3 references]

– Fort Washington [2 references]

– GW on chain of [1 reference]

– GW's opinion on chain of [1 reference]

– GW's proposal for fort on Virginia side of Potomac [7 references]

– in Augusta County [1 reference]

– in Catawba Valley [1 reference]

– in Cherokee country [2 references]

– in Halifax County [1 reference]

– in Halifax harbor [1 reference]

– in Halifax (Nova Scotia) harbor [1 reference]

– in Maryland [6 references]

– in New York [3 references]

– in North Carolina [1 reference]

– in Pennsylvania [14 references]

– money for construction of [1 reference]

– Muscle Shoals [2 references]

– of rangers [2 references]

– on Blackwater River [2 references]

– on Bullpasture River [1 reference]

– on Cacapon River [2 references]

– on Carvin Creek [1 reference]

– on Catawba River [2 references]

– on Cedar Creek [1 reference]

– on Craig Creek [2 references]

– on Jackson River [3 references]

– on Little Cacapon River [3 references]

– on Mayo River [2 references]

– on Ohio River [3 references]

– on Patterson Creek [7 references]

– on Potomac River [3 references]

– on Rentfroe Creek [1 reference]

– on Roanoke River [2 references]

– on Shenandoah River [1 reference]

– on Smith River [2 references]

– on South Branch [11 references]

– on South Branch of Potomac River [13 references]

– on Tonoloway Creek [1 reference]

– on Wagon Road [1 reference]

– plans of [12 references]

– proposal for a chain of [3 references]

– Steuben [2 references]

– to be retained [1 reference]

– Virginia fort in Cherokee country [2 references]

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