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Colonial Series (7 July 1748–15 June 1775) | Volume 1 (7 July 1748–14 August 1755) | Documents

School ExercisesDeed for Ferry Farm Land, 7 July 1748To Lawrence Washington, 5 May 1749George Washington's Professional SurveysTo Ann Fairfax Washington, September–November 1749To Thomas, Lord Fairfax, October–November 1749To Robin, 1749–1750GW to ——, 1749–1750To John, 1749–1750To Sally, 1749–1750To Richard, 1749–1750Memorandum, 1749–1750Memorandum, 1749–1750Memorandum, 1749–1750Memorandum, 1749–1750Poetry, 1749–1750Poetry, 1749–1750Land Grant, from Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 20 October 1750Court Case, 3 December 1751To William Fauntleroy, 20 May 1752To Robert Dinwiddie, 10 June 1752Release from Lawrence Washington, 17 June 1752From George Mason, 29 July 1752Commission as adjutant for southern district, 13 December 1752 [letter not found]From Robert Jackson, 1752To William Nelson, 12 February 1753 [letter not found]From William Nelson, 22 February 1753Commission from Robert Dinwiddie, 30 October 1753Instructions from Robert Dinwiddie, 30 October 1753Passport from Robert Dinwiddie, 30 October 1753From Robert Dinwiddie, January 1754From William Trent, 19 February 1754 [letter not found]From Christopher Gist, 23 February 1754 [letter not found]To Richard Corbin, February–March 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 3 March 1754 [letter not found]To Robert Dinwiddie, 7 March 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 9 March 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 15 March 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 20 March 1754To Adam Stephen, 22 March 1754To Daniel Campbell, 31 March 1754 [letter not found]To Thomas Cresap, 18 April 1754To James Hamilton, 24 April 1754To Horatio Sharpe, 24 April 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 25 April 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 4 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 9 May 1754To Sarah Carlyle, 15 May 1754 [letter not found]To Robert Dinwiddie, 18 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 18 May 1754To Joshua Fry, 23 May 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 25 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 27 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 29 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 29 May 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 29 May 1754To Joshua Fry, 29 May 1754To John Augustine Washington, 31 May 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 1 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 1 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 2 June 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 3 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 4 June 1754From Charles Carter, 5 June 1754To John Carlyle, 6 June 1754 [letter not found]To Robert Dinwiddie, 10 June 1754From John Carlyle, 17 June 1754From Sarah Carlyle, 17 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 18 June 1754From Bryan Fairfax, 24 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 25 June 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 27 June 1754From Daniel Campbell, 28 June 1754From John Carlyle, 28 June 1754Minutes of a Council of War, 28 June 1754The Capitulation of Fort Necessity, 3 July 1754From William Fairfax, 5 July 1754James Innes to GW or James Mackay, 5 July 1754From William Fairfax, 10 July 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 28 July 1754 [letter not found]Notes on the Navigation of the Potomac River above the Great Falls, July–August 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 1 August 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 3 August 1754To James Innes, 8 August 1754 [letter not found]To William Fairfax, 11 August 1754From James Innes, 11 August 1754To James Innes, 12 August 1754To James Mackay, 15 August 1754 [letter not found]To Robert Dinwiddie, 20 August 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, 21 August 1754From James Mackay, 27 August 1754From John Ridout, 27 August 1754Advertisement, 28 August 1754To Charles Carter, August 1754To Robert Dinwiddie, August 1754From Allan Macrae, 3 September 1754To James Innes, 4 September 1754 [letter not found]From William Fairfax, 5 September 1754From William La Péronie, 5 September 1754From James Innes, 8 September 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 11 September 1754From John Robinson, 15 September 1754From Horatio Sharpe, 20 September 1754To James Innes, 22 September 1754 [letter not found]From James Innes, 27 September 1754From James Mackay, 28 September 1754From Horatio Sharpe, 1 October 1754From John Ridout, 14 October 1754Invoice, 23 October 1754To John Robinson, 23 October 1754To John Robinson and the House of Burgesses, October 1754Account with the Colony of Virginia, October 1754From William Fitzhugh, 4 November 1754To William Fitzhugh, 15 November 1754Division of Slaves, 10 December 1754Lease of Mount Vernon, 17 December 1754From Robert Dinwiddie, 20 December 1754From Adam Stephen, January–February 1755The Letter Book for the Braddock CampaignFrom Robert Orme, 2 March 1755To Robert Orme, 15 March 1755To Robert Orme, 2 April 1755From Robert Orme, 3 April 1755To William Byrd, 20 April 1755To Carter Burwell, 20 April 1755To John Robinson, 20 April 1755To William Fairfax, 23 April 1755To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 30 April 1755To William Fairfax, 5 May 1755To Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 6 May 1755To John Augustine Washington, 6 May 1755To Mary Ball Washington, 6 May 1755From Allan Macrae, 13 May 1755To Augustine Washington, 14 May 1755To John Carlyle, 14 May 1755To Sarah Fairfax Carlyle, 14 May 1755To John Augustine Washington, 14 May 1755To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 14 May 1755From Edward Braddock, 15 May 1755Memorandum, 15–30 May 1755To John Hunter, 16 May 1755To James Balfour, 16 May 1755To Robert Orme, 22 May 1755To Robert Orme, 23 May 1755From Samuel Washington, 27 May 1755 [letter not found]To John Augustine Washington, 28 May 1755Memorandum, 30 May–11 June 1755To William Fairfax, 7 June 1755To George William Fairfax, 7 June 1755To Mary Ball Washington, 7 June 1755To John Carlyle, 7 June 1755To Sarah Fairfax Carlyle, 7 June 1755To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 7 June 1755To John Augustine Washington, 7 June 1755From John Augustine Washington, 8 June 1755 [letter not found]To John Augustine Washington, 14 June 1755To Samuel Washington, 14 June 1755From Roger Morris, 23 June 1755From William Fairfax, 28 June 1755To John Augustine Washington, 28 June–2 July 1755To Robert Orme, 30 June 1755From Roger Morris, June 1755To James Innes, 2 July 1755Memorandum, 8–9 July 1755From Anthony Strother, 9 July 1755To James Innes, 17 July 1755To Mary Ball Washington, 18 July 1755To Robert Dinwiddie, 18 July 1755To John Augustine Washington, 18 July 1755From Robert Dinwiddie, 26 July 1755From William Fairfax, 26 July 1755From Sarah Cary Fairfax, Ann Spearing, and Elizabeth Dent, 26 July 1755To Robert Orme, 28 July 1755To Benjamin Grymes, 31 July 1755To Robert Jackson, 2 August 1755To Augustine Washington, 2 August 1755To the County Lieutenants, 2 August 1755Memorandum, 2 August 1755To Colin Campbell, 2 August 1755From Philip Ludwell, 8 August 1755From Charles Lewis, 9 August 1755From Warner Lewis, 9 August 1755To Mary Ball Washington, 14 August 1755To Warner Lewis, 14 August 1755To Charles Lewis, 14 August 1755