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Colonial Series (7 July 1748–15 June 1775) | Volume 6 (4 September 1758–26 December 1760) | Documents

From Henry Bouquet, 4 September 1758From Charles Smith, 7 September 1758To Presley Thornton, 8 September 1758 [letter not found]To Hugh Mercer, 9 September 1758From Adam Stephen, 9 September 1758From Richard Washington, 9 September 1758 [letter not found]From John David Wilper, 9 September 1758From Hugh Mercer, 10 September 1758To John Kirkpatrick, 11 September 1758 [letter not found]From Joseph Chew, 11 September 1758From Hugh Mercer, 11 September 1758To George William Fairfax, 12 September 1758 [letter not found]To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 12 September 1758To John Forbes, 12 September 1758To Charles Smith, 12 September 1758 [letter not found]From William Ramsay, 12 September 1758From Adam Stephen, 13 September 1758From John Kirkpatrick, 14 September 1758From Adam Stephen, 14 September 1758From Bryan Fairfax, 15 September 1758From George William Fairfax, 15 September 1758From Hugh Mercer, 15 September 1758From Francis Fauquier, 16–29 September 1758From John Forbes, 16 September 1758From Charles Smith, 18 September 1758Orderly BookOrderly Book, 21 September 1758Orderly Book, 22 September 1758Orderly Book, 23 September 1758Orderly Book, 24 September 1758Orderly Book, 25 September 1758To George William Fairfax, 25 September 1758To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 25 September 1758To Francis Fauquier [document with enclosures]Orderly Book, 26 September 1758From Presley Thornton, 26 September 1758Orderly Book, 27 September 1758Orderly Book, 28 September 1758To Francis Fauquier, 28 September 1758Orderly Book, 29 September 1758Orderly Book, 30 September 1758Orderly Book, 1 October 1758Orderly Book, 2 October 1758Orderly Book, 3 October 1758Orderly Book, 4 October 1758Orderly Book, 5 October 1758Orderly Book, 6 October 1758Court-Martial Commission from John Forbes, 6 October 1758Orderly Book, 7 October 1758From Francis Fauquier, 7 October 1758 [letter not found]From Francis Fauquier, 7 October 1758Orderly Book, 8 October 1758To John Forbes, 8 October 1758Orderly Book, 9 October 1758Orderly Book, 10 October 1758Orderly Book, 11 October 1758From Joseph Chew, 11 October 1758Orderly Book, 12 October 1758From Charles Smith, 12 October 1758Orderly Book, 13 October 1758Orderly Book, 14 October 1758Orderly Book, 15 October 1758Orderly Book, 16 October 1758To Robert Stewart, 16 October 1758 [letter not found]Orderly Book, 17 October 1758From William Ramsay, 17–19 October 1758From Robert Stewart, 17 October 1758Orderly Book, 18 October 1758Orderly Book, 19 October 1758Orderly Book, 20 October 1758Orderly Book, 21 October 1758To Robert Stewart, 21 October 1758 [letter not found]Orderly Book, 22 October 1758From John Hall, 22 October 1758From Robert Stewart, 22 October 1758Orderly Book, 23 October 1758Orderly Book, 24 October 1758From Robert Stewart, 24 October 1758Orderly Book, 25 October 1758From Robert Stewart, 25 October 1758Orderly Book, 26 October 1758Orderly Book, 27 October 1758Orderly Book, 28 October 1758Orderly Book, 29 October 1758Orderly Book, 30 October 1758To Francis Fauquier, 30 October 1758To Charles Smith, 30 October 1758 [letter not found]Orderly Book, 31 October 1758From Andrew Lewis, 31 October 1758Orderly Book, 1 November 1758From Henry Bouquet, 1 November 1758Orderly Book, 2 November 1758Orderly Book, 3 November 1758Orderly Book, 4 November 1758From Francis Fauquier, 4 November 1758Orderly Book, 5 November 1758To Francis Fauquier, 5 November 1758To Charles Smith, 5 November 1758 [letter not found]Orderly Book, 6 November 1758To Henry Bouquet, 6 November 1758Orderly Book, 7 November 1758Orderly Book, 8 November 1758Orderly Book, 9 November 1758Orderly Book, 10 November 1758Orderly Book, 11 November 1758Orderly Book, 12 November 1758Orderly Book, 13 November 1758From John Robinson, 13 November 1758Orderly Book, 14 November 1758Orderly Book, 15 November 1758To John Forbes, 15 November 1758To John Forbes, 16 November 1758Orderly Book, 16 November 1758From Henry Bouquet, 16 November 1758From Charles Smith, 16 November 1758To John Forbes, 17 November 1758To Henry Bouquet, 17 November 1758Orderly Book, 17 November 1758To John Forbes, 17 November 1758To Archibald Montgomery, 17 November 1758 [letter not found]Orderly Book, 18 November 1758From John Forbes, 18 November 1758 [letter not found]To John Forbes, 18 November 1758Orderly Book, 19 November 1758From John Forbes, 19–20 November 1758Orderly Book, 20 November 1758Orderly Book, 21 November 1758From Francis Halkett, 21 November 1758Orderly Book, 22 November 1758From Francis Fauquier, 22 November 1758Orderly Book, 23 November 1758Orderly Book, 24 November 1758To Francis Fauquier, 28 November 1758To Henry Bouquet, 29 November 1758To Francis Fauquier, 2 December 1758From Charles Smith, 2 December 1758From Francis Fauquier, 3 December 1758 [letter not found]To Francis Fauquier, 9 December 1758From Christopher Hardwick, 12 December 1758From Robert Stewart, 12 December 1758To Robert Stewart, 18 December 1758 [letter not found]From James Craik, 20 December 1758From Robert Stewart, 20 December 1758From James Craik, 29 December 1758From Robert Stewart, 29 December 1758From Robert Stewart, 31 December 1758Address from the Officers of the Virginia Regiment, 31 December 1758Cash Accounts, December 1758Memorandum, 1758–1759Cash Accounts, January 1759To John Forbes, 1 January 1759To the Officers of the Virginia Regiment, 10 January 1759From Robert Stewart, 16 January 1759Cash Accounts, February 1759From Francis Fauquier, 7 February 1759Resolution of the House of Burgesses, 26 February 1759Cash Accounts, March 1759From John Kirkpatrick, 19 March 1759Invoice from Richard Washington, 20 March 1759From Richard Washington, 26 March 1759 [letter not found]From La Force, March 1759Cash Accounts, April 1759To John Alton, 5 April 1759Settlement of the Daniel Parke Custis Estate
Editorial NoteI. Queries to John Mercer, 20 April 1759II. John Mercer's Answers, c.20–26 April 1759III. Report of the Commissioners to Settle the Estate, c.October 1759III-A. Schedule A: Assignment of the Widow's Dower, c.October 1759III-A-1. Combined County Inventory of Slaves and Personal Property in the Estate, 1757–58III-A-2. Account of Items in the Estate Used by Martha Custis, 1759III-A-3. Account of Items in the Estate Sold, 1759III-A-4. Account of Items Used before the Division of the Estate, 1759III-A–5. Table of Disposition of Goods in the Estate, 1759III-A–6. Auditor's Account of Lands and Acreage in the Estate, 1759III-A–7. Account of Rents in the Estate, 1759III-A–8. Account of British Goods Charged to the Three Heirs, 1759III-B. Schedule B: General Account of the Estate, c.October 1759III-C-1. Schedule C: Account of Martha Washington's Share of the Estate, c.October 1759III-C-2. Schedule C: Account of John Parke Custis's Share of the Estate, c.October 1759III-C-3. Schedule C: Account of Martha Parke Custis's Share of the Estate, c.October 1759IV. Report of the Estate Commissioners, 5 November 1761IV-A. General Account of the Estate, c. November 1761IV-B. John Parke Custis's Estate Account, c. November 1761IV-C. Martha Parke Custis's Estate Account, c.November 1761IV-D. Custis Estate Account in Ledger A, August 1759–October 1760Appendix A. Account of Items Reserved for the Estate, 1759Appendix B. Account of Sale in Williamsburg for the Estate, 25 October 1759Appendix C. List of Artisans and Household Slaves in the Estate, c.1759Appendix D. Inventory of the Books in the Estate, c.1759Appendix E. Consolidated Inventory of Personal Property in the Estate, c.1761Appendix F. List of Dower Slaves, 1760–61
Cash Accounts, May 1759To Robert Cary & CompanyTo Richard Washington, 7 May 1759From James Biggs, 10 May 1759Cash Accounts, June 1759To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 12 June 1759To James Gildart, 12 June 1759To Robert Cary & CompanyCash Accounts, July 1759To Robert Cary & Company, 2 July 1759To Robert Stewart, 30 July 1759 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, August 1759From Robert Cary & Co., 6 August 1759 [letter not found]Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 6 August 1759To Henry Churchill, 9 August 1759To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 26 August 1759Cash Accounts, September 1759Indenture with John Askew, 1 September 1759From Robert Stewart, 5 September 1759 [letter not found]To John Graham, 10 September 1759 [letter not found]From John Graham, 14 September 1759From George Mercer, 16 September 1759To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 20 September 1759To James Gildart, 20 September 1759To Robert Cary & CompanyTo Richard Washington, 20 September 1759From Robert Stewart, 28 September 1759Cash Accounts, October 1759From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 1 October 1759From Sampson Darrell, 9 October 1759Subscription for Maurice Pound, October 1759Cash Accounts, November 1759Report to the House of Burgesses, 10 November 1759Report to the House of Burgesses, 14 November 1759From Richard Washington, 22 November 1759 [letter not found]To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 November 1759To Robert Cary & Company, 25 November 1759To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 30 November 1759To John Didsbury, 30 November 1759To Robert Cary & Company, 30 November 1759Cash Accounts, December 1759From Richard Washington, 12 December 1759 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, January 1760From Andrew Burnaby, 4 January 1760From John Carlyle, 8 January 1760From George Johnston, 8 January 1760From Robert Stewart, 25 January 1760Cash Accounts, February 1760From George Mercer, 17 February 1760To Robert Stewart, 20 February 1760 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, March 1760From Robert Stewart, 8 March 1760Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 15 March 1760From Richard Washington, 26 March 1760 [letter not found]From Hill, Lamar & Hill, 28 March 1760Cash Accounts, April 1760To Benjamin Waller, 2 April 1760From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 4 April 1760From Robert Stewart, 14 April 1760To Robert Cary & Company, 28 April 1760From Augustine Washington, April 1760Cash Accounts, May 1760From Robert Stewart, 14 May 1760From Christopher Hardwick, 18 May 1760From Anthony Strother, 18 May 1760To Robert Carter Nicholas and George Wythe, 21 May 1760 [letter not found]From Robert Carter Nicholas and George Wythe, 27 May 1760From Joseph Valentine, 27 May 1760From Joseph Valentine, 28 May 1760From Robert Cary & Co., 31 May 1760 [letter not found]Memorandum List of Quitrents, May 1760Memorandum List of Tithables, May 1760Memorandum List of Taxable Land and Property, May 1760Cash Accounts, June 1760From Robert Carter Nicholas and George Wythe, 3 June 1760 [letter not found]From Robert Stewart, 3 June 1760From William Digges, 4 June 1760From John Robinson, 8 June 1760From Thomas Moore, 9 June 1760From John Mercer, 16 June 1760To Robert Cary & Company, 20 June 1760To Thomas Hanson Marshall, 20 June 1760 [letter not found]From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 21 June 1760From Andrew Burnaby, 23 June 1760From Robert Cary & Co., 27 June 1760 [letter not found]From John Carlyle, 28 June 1760 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, July 1760To Joseph Valentine, 24 July 1760 [letter not found]To Farell & Jones, 30 July 1760To Thomas Knox, 30 July 1760Cash Accounts, August 1760From Christopher Hardwick, 1 August 1760From Joseph Valentine, 9 August 1760To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 10 August 1760To Robert Cary & CompanyTo Richard Washington, 10 August 1760From Robert McKenzie, 12 August 1760From George Mason, 27 August 1760Cash Accounts, September 1760From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 15 September 1760 [letter not found]To Charles Lawrence, 28 September 1760To Robert Cary & CompanyCash Accounts, October 1760From Robert Stewart, 2 October 1760To Robert Cary & Company, 8 October 1760From Richard Washington, 16 October 1760 [letter not found]To Robert Cary & Company, 24 October 1760Cash Accounts, November 1760To Farell & Jones, 5 November 1760To Robert Cary & Company, 5 November 1760From James Gildart, 9 November 1760 [letter not found]From Joseph Stephens, 15 November 1760From John BallendineTo Robert McKenzie, 20 November 1760Cash Accounts, December 1760To George William Fairfax, 2 December 1760 [letter not found]From Robert Cary & Co., 12 December 1760 [letter not found]From Robert Cary & Co., 26 December 1760 [letter not found]