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Colonial Series (7 July 1748–15 June 1775) | Volume 8 (24 June 1767–25 December 1771) | Documents

To John Posey, 24 June 1767Cash Accounts, July 1767From Hugh Stephenson, 1 July 1767From James Gildart, 16 July 1767To John Didsbury, 20 July 1767To Charles Lawrence, 20 July 1767To Robert Cary & Company [document with enclosures]To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 July 1767Cash Accounts, August 1767From Capel & Osgood Hanbury to John Parke Custis, 4 August 1767To Lund Washington, 9 August 1767 [letter not found]From Lund Washington, 17 August 1767From Lund Washington, 22 August 1767To Lund Washington, 27 August 1767 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, September 1767From Lund Washington, 5 September 1767To William Crawford, 13 September 1767 [letter not found]From William Neale, 15 September 1767From John Posey, 16 September 1767 [letter not found]To William Crawford, 17 September 1767To John Armstrong, 21 September 1767From John Posey, 24 September 1767 [letter not found]To John Posey, 24 September 1767From William Crawford, 29 September 1767Cash Accounts, October 1767To William Neale, 19 October 1767From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 20 October 1767Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 29 October 1767Cash Accounts, November 1767From John Armstrong, 3 November–20 December 1767To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 3 November 1767To Robert Cary & Company, 4 November 1767From Richard Starke, 22 November 1767 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, December 1767From Capel and Osgood Hanbury, 10 December 1767To Richard Starke, 14 December 1767Mississippi Land Company Minutes of Meeting, 16 December 1767From Robert Cary & Co., 22 December 1767 [letter not found]To John West, Jr., December 1767Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1767Cash Accounts, January 1768Cash Accounts, February 1768From Robert Cary & Co., 1 February 1768 [letter not found]To Scott, Pringle, Cheap, & Company, 23 February 1768To James Gildart, 25 February 1768To Gabriel Jones, 25 February 1768 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, March 1768Advertisement, 10 March 1768To Robert Cary & Company, 10 March 1768To Stewart & Campbell, 10 March 1768From Robert Stewart, 10 March 1768From Robert Cary & Co., 12 March 1768 [letter not found]From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 17 March 1768From Gabriel Jones, 25 March 1768Cash Accounts, April 1768From George Mason, 9 April 1768 [letter not found]From James Gildart, 12 April 1768From Thomas Moore, 30 April 1768Cash Accounts, May 1768From Gabriel Jones, 3 May 1768To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 5 May 1768To Robert Cary & Company, 5 May 1768From Thomas Moore, 12 May 1768To John Blair, 17 May 1768From Joseph Valentine, 17 May 1768To Jonathan Boucher, 30 May 1768Cash Accounts, June 1768To Laughlin Macleane, 6 June 1768To Robert Cary & Company, 6 June 1768From Jonathan Boucher, 13 June 1768From Jonathan Boucher, 16 June 1768To John Didsbury, 20 June 1768To Charles Lawrence, 20 June 1768To Robert Cary & Company [document with enclosures]From Capel & Osgood Hanbury [document with enclosures]Memorandum List of Tithables and Taxable Property, 20 June 1768To Joseph Valentine, 20 June 1768 [letter not found]To James Gildart, 25 June 1768From Joseph Valentine, 25 June 1768To Margaret Savage, 28 June 1768To William Savage, 28 June 1768Cash Accounts, July 1768From William Savage, 3 July 1768To Margaret Savage, 4 July 1768To Robert Cary & Company, 7 July 1768From Joseph Valentine, 8 July 1768From Jonathan Boucher, 15 July 1768From Bryan Fairfax, 20 July 1768To Bryan Fairfax, 20 July 1768 [letter not found]From Joseph Valentine, 23 July 1768To Bryan Fairfax, 25 July 1768 [letter not found]From Bryan Fairfax, 30 July 1768To Jonathan Boucher, 31 July 1768Cash Accounts, August 1768From Jonathan Boucher, 2 August 1768To Robert Stewart, 5 August 1768 [letter not found]From Robert Cary & Co., 12 August 1768 [letter not found]From Joseph Valentine, 13 August 1768To Jonathan Boucher, 19 August 1768Cash Accounts, September 1768To Jonathan Boucher, 4 September 1768From Jonathan Boucher, 5 September 1768From Joseph Valentine, 10 September 1768Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 28 September 1768Cash Accounts, October 1768From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 11 October 1768To Jonathan Boucher, 20 October 1768From James Gildart, 31 October 1768Cash Accounts, November 1768To Robert Stewart, 1 November 1768 [letter not found]To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 4 November 1768To William Crawford, 13 November 1768 [letter not found]From Joseph Valentine, 23 November 1768Cash Accounts, December 1768Fairfax County Poll Sheet, 1 December 1768Mississippi Land Company's Petition to the King, December 1768Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1768Spinning and Weaving Records, 1768Cash Accounts, January 1769From William Crawford, 7 January 1769From Jonathan Boucher, 11 January 1769To Robert Cary & Company, 12 January 1769From Robert Stewart, 25 January 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 26 January 1769From John Posey, 28 January 1769To William Ramsay, 29 January 1769Cash Accounts, February 1769Cash Accounts, March 1769From Robert Cary & Co., 1 March 1769 [letter not found]Lease to Francis Ballinger, 17 March 1769Cash Accounts, April 1769To George Mason, 5 April 1769From George Mason, 5 April 1769From Jonathan Boucher, 17 April 1769 [letter not found]To Jonathan Boucher, 24 April 1769From John West, Jr., 26 April 1769From George Mason, 28 April 1769From Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 30 April 1769Cash Accounts, May 1769From William Peareth, 1 May 1769 [letter not found]Petition to the General Court, 4 May 1769Guardian Accounts, 5 May 1769From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 20 May 1769To James Tilghman, 25 May 1769Cash Accounts, June 1769To Charles West, 6 June 1769To John Posey, 11 June 1769From Samuel Gist, 17 June 1769To Burwell Bassett, 18 June 1769From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 18 June 1769Memorandum List of Tithables, 20 June 1769Cash Accounts, July 1769From Edmund Pendleton, 3 July 1769From Joseph Valentine, 8 July 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 13 July 1769From Jonathan Boucher, 20 July 1769To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 July 1769To Robert Cary & Company [document with enclosures]From John Posey, 25 July 1769 [letter not found]From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 26 July 1769To John Posey, 26 July 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 27 July 1769Cash Accounts, 31 July–17 September 1769To John Armstrong, 18 August 1769To John Armstrong, 24 August 1769Cash Accounts, September 1769From Fielding Lewis, Jr., 13 September 1769From Fielding Lewis, 16 September 1769Minutes of Truro Parish Vestry, 21 September 1769To Lawrence Sanford, 26 September 1769Cash Accounts, October 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 3 October 1769To William Ellzey, 3 October 1769From Thomas Montgomerie, 5 October 1769To Robert Hanson Harrison, 7 October 1769To Hector Ross, 9 October 1769From William Crawford, 13 October 1769Deed to James Mercer, 13 October 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 14 October 1769From George Mason, 14 October 1769From Bryan Fairfax, 15 October 1769From George Mason, 17 October 1769From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 25 October 1769Cash Accounts, November 1769Cash Accounts, December 1769To Jonathan Boucher, 4 December 1769From Daniel McCarty, 6 December 1769To Botetourt, 8 December 1769Petition to Botetourt, 15 December 1769Advertisement, 16 December 1769From Josiah Johnson, 20 December 1769To Andrew Lewis, 20 December 1769 [letter not found]From James Horrocks, 21 December 1769From James Horrocks, 1769Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1769John Semple's Proposal for Potomac Navigation, 1769Cash Accounts, January 1770From John Semple, 8 January 1770From William Lee, 19 January 1770Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 23 January 1770From John Armstrong, 24 January 1770 [letter not found]From De Berdt, Lee, & Sayre, 27 January 1770To Charles Washington, 31 January 1770Cash Accounts, February 1770To Jonathan Boucher, 3–10 February 1770Cash Accounts, March 1770From Andrew Lewis, 1 March 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 3 March 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 8 March 1770To Thomas Hanson Marshall, 9 March 1770From George William Fairfax, 12 March 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 12 March 1770To Thomas Hanson Marshall, 16 March 1770Indenture with Peter Gollatt, 19 March 1770To John Armstrong, 20 March 1770From George Mercer, 28 March 1770 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, April 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 2 April 1770From Robert Hanson Harrison, 5 April 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 8 April 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 11 April 1770From Bryan Fairfax, 16 April 1770Cash Accounts, May 1770From William Crawford, 5 May 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 9 May 1770To Jonathan Boucher, 13 May 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 21 May 1770From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 21 May 1770From William Peareth, 25 May 1770To Edmund Pendleton, May 1770Cash Accounts, June 1770To Jonathan Boucher, 2–9 June 1770From Thomas Johnson, 18 June 1770From Margaret Savage, 18 June 1770 [letter not found]To Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 21 June 1770To George William Fairfax, 27 June 1770Cash Accounts, July 1770Memorandum List of Tithables, 16 July 1770To Thomas Johnson, 20 July 1770From John Carlyle, 26 July 1770 [letter not found]To Jonathan Boucher, 30 July 1770Cash Accounts, August 1770Agreement with George Muse, 3 August 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 13 August 1770 [letter not found]To Jonathan Boucher, 15 August 1770To John Carlyle, 15 August 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 18 August 1770To Robert Cary & Company [document with enclosures]From Capel & Osgood Hanbury, 30 August 1770From John Parke Custis, 30 August 1770Cash Accounts, September 1770To Burwell Bassett, 9 September 1770To Botetourt, 9 September 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 17 September 1770To William Peareth, 20 September 1770From William Grayson, 23 September 1770From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 23 September 1770To Lawrence Sanford, 29 September 1770Cash Accounts, October 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 1 October 1770To Botetourt, 5 October 1770Account of Expenditures for Trip to the Great Kanawha, 6 October–30 November 1770Agreement of Lund Washington with William Roberts, 13 October 1770Bond of John Posey, 14 October 1770From Mauduit, 31 October 1770 [letter not found]From Robert Cary & Co., 13 November 1770 [letter not found]Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 13 November 1770From Joseph Valentine, 21–23 November 1770Memorandum to William Crawford, 24 November 1770To George Croghan, 24 November 1770Cash Accounts, December 1770From William Crawford, 6 December 1770From Bryan Fairfax, 6 December 1770From Robert McMickan & Company, 7 December 1770From Margaret Savage, 10 December 1770 [letter not found]To William Carr, 12 December 1770 [letter not found]To Bryan Fairfax, 12 December 1770From John Polson, 15 December 1770 [letter not found]To Margaret Savage, 15 December 1770To Jonathan Boucher, 16 December 1770From William Carr, 17 December 1770From Jonathan Boucher, 18 December 1770Deed from Valinda Wade, 18 December 1770From George Mercer, 18 December 1770From Bryan Fairfax, 20 December 1770Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1770Crops Made on the Custis Plantations by Joseph Valentine, 1760–70, 1770Cash Accounts, January 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 2 January 1771From Bernard Moore, 12 January 1771To the Officers of the Virginia Regiment of 1754, 20 January 1771To John Posey, 20 January 1771 [letter not found]To Bernard Moore, 23 January 1771To Charles Washington, 25 January 1771Cash Accounts, February 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 3 February 1771From Thomas Bullitt, 8 February 1771From Osgood Hanbury & Company, 18 February 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 20–25 February 1771Cash Accounts, March 1771From Matthew Campbell, 5 March 1771Minutes of the Meeting of the Officers of the Virginia Regiment of 1754, 5 March 1771To William Crawford, 11 March 1771 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, April 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 4 April 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 11 April 1771From William Crawford, 15 April 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 19 April 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 20 April 1771From William Crawford, 20 April 1771From John Polson, 20 April 1771 [letter not found]A Roll of the Officers and Soldiers in the Virginia Regiment of 1754, 30 April 1771Cash Accounts, May 1771Guardian Accounts, 1 May 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 3 May 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 9 May 1771From Lund Washington, 12 May 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 19 May 1771From John Posey, 25 May 1771From Robert McMickan & Company, 29 May 1771Cash Accounts, June 1771Osgood Hanbury & Company to John Parke Custis, 1 June 1771To Neil Jamieson, 4 June 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 5 June 1771Memorandum List of Tithables, 14 June 1771From Joseph Valentine, 23 June 1771To John Polson, 24 June 1771From Robert Adam, 24 June 1771Cash Accounts, July 1771Fairfax County Associators to Peyton Randolph, 1 July 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 4 July 1771To Jonathan Boucher, 9 July 1771From Arthur Lee, 10 July 1771To James Gildart, 17 July 1771To Osgood Hanbury & Company, 17 July 1771To John Didsbury, 18 July 1771To Thomas Gibson, 18 July 1771To Mauduit, Wright, & Company, 20 July 1771To Robert Cary & Company [document with enclosures]Cash Accounts, August 1771From William Crawford, 2 August 1771From Joseph Valentine, 2 August 1771To Robert Cary & Company, 12 August 1771From George Croghan, 18 August 1771From John Parke Custis, 18 August 1771From Joseph Valentine, 24 August 1771Cash Accounts, September 1771To Margaret Savage, 5 September 1771From James Mercer, 6 September 1771From Robert Cary & Co., 12 September 1771 [letter not found]To Neil Jamieson, 24 September 1771Cash Accounts, October 1771From Joseph Valentine, 4 October 1771From Margaret Savage, 8 October 1771 [letter not found]From Thomas Hanson Marshall, 11 October 1771 [letter not found]To George Croghan, 21 October 1771Cash Accounts, November 1771Petition to Governor and CouncilTo George Mercer, 7 November 1771To Harrison Manley, 13 November 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 19 November 1771To Robert Adam, 22 November 1771To George Mercer, 22 November 1771From Samuel Washington, 30 November 1771 [letter not found]Cash Accounts, December 1771Invoice from Robert Cary & Company, 3 December 1771To William Crawford, 6 December 1771To Samuel Washington, 6 December 1771From Jonathan Boucher, 6–7 December 1771Bond to Philip Pendleton, 7 December 1771From Richard Croshor Graves, 8 December 1771From James Hill, 9 December 1771To Burwell Bassett, 15 December 1771 [letter not found]From John Pendleton, 15 December 1771From Thomas Addenbrooke, 16 December 1771From Bartholomew Dandridge, 18 December 1771From Burwell Bassett, 21 December 1771From Bartholomew Dandridge, 21 December 1771From Joseph Davenport [document with enclosures]From Richard Croshor Graves, 24 December 1771From Burwell Bassett, 25 December 1771List of Slaves Belonging to George Washington and John Parke Custis, December 1771Memorandum List of Quitrents, 1771