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Confederation Series (1 January 1784–23 September 1788) | Volume 1 (1 January 1784–17 July 1784) | Documents

Circular Letter to the State Societies of the Cincinnati, 1 January 1784To Richard Varick, 1 January 1784To Brühl, 3 January 1784From Henry Knox, 3 January 1784To Solms, 3 January 1784To Robert Morris, 4 January 1784From Annis Boudinot Stockton, 4 January 1784 [letter not found]To Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., 5 January 1784From David Humphreys, 6 January 1784From Lameth, 6 January 1784To Jean de Neufville, 6 January 1784To Clement Biddle, 8 January 1784From d'Estaing, 8 January 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 8 January 1784From Otho Holland Williams, 8 January 1784From Henry Knox, 9 January 1784From Thomas Mifflin, 9 January 1784From Lafayette, 10 January 1784To Robert Morris, 10 January 1784From Henry Pendleton, 10 January 1784To Joseph Wright, 10 January 1784From Elias Boudinot, 11 January 1784From James Nourse, 11 January 1784 [letter not found]From Simeon DeWitt, 12 January 1784From James Milligan, 13 January 1784To Edward Hand, 14 January 1784To David Humphreys, 14 January 1784To Thomas Mifflin, 14 January 1784To Thomas Mifflin, 14 January 1784From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 14 January 1784To Samuel Vaughan, 14 January 1784From Dulau d'Allemans, 15 January 1784To William Hamilton, 15 January 1784From Richard Varick, 15 January 1784 [letter not found]To Bushrod Washington, 15 January 1784From Charles Washington, 15 January 1784 [letter not found]To Clement Biddle, 17 January 1784From Commissioners of Embarkation at New York, 18 January 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 18 January 1784To Thomas Mifflin, 19 January 1784From Rochambeau, 19 January 1784From Boinod & Gaillard, 20 January 1784 [letter not found]To John Davidson, 20 January 1784From Jean Le Mayeur, 20 January 1784To Tankerville, 20 January 1784From James Tilton, 20 January 1784To Heintz, 21 January 1784To Philip Schuyler, 21 January 1784To James Nourse, 22 January 1784To Charles Thomson, 22 January 1784From Barras, 23 January 1784From Robert Stewart, 23 January 1784From Vioménil, 24 January 1784From Thomas Walker [document with enclosures]From Walter Stewart, 26 January 1784From Wakelin Welch, 26 January 1784 [letter not found]From Elias Dayton, 29 January 1784From Rochambeau, 29 January 1784From Arthur St. Clair, 29 January 1784From Edward Newenham, 30 January 1784 [letter not found]From Steuben, January 1784To Chastellux, 1 February 1784From La Bretonnière, 1 February 1784To Lafayette, 1 February 1784To Lauzun, 1 February 1784To Samuel Lewis, 1 February 1784To Thomas Lewis, 1 February 1784From Jacob Read, 1 February 1784To Rochambeau, 1 February 1784From Armand, 4 February 1784To Clement Biddle, 5 February 1784To Walter Stewart, 5 February 1784From Samuel Vaughan, 5 February 1784 [letter not found]From Charles Thomson, 7 February 1784To John Harvie, 10 February 1784To Edmund Randolph, 10 February 1784From William Smallwood, 10 February 1784From the South Carolina Legislature, 10 February 1784To Jacob Read, 12 February 1784From Dolphin Drew, 13 February 1784To William Drew, 13 February 1784From Samuel Low, 13 February 1784From Rochambeau, 13 February 1784To Gilbert Simpson, 13 February 1784To John Stephenson, 13 February 1784From Alicia Bennett, the Countess of Tankerville, 13 February 1784From the Citizens of Fredericksburg, 14 February 1784To the Citizens of Fredericksburg, 14 February 1784To John Lewis, 14 February 1784From Robert Morris, 14 February 1784From Nathanael Greene, 16 February 1784To Boinod & Gaillard, 18 February 1784To Elias Boudinot, 18 February 1784From La Luzerne, 18 February 1784To James Milligan, 18 February 1784To Annis Boudinot Stockton, 18 February 1784From Edmund Randolph, 19 February 1784From William Hamilton, 20 February 1784To Henry Knox, 20 February 1784From Lilancour, 20 February 1784From Winthrop Sargent, 20 February 1784From John Harvie, 21 February 1784From Henry Knox, 21 February 1784From Clement Biddle, 22 February 1784 [letter not found]From Isaac Collett, 22 February 1784From Fielding Lewis, Jr., 22 February 1784From Daniel McCarty, 22 February 1784To Daniel McCarty, 22 February 1784To Arthur St. Clair, 22 February 1784To Richard Varick, 22 February 1784From Jedediah Huntington, 23 February 1784From Francis Johnston, 23 February 1784From Fock, 24 February 1784From Jean-Daniel de Gambs, 24 February 1784From Thomas Lewis, 24 February 1784From Henry Babcock, 25 February 1784To Dolphin Drew, 25 February 1784To La Luzerne, 25 February 1784From d'Estaing, 26 February 1784From George Clinton, 27 February 1784To Fielding Lewis, Jr., 27 February 1784To Charles Washington, 28 February 1784To John Harvie, 29 February 1784From Clement Biddle, 29 February 1784 [letter not found]From Samuel Fraunces, 1 March 1784From Rochambeau, 1 March 1784From Benjamin Lincoln, 2 March 1784To Simeon DeWitt, 3 March 1784From Duportail, 3 March 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 3 March 1784From Frédéric de Kalb, 3 March 1784To Robert Morris, 3 March 1784From George Muse, 3 March 1784From Marcellin and Le Roy, 4 March 1784From Thomas Bee, 5 March 1784From Joshua Barney, 6 March 1784 [letter not found]From Chastellux, 6 March 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 6 March 1784From William Gordon, 8 March 1784From John Moriarty, 8 March 1784From Lafayette, 9 March 1784From Lafayette, 9 March 1784From Lafayette, 9 March 1784From Lafayette, 9 March 1784From James Milligan, 9 March 1784To Clement Biddle, 10 March 1784To Robert McCrea, 10 March 1784 [letter not found]From Gerard Vogels, 10 March 1784To John Witherspoon [document with enclosures]To Laurence Muse, 11 March 1784From James Hanna, 12 March 1784From Francis Lightfoot Lee and Ralph Wormeley, Jr., 12 March 1784From John Sullivan, 12 March 1784To Benjamin Walker, 12 March 1784 [letter not found]From Bartholomew Dandridge, 13 March 1784From Robert McCrea, 13 March 1784From Armand, 14 March 1784From de Grasse, 15 March 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 15 March 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 15 March 1784From Le Gardeur de Tilly, 15 March 1784From Edward Newenham, 15 March 1784 [letter not found]To Steuben, 15 March 1784From Edward Carrington, 18 March 1784From Elbridge Gerry, 18 March 1784To John Harvie, 18 March 1784To Edmund Randolph, 18 March 1784To Nathanael Greene, 20 March 1784From David Humphreys, 20 March 1784To Henry Knox, 20 March 1784To Francis Johnston, 22 March 1784To Joshua Barney, 24 March 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 24 March 1784To Tench Tilghman, 24 March 1784To Benjamin Walker, 24 March 1784From Hugh Williamson, 24 March 1784 [letter not found]To James Craik, 25 March 1784To Nathanael Greene, 27 March 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 29 March 1784From Tench Tilghman, 29 March 1784From William Fitzhugh, 31 March 1784To Elbridge Gerry, 31 March 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 31 March 1784To Hugh Williamson, 31 March 1784From Steuben, March 1784To James Milligan, 1 April 1784From Benjamin Harrison [document with enclosures]From Benjamin Walker, 3 April 1784To Duportail, 4 April 1784From Henry Knox, 4 April 1784 [letter not found]To Lafayette, 4 April 1784To Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette, 4 April 1784To Thomas Mifflin, 4 April 1784To Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., 4 April 1784From John Augustine Washington, 4 April 1784From Rufus Putnam, 5 April 1784From Edmund Clegg, 6 April 1784To William Hamilton, 6 April 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 6 April 1784From William Moultrie, 6 April 1784From William Smallwood, 6 April 1784To Samuel Vaughan, 6 April 1784From Benjamin Walker, 6 April 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 8 April 1784From Lafayette, 9 April 1784From Edmund Pendleton, 9 April 1784Agreement with Lewis Lemart, 10 April 1784From Nicholas Simon van Winter and Lucretia Wilhelmina van Winter, 10 April 1784To Thomas Walker, 10 April 1784To Robert R. Livingston, 11 April 1784From John Harvie, 12 April 1784From Henry Knox, 12 April 1784From John Harvie, 14 April 1784To Sidney Lee, 15 April 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 16 April 1784From Jethro Sumner, 18 April 1784From Lachlan McIntosh, 20 April 1784From Lachlan McIntosh, 20 April 1784From Arthur St. Clair, 20 April 1784From Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., 20 April 1784From Nathanael Greene, 22 April 1784From Timothy Pickering, 24 April 1784From Armand [document with enclosures]To David Parry, 25 April 1784From David Stuart, 25 April 1784From John Allison, 26 April 1784From Laval de Montmorency, 27 April 1784From John Lewis [document with enclosures]From Gilbert Simpson, 27 April 1784To Tench Tilghman, 27 April 1784From Thomas Paine, 28 April 1784From Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, 29 April 1784From Edmund Randolph, April 1784From David Stuart, April 1784To Samuel Low, 4 May 1784General Meeting of the Society of the CincinnatiFrom Rochambeau, 4 May 1784To La Luzerne, 5 May 1784To John Rodgers, 5 May 1784From William Smith, 5 May 1784To Clement Biddle, 6 May 1784To Benjamin Franklin, 6 May 1784From Nathanael Greene, 6 May 1784From Philip Schuyler, 6 May 1784 [letter not found]To Clement Biddle, 7 May 1784Certificate for Louis-Joseph de Beaulieu, 8 May 1784To William Gordon, 8 May 1784From Ebenezer Hazard [document with enclosures]From John Jones, 12 May 1784From Philip Schuyler, 12 May 1784 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 14 May 1784To d'Estaing, 15 May 1784From Charles-Louis de Montesquieu, 15 May 1784From Edmund Randolph, 15 May 1784To Philip Schuyler, 15 May 1784To Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., 15 May 1784Virginia General Assembly and George Washington, 15 May–15 July 1784From Armand, 16 May 1784To John Foulke, 17 May 1784To Rochambeau, 17 May 1784From Edward Snickers, 17 May 1784From Armand [document with enclosures]To Clement Biddle, 18 May 1784To Ebenezer Hazard, 18 May 1784From David Humphreys, 18 May 1784To Elizabeth Powel, 18 May 1784From Jean Baptiste Mailhe, 19 May 1784From Sidney Lee, 23 May 1784Account of Expenditures in Attending the General Meeting of the Society of the Cincinnati, 24 May 1784From Henry Knox, 24–28 May 1784From Jonathan Boucher, 25 May 1784From Reuben Harvey, 25 May 1784From Edmund Randolph, 28 May 1784To the Marquise de La Rouérie, 28 May 1784To John Lloyd and Hugh Rutledge, 28 May 1784To Tench Tilghman, 28 May 1784From Thomas Mifflin, 31 May 1784From Samuel Vaughan, 1 June 1784 [letter not found]To Chastellux, 2 June 1784To Benjamin Franklin, 2 June 1784From James Henry, 2 June 1784To David Humphreys, 2 June 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 2 June 1784To Henry Knox, 2 June 1784To Robert Morris, 2 June 1784To Rufus Putnam, 2 June 1784From Hannah Crawford, 4 June 1784From Henry Knox, 4 June 1784From James Milligan, 4 June 1784From I. Sailly, 4 June 1784From William Duer, 5 June 1784From John Rutledge, 5 June 1784From James Wood, 5 June 1784From Tench Tilghman, 7 June 1784From John Witherspoon, 7 June 1784From Barbé-Marbois, 8 June 1784From Simeon DeWitt, 9 June 1784From Clement Biddle, 10 June 1784 [letter not found]To Caleb Brewster, 10 June 1784From George William Fairfax, 10 June 1784From Benjamin Hawkins, 10 June 1784To Edward Newenham, 10 June 1784From Joseph Mandrillon, 11 June 1784To David Stuart, 11 June 1784To Patrick Henry, 12 June 1784From La Luzerne, 12 June 1784To Richard Henry Lee, 12 June 1784To James Madison, 12 June 1784To Edmund Randolph, 12 June 1784From Thomas Stone, 12 June 1784To James Wood, 12 June 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 14 June 1784To Mary Bristow, 15 June 1784From La Touche-Tréville, 15 June 1784From Robert Morris [document with enclosures]From Jean de Neufville, 15 June 1784 [letter not found]From Duportail, 16 June 1784From Friedrich Anton Mesmer, 16 June 1784From Rochambeau, 16 June 1784From Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette, 18 June 1784From Anastasie Lafayette, 18 June 1784From Patrick Henry, 19 June 1784To William Herbert, 19 June 1784To Barbé-Marbois, 20 June 1784To Francis Lightfoot Lee and Ralph Wormeley, Jr., 20 June 1784To I. Sailly, 20 June 1784To Samuel Vaughan, 20 June 1784From Daniel Parker, 21 June 1784To Edward Snickers, 25 June 1784From Edmund Randolph, 27 June 1784From Thomas Richardson, 27 June 1784From George Augustine Washington, 27 June 1784To Thomas Richardson, 28–29 June 1784 [letter not found]From Jacob Read, 29 June 1784To Clement Biddle, 30 June 1784From Lee Massey, 30 June 1784To Robert Morris, 30 June 1784To John Augustine Washington, 30 June 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 2 July 1784From James Madison, 2 July 1784From Edmund Randolph, 3 July 1784To John Rumney, Jr., 3 July 1784From Henry Lee, 4 July 1784To Thomas Richardson, 5 July 1784To John Rumney, 5 July 1784To John Rumney, Jr., 5 July 1784From William Skilling, 5 July 1784To John Francis Mercer, 8 July 1784From John Augustine Washington, 8 July 1784To James Craik, 10 July 1784To David Luckett, 10 July 1784To Lee Massey, 10 July 1784To Edmund Randolph, 10 July 1784From Thomas Richardson, 10 July 1784To Gilbert Simpson, 10 July 1784From Gimat, 12 July 1784From David Griffith, 12 July 1784To George McCarmick, 12 July 1784From Otho Holland Williams, 12 July 1784To Tench Tilghman, 14 July 1784From Unknown Author, 15 July 1784From David Humphreys, 15 July 1784From Benjamin Lincoln, 15 July 1784To Stephen Sayre, 15 July 1784From Tench Tilghman, 15 July 1784From Ralph Wormeley, Jr., 16 July 1784From Edmund Randolph, 17 July 1784From Jacob Read, 17 July 1784