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Confederation Series (1 January 1784–23 September 1788) | Volume 2 (18 July 1784–18 May 1785) | Documents

To Robert Townsend Hooe, 18 July 1784From Robert Townsend Hooe, 18 July 1784From Jeremy Belknap, 19 July 1784To Walter Magowan, 20 July 1784From Edmund Randolph, 20 July 1784To Benjamin Harrison, 22 July 1784From Richard Henry Lee, 22 July 1784To William Skilling, 22 July 1784From John Augustine Washington, 24 July 1784From George Augustine Washington, 25 July 1784From Henry Knox, 26 July 1784From Tench Tilghman, 27 July 1784To Wakelin Welch, 27 July 1784To Clement Biddle, 28 July 1784From William Skilling, 28 July 1784To Tench Tilghman, 29 July 1784From Jacob Read, 30 July 1784From Hugh Hughes, 31 July 1784From Gilbert Simpson, 31 July 1784From Thornton Washington, 1 August 1784To Charles Washington, 2 August 1784To Clement Biddle, 4 August 1784From Pierre-Charles L'Enfant, 4 August 1784To Tench Tilghman, 4 August 1784From John Ariss, 5 August 1784From Jacob Read, 6 August 1784From Warner Washington, 7 August 1784To John Ariss, 8 August 1784To William Gordon, 10 August 1784 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 10 August 1784To Jacob Read, 11 August 1784To Tench Tilghman, 11 August 1784From George Augustine Washington, 11 August 1784From David Humphreys, 12 August 1784From Francis Mentges, 12 August 1784From Jacob Read, 13 August 1784From William Smith, 13 August 1784From Jean Le Mayeur, 14 August 1784From George Augustine Washington, 14 August 1784From David Humphreys, 18 August 1784From James Mercer, 18 August 1784 [letter not found]From Tench Tilghman, 18 August 1784To Chastellux, 20 August 1784To James Crane, 20 August 1784To William Drew, 20 August 1784To Duportail, 20 August 1784To La Luzerne, 20 August 1784To Rochambeau, 20 August 1784From Stephen Sayre, 20 August 1784From George William Fairfax, 23 August 1784To Reuben Harvey, 25 August 1784To James Mercer, 25 August 1784To William Smith, 25 August 1784To Thomas Walker, 25 August 1784From Unzaga y Amézaga, 26 August 1784From Nathanael Greene, 29 August 1784To David Griffith, 29 August 1784From Thomas Walker, 29 August 1784From William Gordon, 30 August 1784To Jean Le Mayeur, 30 August 1784To Stephen Sayre, 1 September 1784From Joseph Wright, 1 September 1784To Daniel Morgan, 4 September 1784To Edward Snickers, 4 September 1784Certificate for James Rumsey, 7 September 1784From John Rumney, Jr., 8 September 1784From Rochambeau, 9 September 1784From Kersaint, 12 September 1784From La Luzerne, 12 September 1784From Battaile Muse, 12 September 1784From John Woddrop, 16 September 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 17 September 1784 [letter not found]To Thomas Freeman, 23 September 1784From David Humphreys, 30 September 1784From Daniel Morgan, 30 September 1784To John Preston, 1 October 1784 [letter not found]From James Craik, 2 October 1784From Edward Newenham, 2 October 1784 [letter not found]From Sarah Bomford, 8 October 1784 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 8 October 1784From George Augustine Washington, 9 October 1784 [letter not found]To Benjamin Harrison, 10 October 1784From Edward Newenham, 13 October 1784 [letter not found]From Robert Anderson, 15 October 1784 [letter not found]From Stephen Sayre, 15 October 1784From Pusignan, 16 October 1784From William Gordon, 18 October 1784 [letter not found]From Benjamin Lincoln, 18 October 1784 [letter not found]From James Rumsey, 19 October 1784To Sidney Lee, 20 October 1784From George Plater, 20 October 1784From Lafayette, 22 October 1784From Jacob Read, 22 October 1784To George Plater, 25 October 1784To George Rindfleisch, 25 October 1784From Walter Stewart, 26 October 1784From Melancton Smith, 27 October 1784To Stephen Bloomer Balch, 30 October 1784From Benjamin Vaughan, 31 October 1784 [letter not found]To Robert Anderson, 3 November 1784To Clement Biddle, 3 November 1784To Elias Boudinot, 3 November 1784To William Gordon, 3 November 1784To Battaile Muse, 3 November 1784To Jacob Read, 3 November 1784From John Preston, 6 November 1784From David Humphreys, 11 November 1784From George Clinton, 12 November 1784 [letter not found]From Normand Bruce, 13 November 1784From Benjamin Harrison, 13 November 1784From Henry Lee, 15 November 1784 [letter not found]To Officials of the City of Richmond, 15 November 1784To Virginia House of Delegates, 15 November 1784From Charles Washington, 16 November 1784From Richard Claiborne, 17 November 1784 [letter not found]From Henry Lee, Jr., 18 November 1784From Arthur Lee, 19 November 1784From Fontenille, 20 November 1784From Richard Henry Lee, 20 November 1784From Henry Knox, 23 November 1784To Henry Lee, Jr., 24 November 1784To George Clinton, 25 November 1784To David Humphreys, 25 November 1784To Anastasie de Lafayette, 25 November 1784To Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette, 25 November 1784To Friedrich Anton Mesmer, 25 November 1784From William Roberts, 25 November 1784To William Washington, 25 November 1784To George Augustine Washington, 26 November 1784To James Madison, 28 November 1784From Charles MacIver, November 1784From Nathanael Greene, 2 December 1784From Richard Varick, 2 December 1784 [letter not found]From William Carmichael [document with enclosures]To James Madison, 3 December 1784From John Filson, 4 December 1784To Henry Knox, 5 December 1784To La Luzerne, 5 December 1784To George Clinton, 8 December 1784To Lafayette, 8 December 1784To George Augustine Washington, 8 December 1784 [letter not found]From Thomas Jefferson, 10 December 1784From James Madison, 11 December 1784 [letter not found]To George Plater, Charles Carroll, John Cadwalader, and Samuel Chase, 11 December 1784From Chastellux, 12 December 1784 [letter not found]To George Mason, 13 December 1784From Elias Boudinot, 14 December 1784 [letter not found]To Richard Henry Lee, 14 December 1784To George Chapman, 15 December 1784To Richard Claiborne, 15 December 1784From Beverley Randolph, 15 December 1784From James Duane, 16 December 1784From Udny Hay, 16 December 1784From Joseph Palmer, 16 December 1784From Lafayette, 17 December 1784To Thomas Blackburn, 19 December 1784To William Paca, 19 December 1784From Thomas Blackburn, 20 December 1784To William Gordon, 20 December 1784To Alexander Henderson, 20 December 1784Lady Huntingdon's Scheme for Aiding the American IndiansFrom La Luzerne, 20 December 1784To Beverley Randolph, 20 December 1784To Melancton Smith, 20 December 1784From Benjamin Walker, 20 December 1784From Ebenezer Hazard, 21 December 1784 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 21 December 1784To Lafayette, 23 December 1784From Horatio Gates, 24 December 1784From George Clinton, 26 December 1784 [letter not found]From Richard Henry Lee, 26 December 1784To James Madison, 28 December 1784George Washington and Horatio Gates to the Virginia Legislature [document with enclosures]From Samuel Chase, 31 December 1784 [letter not found]From Aeneas Lamont, 31 December 1784From Charles Willson Peale, December 1784From a French Wine Merchant, 1784From James Madison, 1 January 1785From Robert Morris, 1 January 1785To Jeremy Belknap, 5 January 1785To Samuel Chase, 5 January 1785To Henry Knox, 5 January 1785From Benjamin Harrison, 6 January 1785To Josiah Parker, 6 January 1785 [letter not found]To George Augustine Washington, 6 January 1785From James Madison [document with enclosures]To Charles Carroll, 10 January 1785From William Gordon, 10 January 1785From Alexander Henderson, 11 January 1785From Battaile Muse, 14 January 1785 [letter not found]From David Humphreys, 15 January 1785To John Filson, 16 January 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 16 January 1785To Samuel Chase, 17 January 1785To Thomas Johnson, 17 January 1785To John Fitzgerald and William Hartshorne, 18 January 1785From Hanna Moore, 20 January 1785From Samuel Brenton, 21 January 1785From John Fitzgerald and William Hartshorne, 21 January 1785To Matthew Campbell, 22 January 1785To William Grayson, 22 January 1785To Benjamin Harrison, 22 January 1785To Bushrod Washington, 22 January 1785From Jacob Gerhard Diriks, 24 January 1785From Otho Holland Williams, 24 January 1785From John Armstrong, 25 January 1785To Thomas Clarke, 25 January 1785To James Jay, 25 January 1785From Battaile Muse, 25 January 1785 [letter not found]To Elias Boudinot, 26 January 1785From Samuel Hanway, 26 January 1785From Henry Knox, 26 January 1785From Melancton Smith, 26 January 1785From Thomas Stone, 28 January 1785From Clement Biddle, 29 January 1785From Abraham Hite, Jr., 29 January 1785To Joseph Wright, 30 January 1785To Patience Wright, 30 January 1785To Elias Boudinot, 31 January 1785To Udny Hay, 31 January 1785From Henry Knox, 31 January 1785To William Paca, 31 January 1785To Clement Biddle, 1 February 1785To Robert Morris, 1 February 1785From Edmund Richards, 1 February 1785To Robert Lewis & Sons, 1 February 1785To Clement Biddle, 2 February 1785To Otho Holland Williams, 2 February 1785From John Sullivan, 3 February 1785To John Beckley, 5 February 1785From Patrick Henry, 5 February 1785 [letter not found]To Benjamin Lincoln, 5 February 1785To Battaile Muse, 5 February 1785To Benjamin Vaughan, 5 February 1785To Samuel Vaughan, 5 February 1785To Josiah Parker, 6 February 1785 [letter not found]From Christopher Chamney, 8 February 1785From John Filson, 8 February 1785From Benjamin Harrison, 8 February 1785To Richard Henry Lee, 8 February 1785From Elias Boudinot, 9 February 1785From John Fitzgerald, 9 February 1785From Lafayette, 9 February 1785From John Rumney, Jr., 9 February 1785From Thomas SmithFrom James Keith, 10 February 1785From John Beckley, 11 February 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 14 February 1785To Lafayette, 15 February 1785From La Luzerne, 15 February 1785From Samuel Love, 15 February 1785From Charles Washington, 19 February 1785From Hugh Williamson, 19 February 1785To Charles Lee, 20 February 1785From Frederick Weissenfels, 21 February 1785To James Rumsey, 22 February 1785 [letter not found]From Josiah Parker, 24–28 February 1785From Rochambeau, 24 February 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 25 February 1785From George Augustine Washington, 25 February 1785From Joseph Dashiell, 26 February 1785To George William Fairfax, 27 February 1785To Patrick Henry, 27 February 1785To the Countess of Huntingdon, 27 February 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 27 February 1785From Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, 28 February 1785To Henry Knox, 28 February 1785To Hanna Moore, 28 February 1785From Charles MacIver, February 1785To Matthew Campbell, 1 March 1785To James Keith, 1 March 1785To Charles MacIver, 1 March 1785From Joseph Mandrillon, 1 March 1785 [letter not found]From Edward Newenham, 3 March 1785 [letter not found]From John Boyle, Jr., 4 March 1785From Jean Louis Le Barbier, 4 March 1785From George Clinton, 5 March 1785From Patrick Henry, 5 March 1785From Clement Biddle, 7 March 1785To William Gordon, 8 March 1785From Robert Lewis & Sons, 8 March 1785 [letter not found]To John Witherspoon, 8 March 1785From Jacob Read, 9 March 1785From James Duane, 10 March 1785From William Grayson, 10 March 1785From Alexander Hamilton, 10 March 1785From John de Neufville, 10 March 1785 [letter not found]From James Rumsey, 10 March 1785From Benjamin Walker, 11 March 1785From Patrick Henry, 12 March 1785From Henry Lee, Jr., 12 March 1785To Sarah Bomford, 15 March 1785To Mathew Carey, 15 March 1785From James Cross, 15 March 1785To Jacob Gerhard Diriks, 15 March 1785To John Filson, 15 March 1785To Arthur Lee, 15 March 1785To Richard Henry Lee, 15 March 1785From John de Neufville, 15 March 1785 [letter not found]To Frederick Weissenfels, 15 March 1785To Hugh Williamson, 15 March 1785From George William Fairfax, 19 March 1785To John Harvie, 19 March 1785From Patrick Henry, 19 March 1785From Lafayette, 19 March 1785To Edmund Randolph, 19 March 1785From William Blake, 20 March 1785To Patrick Henry, 20 March 1785From John Francis Mercer, 20 March 1785 [letter not found]To Edward Newenham, 20 March 1785From Bushrod Washington, 20 March 1785 [letter not found]From St. John de Crèvecoeur, 21 March 1785From John Craig, 22 March 1785From Elkanah Watson, 22 March 1785To William Hunter, 24 March 1785From Henry Knox, 24 March 1785From William Carmichael, 25 March 1785From La Luzerne, 25 March 1785To John Francis Mercer, 27 March 1785From Frederick Weissenfels, 27 March 1785From William Gordon, 28 March 1785From Reuben Harvey, 28 March 1785To John Craig, 29 March 1785To Robert Townsend Hooe, 29 March 1785 [letter not found]From Robert Townsend Hooe, 29 March 1785From Robert Townsend Hooe, 29 March 1785From Christopher Ludwick, 29 March 1785From Josiah Parker, 29 March 1785From Mathew Carey, 30 March 1785 [letter not found]To Lucretia Wilhelmina van Winter, 30 March 1785From Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, 31 March 1785To Robert Townsend Hooe, 3 April 1785 [letter not found]From Robert Townsend Hooe, 3 April 1785To Bushrod Washington, 3 April 1785From Patrick Henry, 4 April 1785To George Clinton, 5 April 1785From Sidney Lee, 5 April 1785From George Mason, 5 April 1785From Edmund Randolph, 5 April 1785From Robert Lewis & Sons, 5 April 1785To Charles Thomson, 5 April 1785From Robert Townsend Hooe, 6 April 1785To Christopher Richmond, 6 April 1785From Chastellux, 8 April 1785 [letter not found]From George Crocker Fox & Sons, 8 April 1785From Christopher Richmond, 8 April 1785To James Duane, 10 April 1785From Lucretia Wilhelmina van Winter, 10 April 1785 [letter not found]To Thomas Walker, 10 April 1785To Thomas Freeman, 11 April 1785From Clement Biddle, 12 April 1785To Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, 12 April 1785To Lafayette, 12 April 1785To Robert Lewis & Sons, 12 April 1785To Charles Washington, 12 April 1785From John Harvie, 13 April 1785From William M. Roberts, 14 April 1785From John Witherspoon, 14 April 1785From William Grayson, 15 April 1785From Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, 15 April 1785From Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette, 15 April 1785From Lafayette, 16 April 1785From Henry Lee, 16 April 1785From Robert Morris, 17 April 1785From Clement Biddle, 19 April 1785From Francis Hopkinson, 19 April 1785To Mathew Carey, 20 April 1785To George Clinton, 20 April 1785From Barbier de la Serre, 20 April 1785 [letter not found]From Otho Holland Williams, 20 April 1785From William Washington, 21 April 1785From John Harvie, 22 April 1785From Charles Thomson, 22 April 1785From John Baylor, 25 April 1785To William Grayson, 25 April 1785From Nathanael Greene, 25 April 1785From John Murray & Co., 25 April 1785From Charles-Louis de Montesquieu, 25 April 1785From Samuel Powel, 25 April 1785From Lyonel Bradstreet, 26 April 1785From Thomas Newton, 27 April 1785 [letter not found]From Henry Hollyday, 30 April 1785From Thomas Ridout, 1 May 1785From William Fitzhugh, 2 May 1785From Jean-Baptiste de Montesquieu, 2 May 1785Resolutions of the Dismal Swamp Company, 2 May 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 3 May 1785To Thomas Marshall, 3 May 1785 [letter not found]From Thomas Bibby, 4 May 1785From William Grayson, 4–8 May 1785From Robert Howe, 4 May 1785From William Grayson, 5 May 1785From Henry Knox, 5 May 1785From Ruthey Jones, 7 May 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 7 May 1785From Jacob Read, 8 May 1785From David Humphreys, 10 May 1785From Christopher Richmond, 10 May 1785From W. Symmes, 10 May 1785From Charles Vancouver, 10 May 1785 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 11 May 1785From Jaquelin Ambler, 12 May 1785To Barbier de la Serre, 12 May 1785From Thomas Marshall, 12 May 1785From William Fitzhugh, 13 May 1785From John Harvie, 13 May 1785From Lafayette, 13 May 1785From John Swan, 13 May 1785From Tench Tilghman, 14 May 1785To Clement Biddle, 16 May 1785To Francis Hopkinson, 16 May 1785To Thomas Johnson and Thomas Sim Lee, 18 May 1785To Richard Sprigg, 18 May 1785