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Confederation Series (1 January 1784–23 September 1788) | Volume 5 (1 February 1787–31 December 1787) | Documents

From James Hill, 1 February 1787From Henry Knox, 1 February 1787To John Francis Mercer, 1 February 1787From Arthur Young, 1 February 1787From William Peacey, 2 February 1787To Henry Knox, 3 February 1787From Thomas Peters, 3 February 1787To Henry Lee, Jr., 4 February 1787From Battaile Muse, 4 February 1787From Lafayette, 7 February 1787From Ezra Stiles, 7 February 1787From Henry Knox, 8 February 1787To Thomas Peters, 9 February 1787From Thomas Clagett & Company, 10 February 1787John Francis Mercer to GW, 10 February 1787 [letter not found]To Clement Biddle, 11 February 1787To Benjamin Franklin, 11 February 1787From David Humphreys, 11 February 1787To Thomas Newton, Jr., 11 February 1787From Mauduit du Plessis, 12 February 1787From Henry Knox, 12 February 1787To David Stuart, 12 February 1787To Clement Biddle, 14 February 1787To Charles Washington, 14 February 1787From Henry Knox, 15 February 1787Richard Henry Lee to GW, 15 February 1787 [letter not found]To Battaile Muse, 15 February 1787From David Stuart, 15 February 1787From James Tilton, 15 February 1787To Mary Ball Washington, 15 February 1787To Charles Willson Peale, 16 February 1787To Thomas Stone, 16 February 1787From Philip Marsteller, 17 February 1787From Thomas Smith, 17 February 1787To David Humphreys, 18 February 1787From Clement Biddle, 20 February 1787To Bridget Kirk, 20 February 1787To Richard Henry Lee, 20 February 1787To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 20 February 1787 [letter not found]From James Madison, 21 February 1787From Henry Knox, 22 February 1787To Alexander Spotswood, 22 February 1787 [letter not found]From William Moultrie, 23 February 1787From Philip Pendleton, 23 February 1787To Jaques Campion, 24 February 1787To Robert Carter, 24 February 1787To Benjamin Lincoln, Jr., 24 February 1787To Henry Knox, 25 February 1787From Nicholas Simon van Winter and Lucretia Wilhelmina van Winter, 26 February 1787From Clement Biddle, 27 February 1787From Henry Knox, 27 February 1787From Edward Newenham, 27 February 1787 [letter not found]From Charles Willson Peale, 27 February 1787To George Steptoe Washington, 27 February 1787 [letter not found]From Samuel Hanson, 28 February 1787From David Humphreys, 28 February 1787From Fielding Lewis, Jr., 28 February 1787From John Armstrong, 2 March 1787To William Hartshorne, 2 March 1787From John Minter, 2 March 1787From Edward Newenham, 2 March 1787 [letter not found]From George Steptoe Washington, 2 March 1787James Mercer to GW, 10 March 1787 [letter not found]From Alexander Spotswood, 3 March 1787From Henry Knox, 5 March 1787From John Peck, 5 March 1787From Israel Shreve, 5 March 1787From Alexander Spotswood, 5 March 1787From Thomas McKean, William Jackson, and Francis Mentges, 6 March 1787From Wakelin Welch & Son, 7 March 1787 [letter not found]To David Humphreys, 8 March 1787To Henry Knox, 8 March 1787From Battaile Muse, 8 March 1787From William Deakins, Jr., 9 March 1787From John Page, 9 March 1787To Thomas Cushing, 10 March 1787To Samuel Haven, 10 March 1787To John Jay, 10 March 1787From Matthew McConnell, 10 March 1787From James Mercer, 10 March 1787 [letter not found]To Edward Newenham, 10 March 1787From John Rawlins, 10 March 1787To Lord Dunmore, 11 March 1787From Edmund Randolph, 11 March 1787To William Goddard, 12 March 1787 [letter not found]From Gilles de Lavallée, 13 March 1787To Charles Willson Peale, 13 March 1787To Clement Biddle, 14 March 1787From Benjamin Fitzhugh Grymes, 14 March 1787To James Mercer, 15 March 1787From Hannah Crawford, 16 March 1787To Benjamin Fitzhugh Grymes, 16 March 1787From John Lawson, 17 March 1787From James Madison, 18 March 1787From Henry Knox, 19 March 1787From John Hopkins, 20 March 1787From Louis de Pontière, 20 March 1787From Buckner Stith, 22 March 1787To Benjamin Lincoln, 23 March 1787To John Parke, 23 March 1787From David Humphreys, 24 March 1787To John Hopkins, 25 March 1787To Lafayette, 25 March 1787To George Weedon, 25 March 1787From James Gibbon, 26 March 1787From Henry Knox, 26 March 1787To John Lawson, 26 March 1787 [letter not found]From Mauduit du Plessis, 26 March 1787Benjamin Fitzhugh Grymes to GW, 27 March 1787 [letter not found]To Edmund Randolph, 28 March 1787To James Madison, 31 March 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 31 March 1787To John Francis Mercer, 1 April 1787To Richard Sprigg, 1 April 1787To Henry Knox, 2 April 1787From John Lawson, 2 April 1787From Edmund Randolph, 2 April 1787From Benjamin Franklin, 3 April 1787From David Stuart, 30 April 1787 [letter not found]From Edward Moyston, 4 April 1787From James Brindley, 5 April 1787From George Turner, 5 April 1787To John Rumney, Jr., 6 April 1787From Israel Shreve, 7 April 1787From Jean Le Mayeur, 8 April 1787To Henry Emanuel Lutterloh, 8 April 1787From Leven Powell, 8 April 1787From David Humphreys, 9 April 1787From Henry Knox, 9 April 1787To Edmund Randolph, 9 April 1787To William Gordon, 10 April 1787To Benjamin Fitzhugh Grymes, 10 April 1787To John Lawson, 10 April 1787From William Lee, 11 April 1787To John Canon, 13 April 1787To John Rawlins, 13 April 1787From Gilliss Polk, 14 April 1787From Richard Henry Lee, 16 April 1787From James Madison, 16 April 1787From John Lawson, 18 April 1787From William Jackson, 20 April 1787To Edward Newenham, 20 April 1787From Robert Morris, 23 April 1787From David Humphreys, 25 April 1787From John Lawson, 25 April 1787From Clement Biddle, 26 April 1787From David Griffith, 26 April 1787From Battaile Muse, 26 April 1787To Henry Knox, 27 April 1787To Henry Knox, 27 April 1787From George Lee, 28 April 1787From Henry Lee, 28 April 1787From La Luzerne, April 1787Notes on the Sentiments on the Government of John Jay, Henry Knox, and James Madison, April 1787From Essarts, 1 May 1787To Gilliss Polk, 2 May 1787 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 5 May 1787To Jean Le Mayeur, 5 May 1787 [letter not found]To Robert Morris, 5 May 1787To David Stuart, 5 May 1787To Lund Washington, 7 May 1787Philadelphia Cash Accounts, 9 May–22 September 1787From William Hunter, Jr., 11 May 1787From Rochambeau, 12 May 1787From George Augustine Washington, 12 May 1787 [letter not found]From Christopher Gadsden, 13 May 1787From Arthur Lee, 13 May 1787From James Bowdoin, 14 May 1787From George Fox, 14 May 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 16 May 1787To George Augustine Washington, 17 May 1787From Gardoqui, 19 May 1787To Arthur Lee, 20 May 1787From Henry Lee, Jr., 20 May 1787From Gilliss Polk, 20 May 1787From George Augustine Washington, 20 May 1787 [letter not found]From Alexander Donald, 22 May 1787From Thomas Smith, 22 May 1787 [letter not found]From George Turner, 22 May 1787From Jean Le Mayeur, 23 May 1787From Annis Boudinot Stockton, 26 May 1787 [letter not found]To George Augustine Washington, 27 May 1787From David Humphreys, 28 May 1787From George Augustine Washington, 28 May 1787 [letter not found]From Henry Knox, 29 May 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 29 May 1787The Virginia Plan, 29 May 1787To Thomas Jefferson, 30 May 1787From Roger Alden, 31 May 1787From Nathaniel Ingraham, 31 May 1787To Henry Knox, 31 May 1787From “The Author” [Robert Goldsborough] [document with enclosures]To Bouillé, 1 June 1787From James McHenry, 1 June 1787To Alexander Donald, 2 June 1787 [letter not found]From Pierre, chevalier de Gimel, 2 June 1787To George Augustine Washington, 3 June 1787From John Armstrong, 5 June 1787To Chastellux, 6 June 1787To Lafayette, 6 June 1787To Elizabeth Powel, 6 June 1787To George Clinton, 9 June 1787To George Augustine Washington, 10 June 1787From George Augustine Washington, 10–11 June 1787 [letter not found]To Elizabeth Powel, 12 June 1787From Henry Emanuel Lutterloh, 13 June 1787The New Jersey Plan, 15 June 1787To George Augustine Washington, 15 June 1787From David Stuart, 17 June 1787 [letter not found]From James Varnum, 18 June 1787From Alexander Donald, 20 June 1787From George Turner, 23 June 1787To Charles Pettit, 24 June 1787 [letter not found]From George Augustine Washington, 24 June 1787 [letter not found]From Alexander Spotswood, 25 June 1787 [letter not found]To Clement Biddle, 28 June 1787To Thomas McKean, 29 June 1787From William Grayson, 30 June 1787To Lucy Flucker Knox, 30 June 1787To Lafayette, 30 June 1787To Samuel Powel, 30 June 1787To Annis Boudinot Stockton, 30 June 1787From Charles Willson Peale, June 1787To Samuel Powel, June 1787To David Stuart, 1 July 1787To George Augustine Washington, 1 July 1787From George Augustine Washington, 8 July 1787 [letter not found]From Alexander Hamilton, 3 July 1787From Samuel Meredith, 4 July 1787From William Rawle, 6 July 1787From Chartier de Lotbinière, 8 July 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 8 July 1787To George Augustine Washington, 8 July 1787To Crèvecoeur, 9 July 1787From Chavannes de La Giraudière, 10 July 1787To Alexander Hamilton, 10 July 1787To George Clinton, 11 July 1787To Clement Biddle, 12 July 1787From Wakelin Welch & Son, 14 July 1787 [letter not found]From Richard Henry Lee, 15 July 1787To George Augustine Washington, 15 July 1787To Richard Henry Lee, 19 July 1787From Samuel Athawes, 20 July 1787From Mauduit du Plessis, 20 July 1787To Joseph Rakestraw, 20 July 1787To Lafayette, 21 July 1787To John Paul Jones, 22 July 1787From George Augustine Washington, 22 July 1787 [letter not found]To Elizabeth Powel, 23 July 1787To George Augustine Washington, 24 July 1787From John Jay, 25 July 1787From John Paul Jones, 25 July 1787To Philip Marsteller, 25 July 1787From Samuel Powel, 25 July 1787To Samuel Powel, 25 July 1787To George Augustine Washington, 29 July 1787From James Maury, 30 July 1787To Elizabeth Powel, 30 July 1787From Lafayette, 3 August 1787From George Augustine Washington, 5 August 1787 [letter not found]Draft of the Federal Constitution: Report of Committee of Detail, 6 August 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 6 August 1787To Clement Biddle, 7 August 1787From Edward Newenham, 10 August 1787 [letter not found]From Pierre Roussilles [document with enclosures]To George Augustine Washington, 12 August 1787From David Humphreys, 13 August 1787From Thomas Jefferson, 14–15 August 1787From Henry Knox, 14 August 1787To Lafayette, 15 August 1787To Henry Knox, 19 August 1787From William McIntosh, 20 August 1787To Clement Biddle, 22 August 1787From Walter Minto, 24 August 1787From George Augustine Washington, 20 August 1787 [letter not found]To Alexander Spotswood, 26 August 1787To George Augustine Washington, 26 August 1787From George Augustine Washington, 27 August 1787 [letter not found]To William Hartshorne, 30 August 1787To Elizabeth Powel, 31 August 1787From James K. Tobine, August 1787To John Jay, 2 September 1787To John Paul Jones, 2 September 1787From William Roberts, 2 September 1787To George Augustine Washington, 2 September 1787From George Augustine Washington, 2 September 1787 [letter not found]From Robert Fenning, 5 September 1787From William Gordon, 6 September 1787From John Jay, 6 September 1787To Charles Pettit, 7 September 1787From Jonas Phillips, 7 September 1787To Elizabeth Powel, 7 September 1787From Elizabeth Powel, 8 September 1787From John Paul Jones, 9 September 1787To George Augustine Washington, 9 September 1787To Clement Biddle, 10 September 1787Draft of the Federal Constitution: Report of Committee of Style, 12 September 1787From Henry Knox, 14 September 1787To Clement Biddle, 15 September 1787To John Canon, 16 September 1787To Chastellux, 16 September 1787To Richard Noble, 16 September 1787To Thomas Smith, 16 September 1787From William Jackson, 17 September 1787From Robert Edge Pine, 17 September 1787To the President of Congress, 17 September 1787To William Washington, 17 September 1787To Thomas Jefferson, 18 September 1787To Lafayette, 18 September 1787GW to Samuel Morris, 18 September 1787 [letter not found]To Ann Allen Penn, 18 September 1787To Clement Biddle, 19 September 1787From Samuel Morris, 21 September 1787From Clement Biddle, 23 September 1787From Samuel Hanson, 23 September 1787To Benjamin Harrison, 24 September 1787To Johnzee Sellman, 25 September 1787To Samuel Hanson, 27 September 1787From Charles Willson Peale, 27 September 1787From David Humphreys, 28 September 1787To Richard Sprigg, 28 September 1787From James Madison, 30 September 1787From La Luzerne, September 1787From John Rutledge, 1 October 1787To Robert Morris, 2 October 1787To Charles Pettit, 2 October 1787From Henry Knox, 3 October 1787From Benjamin Harrison, 4 October 1787To William Smallwood, 6 October 1787To George Mason, 7 October 1787From George Mason, 7 October 1787From Lafayette, 9 October 1787To David Humphreys, 10 October 1787To James Madison, 10 October 1787From Alexander Hamilton, 11 October 1787From Richard Henry Lee, 11 October 1787From Francis Mentges, 12 October 1787From James Madison, 14 October 1787To Robert Morris, 14 October 1787 [letter not found]To Charles Pettit, 14 October 1787To Henry Knox, 15 October 1787From Lafayette, 15 October 1787From Lafayette, 15 October 1787From Battaile Muse, 15 October 1787From David Stuart, 16 October 1787 [letter not found]To David Stuart, 17 October 1787From Noah Webster, 17 October 1787 [letter not found]To Alexander Hamilton, 18 October 1787From James Madison, 18 October 1787From Patrick Henry, 19 October 1787From Bushrod Washington, 19 October 1787 [letter not found]From James Wood, 20 October 1787 [letter not found]From Henry Banks, 21 October 1787 [letter not found]From Charles Carter, 21 October 1787 [letter not found]To James Madison, 22 October 1787From Jean Le Mayeur, 24 October 1787From Robert Morris, 25 October 1787From Thomas Smith, 26 October 1787 [letter not found]From Steuben, 26 October 1787From David Stuart, 26 October 1787 [letter not found]From Bushrod Washington, 26 October 1787 [letter not found]From Thomas Marshall, 27 October 1787From Charles Thomson, 27 October 1787From James Madison, 28 October 1787To Mathew Carey, 29 October 1787From Gardoqui, 29 October 1787To James Wood, 29 October 1787From Alexander Hamilton, 30 October 1787From Archibald Johnston, 30 October 1787From Gouverneur Morris, 30 October 1787From Charles Pettit, 1 November 1787To Arthur Young, 1 November 1787From William Deakins, Jr., 2 November 1787From Henry Knox, 2 November 1787To George Mason and David Stuart, 4 November 1787To Noah Webster, 4 November 1787To Thomas Digges, 5 November 1787To James Madison, 5 November 1787To John Francis Mercer, 5 November 1787To David Stuart, 5 November 1787From George Mason, 6 November 1787From Charles Pettit, 6 November 1787From Battaile Muse, 7 November 1787To Battaile Muse, 8 November 1787Report of the Potomac Company Directors, 8 November 1787From Gardoqui, 9 November 1787From John Paul Jones, 9 November 1787To Bushrod Washington, 9 November 1787To Warner Washington, 9 November 1787To Alexander Hamilton, 10 November 1787To Steuben, 10 November 1787To Charles Thomson, 10 November 1787To Richard Bland Lee, 11 November 1787 [letter not found]From William Morris, 11 November 1787From César-Henri de La Luzerne, 12 November 1787From Joseph Lewis, Jr., 12 November 1787To Samuel Vaughan, 12 November 1787From Samuel Powel, 13 November 1787From Robert Lawson, 14 November 1787From David Stuart, 14 November 1787 [letter not found]From Clement Biddle, 15 November 1787 [letter not found]To Wilson Miles Cary and George Nicholas, 15 November 1787To George Mason, 15 November 1787 [letter not found]From Stephen Sayre, 15 November 1787From Bryan Fairfax, 16 November 1787To Catharine Sawbridge Macaulay Graham, 16 November 1787From Thomas Johnson, 16 November 1787From Samuel Hanson, 18 November 1787From James Madison, 18 November 1787From Battaile Muse, 19 November 1787To Henry Banks, 22 November 1787To Thomas Johnson, 22 November 1787From Richard Bland Lee, 23 November 1787From George Weedon, 25 November 1787 [letter not found]From James Jemima Jacobina Douglas, 26 November 1787From George Mason, 27 November 1787To Gardoqui, 28 November 1787From Barbé-Marbois, 30 November 1787From Richard Butler [document with enclosures]From James Madison, 30 November 1787To Samuel Powel, 30 November 1787To David Stuart, 30 November 1787To Clement Biddle, 3 December 1787To Embree & Shotwell, 3 December 1787To John Langdon, 3 December 1787To Thomas Smith, 3 December 1787To Bushrod Washington, 3 December 1787To George Weedon, 3 December 1787From Battaile Muse, 4 December 1787From David Stuart, 4 December 1787 [letter not found]To John Lewis, 7 December 1787 [letter not found]To James Madison, 7 December 1787From James Madison, 7 December 1787To Thomas Johnson and Thomas Sim Lee, 9 December 1787From Frederick Weissenfels, 10 December 1787 [letter not found]From Thomas Johnson, 11 December 1787From Henry Knox, 11 December 1787To Peterson & Taylor, 11 December 1787 [letter not found]From Peterson & Taylor, 11 December 1787To David Stuart, 11 December 1787From Samuel Powel, 12 December 1787To Charles Carter, 14 December 1787From James Madison, 14 December 1787From Joseph Davenport, 15 December 1787From John Lewis, 15 December 1787From James Rumsey, 17 December 1787From James Madison, 20 December 1787From Charles Carter (of Ludlow), 21 December 1787 [letter not found]From Chastellux, 21 December 1787 [letter not found]To David Stuart, 22 December 1787From Michael Ryan, 23 December 1787From William McWhir, 24 December 1787GW to Bushrod Washington, 24 December 1787 [letter not found]To Thomas Lewis, 25 December 1787To Edward Newenham, 25 December 1787From David Stuart, 25 December 1787 [letter not found]From James Madison, 26 December 1787From Battaile Muse, 26 December 1787From Edmund Randolph, 27 December 1787To David Stuart, 29 December 1787To Bushrod Washington, 29 December 1787From James Wilkinson, 30 December 1787 [letter not found]Comments on David Humphreys' Biography of George Washington