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Presidential Series (24 September 1788–30 September 1794) | Volume 2 (1 April 1789–15 June 1789) | Documents

To Robert Dick, 1 April 1789To William Hartshorne, 1 April 1789To Henry Knox, 1 April 1789To James McHenry, 1 April 1789To William Milnor, 1 April 1789From Clement Biddle, 2 April 1789From John Dandridge, 2 April 1789From William Heath, 2 April 1789From Henry Knox, 2 April 1789From Charles Love, Jr., 2 April 1789From Jacob Broom, 3 April 1789From James Dunlop, 3 April 1789From Samuel Hanson, 3 April 1789From Benjamin Harrison, 3 April 1789From Jesse Higgins, 3 April 1789From William Lyles, 3 April 1789From Rochambeau, 3 April 1789From Francis Willis, 3 April 1789From Daniel Brodhead, 4 April 1789To James Mercer, 4 April 1789To John Marshall, 5 April 1789To John Francis Mercer, 5 April 1789From Elias Boudinot, 6 April 1789To John Brown, 6 April 1789From Levinus Clarkson, 6 April 1789To James Dunlop, 6 April 1789To Bryan Fairfax, 6 April 1789From John Langdon, 6 April 1789From Richard Henry Lee, 6 April 1789From James Madison, 6 April 1789To Thomas Montgomerie, 6 April 1789From Robert Morris, 6 April 1789To Battaile Muse, 6 April 1789From William Shippen, Jr., 6 April 1789From Anthony Wayne, 6 April 1789To Richard Curson, 7 April 1789To William Shotwell, 7 April 1789From Clement Biddle, 8 April 1789From Vincent Gray, 8 April 1789To Daniel Hinsdale, 8 April 1789From John Marshall, 8 April 1789 [letter not found]From Ezekiel Forman, 9 April 1789To Crèvecoeur, 10 April 1789From John Hopkins, 10 April 1789To Henry Knox, 10 April 1789To John Dandridge, 11 April 1789To John Marshall, 11 April 1789To Daniel Brodhead, 12 April 1789From James McHenry, 12 April 1789From Clement Biddle, 13 April 1789To Archibald Moncrief, 13 April 1789From Samuel Caldwell, 14 April 1789From William Hickman, Jr., 14 April 1789From John Jay, 14 April 1789To John Langdon, 14 April 1789Address by Charles Thomson, 14 April 1789Address to Charles Thomson, 14 April 1789From Carter Braxton, 15 April 1789To the Mayor, Corporation, and Citizens of Alexandria, 16 April 1789From Joseph Ward, 16 April 1789To the Citizens of Baltimore, 17 April 1789From the Committee of Congress, 17 April 1789From John Jay, 17 April 1789From Tobias Lear, 17 April 1789From James McHenry, 17 April 1789From Peter Jaquett, 18 April 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 18 April 1789From Otho Holland Williams, 18 April 1789From Charles Croxall, 19 April 1789From William Jackson, 19 April 1789From William Lyles, 19 April 1789From Thomas Smith, 19 April 1789 [letter not found]To the Officials of Wilmington, Delaware, 19–20 April 1789To the Delaware Society for Promoting Domestic Manufacturers, 19–20 April 1789To the Committee of Congress, 20 April 1789To the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati, 20 April 1789From Thomas McKean, 20 April 1789To the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Common Council of Philadelphia, 20 April 1789To the Judges of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, 20 April 1789To the President and Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, 20 April 1789From Sharp Delany, 20 April 1789From William Temple Franklin, 20 April 1789From Robert Leslie, 20 April 1789From Isaac Sherman, 20 April 1789From Richard Bache, 21 April 1789From John Bayard, 21 April 1789From Elias Boudinot, 21 April 1789From Mathew Carey, 21 April 1789From Joseph Jones, 21 April 1789From Francis Mentges, 21 April 1789To Thomas Mifflin, 21 April 1789From William Munson, 21 April 1789To the Pennsylvania Legislature, 21 April 1789From Joseph Poole, 21 April 1789To the Ladies of Trenton, 21 April 1789To the President and Faculty of Princeton College and the Inhabitants of Princeton, 21–22 April 1789From Pieter Johan van Berckel, 21 April 1789From James Wilson, 21 April 1789From the Citizens of Elizabeth, New Jersey, 22 April 1789From Elias Boudinot, 22 April 1789From John Lyle, 22 April 1789From Samuel Seely, 22 April 1789From James Booth, 23 April 1789From George Clinton, 23 April 1789From John Conway, 23 April 1789From William Heth, 23 April 1789From ——, 24 April 1789From Robert French, 24 April 1789From Moses Hazen, 24 April 1789From Robert Martin, 24 April 1789From Charles Thomson, 24 April 1789From James Tilton, 25 April 1789From Augustin-Gabriel des Hayes de La Radière, 26 April 1789From Robert Barnwell, 27 April 1789From Clement Biddle, 27 April 1789From James Cebra, 27 April 1789From Thomas McKean, 27 April 1789From William Macpherson, 27 April 1789From James Milligan, 27 April 1789From George Augustine Washington, 27 April 1789From John Beatty, 28 April 1789From James B. Nickolls, 28 April 1789From George Walker, 28 April 1789From George Biscoe, 29 April 1789From Gouverneur Morris, 29 April 1789From Abraham Baldwin, 30 April 1789From William Finnie, 30 April 1789From William Lindsay, 30 April 1789From Reuben Wilkinson, 30 April 1789First Inaugural AddressFrom Oliver Bowen, April 1789From John Lewis, April 1789To the German Lutherans of Philadelphia, April–May 1789From John Cochran, 1 May 1789From Moustier, 1 May 1789From Annis Boudinot Stockton, 1 May 1789From Anthony Walton White, 1 May 1789From John Hancock, 2 May 1789From John Lasher, 2 May 1789From Robert R. Livingston, 2 May 1789To Thomas Randall, 2 May 1789From Arthur St. Clair, 2 May 1789From Philip Schuyler, 2 May 1789From James Warren, 2 May 1789From Frederick Weissenfels, 2 May 1789From William Heth, 3 May 1789From Michael Morgan O'Brien, 4 May 1789From Philadelphia County Society for Promotion of Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures, 4 May 1789To Annis Boudinot Stockton, 4 May 1789From George Taylor, Jr., 4 May 1789To Anthony Wayne, 4 May 1789From George Bush, 5 May 1789From Elias Dayton, 5 May 1789From Alexander Hamilton, 5 May 1789To Alexander Hamilton, 5 May 1789From the United States House of Representatives, 5 May 1789To James Madison, 5 May 1789To Edward Rutledge, 5 May 1789From Lydia Watkins, 5 May 1789From Peter Baynton, 6 May 1789From Christian Febiger, 6 May 1789From Louis de Pontière, 6 May 1789From William Powell, 6 May 1789To Abraham Baldwin, 7 May 1789From John Churchman, 7 May 1789From Ebenezer Hazard, 7 May 1789To William Shippen, 7 May 1789From Richard Harrison, 8 May 1789To the United States House of Representatives, 8 May 1789From Hugh Williamson, 8 May 1789From Mary Wooster, 8 May 1789To James Bowdoin, 9 May 1789To Nathaniel Gorham, 9 May 1789To John Hancock, 9 May 1789To William Heath, 9 May 1789To Henry Knox, 9 May 1789From Henry Knox, 9 May 1789From Warner Lewis, 9 May 1789From William Mumford, 9 May 1789To the Citizens of New York City, 9 May 1789To Philip Schuyler, 9 May 1789To John Adams, 10 May 1789From Isaac All, 10 May 1789From John Berrien, 10 May 1789From Arthur Campbell, 10 May 1789To John Campbell, 10 May 1789From Frederick Jay, 10 May 1789From Thomas Jefferson, 10 May 1789From Anthony Wayne, 10 May 1789From Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, 11 May 1789From Nathaniel Barrett, 11 May 1789From Edward Carrington, 11 May 1789From Edward Church, 11 May 1789To John Jay, 11 May 1789To James Madison, 11 May 1789From Henry Remsen, 11 May 1789From Richard Stevens, 11 May 1789From Joseph Vickers, 11 May 1789From Samuel Blachley Webb, 11 May 1789From Joseph Woodward, 11 May 1789From William Young, 11 May 1789From David Salisbury Franks, 12 May 1789To James Madison, 12 May 1789From William Walton Morris, 12 May 1789From Lucy Paradise, 12 May 1789From Nathaniel Pendleton, 12 May 1789From William Stephens Smith, 12 May 1789From William Denning, 13 May 1789From Henry Knox, 13 May 1789From James McCubbin Lingan, 13 May 1789From John Sharp, 13 May 1789From Alexander Anderson, 14 May 1789 [letter not found]To William Fitzhugh, 14 May 1789From Stephen Hall, 14 May 1789To William Heth, 14 May 1789From John Jay, 14 May 1789To Joseph Jones, 14 May 1789To George Plater, 14 May 1789From Thomas Smith, 14 May 1789From Jonathan Lawrence, Jr., 15 May 1789From Robert R. Livingston, 15 May 1789 [letter not found]From William Livingston, Jr., 15 May 1789From Philip Burr Bradley, 16 May 1789From Andrew Ellicott, 16 May 1789From William Hull, 16 May 1789To Beverley Randolph, 16 May 1789From the United States Senate, 16 May 1789From John Adams, 17 May 1789To James Madison, 17 May 1789To Clement Biddle, 18 May 1789From John Campbell, 18 May 1789 [letter not found]From Mathew Carey, 18 May 1789From Hannah Cockle, 18 May 1789From John G. Gebhard, 18 May 1789From Christian Theodor Sigismund von Molitor and Georg Hermann Vulteius, 18 May 1789To the United States Senate, 18 May 1789From the Cherokee Chiefs, 19 May 1789From the Cherokee Nation, 19 May 1789From Nathaniel F. Fosdick, 19 May 1789From Moustier, 19 May 1789From Benjamin Pitfield, 19 May 1789From Robert Purviance, 19 May 1789From Charles Thomson, 19 May 1789From Arthur Young, 19 May 1789From Daniel Bedinger, 20 May 1789From Josias Carvill Hall, 20 May 1789From Robert Hoops, 20 May 1789From John Mitchell, 20 May 1789From William North, 20 May 1789From Christian Senf, 20 May 1789From John Story, 20 May 1789To Mathew Carey, 21 May 1789From Daniel Carroll, 21 May 1789From William Davies, 21 May 1789From James Kelso, 21 May 1789From Arthur Lee, 21 May 1789To Christian Theodor Sigismund von Molitor and Georg Hermann Vulteius, 21 May 1789From Hugh Williamson, 21 May 1789To Mary Wooster, 21 May 1789From Sebastian Bauman, 22 May 1789From Clement Biddle, 22 May 1789From Sylvanus Bourne, 22 May 1789To Mathew Carey, 22 May 1789From Abraham Hardenbergh, 22 May 1789From John Lamb, 22 May 1789From William Heth, 23 May 1789From Henry Knox, 23 May 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 23 May 1789From Nathaniel Sackett, 23 May 1789From Ebenezer Storer, 23 May 1789To James Warren, 23 May 1789To Warner Lewis, 24 May 1789From James McHenry, 24 May 1789From Charles Pettit, 24 May 1789From ——, 25 May 1789From Thomas Dawes, 25 May 1789From Keenetteteh, 25 May 1789To Moustier, 25 May 1789To the United States Senate, 25 May 1789From Jonathan Burrall, 26 May 1789 [letter not found]To John Gabriel Gebhard, 26 May 1789From Lambert, 26 May 1789 [letter not found]From La Vallière, 26 May 1789From John R. Livingston, 26 May 1789From Thomas Lloyd Moore, 26 May 1789From Mathew Carey, 27 May 1789From David Lenox, 27 May 1789From Benjamin Nicholson, 27 May 1789From Samuel Blackden, 28 May 1789From David Henley, 28 May 1789From Louis-Philippe Gallot de Lormerie, 28 May 1789From Samuel Vaughan, 28 May 1789From John White, 28 May 1789To Mathew Carey, 29 May 1789From John Halsted, 29 May 1789From William McKennan, 29 May 1789To the Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 29 May 1789From Andrew Morhouse, 29 May 1789To George Walton, 29 May 1789To John Campbell, 31 May 1789From James Gilliland, 31 May 1789To Lambert, 31 May 1789To Robert R. Livingston, 31 May 1789From Walter Livingston, 31 May 1789To James Madison, 31 May 1789To Gabriel Peterson Van Horne, 31 May 1789To the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, May 1789From Paul Richard Randall, May 1789To the United Baptist Churches of Virginia, May 1789From Alexander Furnival, 1 June 1789From John Courts Jones, 1 June 1789From Moustier, 1 June 1789 [letter not found]From Beverley Randolph, 1 June 1789From Benjamin Walker, 1 June 1789From Robert Birchele, 2 June 1789From Benjamin Goodhue, 2 June 1789To Moustier, 2 June 1789From George Morgan White Eyes, 2 June 1789From William Worthington, 2 June 1789From Benjamin Franklin, 3 June 1789From Andrew G. Fraunces, 3 June 1789From Joseph Hardy, 3 June 1789From Turpin Holroyd, 3 June 1789From Samuel Beebee, 4 June 1789From Leonard Bleecker, 4 June 1789From Mathew Carey, 4 June 1789From John Guarenau, 4 June 1789From Joseph Mandrillon, June 1789From Beverley Randolph, 5 June 1789From Louis XVI, 7 June 1789From Henry Bicker, 8 June 1789Circular to the Governors of the States, 8 June 1789From Count d'Estaing, 8 June 1789To Ebenezer Hazard, 8 June 1789To John Jay, 8 June 1789To William Lyles, 8 June 1789From the Board of Treasury, 9 June 1789From Henry Knox, 9 June 1789From the Board of Treasury, 10 June 1789To Mathew Carey, 10 June 1789From Richard Claiborne, 10 June 1789From James Mease McRea, 10 June 1789From Joshua Mersereau, 10 June 1789From the Board of Treasury [document with enclosures]To the United States Senate, 11 June 1789From Emmanuel Joseph Desnoyers, 12 June 1789From De Grasse, 12 June 1789From Henry Beekman Livingston, 12 June 1789To James Madison, 12 June 1789From Uzal Ogden, 12 June 1789From Thomas Duff, 13 June 1789From Charles-Guillaume-Frédéric Dumas, 13 June 1789From the Ohio Company Committee, 13 June 1789From Gabriel Peterson Van Horne, 13 June 1789From Daniel Baldwin, 15 June 1789From Mathew Carey, 15 June 1789From Henry Knox [document with enclosures]From Joseph Mandrillon, 15 June 1789From Richard Marshall Scott, 15 June 1789To the United States Senate, 15 June 1789From John Hoskins Stone, 15 June 1789