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Presidential Series (24 September 1788–30 September 1794) | Volume 3 (15 June 1789–5 September 1789) | Documents

From the Board of Treasury, 15 June 1789From Joseph Nourse, 16 June 1789From Samuel Barrett, 18 June 1789From Samuel Henshaw, 18 June 1789From Armand, 18 June 1789From Lotbinière, 18 June 1789From Thomas Melvill, 18 June 1789From Clement Biddle, 19 June 1789From George Clymer, 19 June 1789To the Governor and Council of North Carolina, 19 June 1789From George Mason, 19 June 1789From John Moylan, 19 June 1789From Jonathan Titcomb, 19 June 1789From William Davis, 20 June 1789From John Muir, 20 June 1789From Thomas Hollis Condy, 21 June 1789From James Calhoun, 22 June 1789From John Christian Ehlers, 24 June 1789From St. Cosme, 24 June 1789From Saint-Jean, 24 June 1789From Henrich Wilmans, 24 June 1789 [letter not found]From Silas Deane, 25 June 1789From John Miller, 25 June 1789From John Ross, 25 June 1789From Thomas Marshall, 26 June 1789From James Reynolds, 26 June 1789From John Gunby, 27 June 1789From Ebenezer Hazard, 27 June 1789 [letter not found]From James McHenry, 28 June 1789From Samuel Winslow, 28 June 1789To Leonard de Neufville, 29 June 1789From Zephaniah Turner, 29 June 1789From John Barry, 30 June 1789 [letter not found]From David Cook, 30 June 1789From Benjamin Goodhue, 30 June 1789From Andrew Pickens and Henry Osborne, 30 June 1789From Josiah Crane, June 1789From Patrick Dennis, June 1789From William Fitzhugh, June 1789To the German Reformed Congregations, June 1789From James Lovell, June–July 1789From Henry Lee, 1 July 1789From Jeremiah Nicols, 1 July 1789From Josiah Parker, 1 July 1789From Henry Warren, 1 July 1789From John Davidson, 2 July 1789From James McHenry, 2 July 1789From James Shaw, 2 July 1789To Ebenezer Hazard, 3 July 1789From Charles Lee, 3 July 1789From Richard Bland Lee, 3 July 1789To James McHenry, 3 July 1789From Alexander McCaskey, 4 July 1789To Thomas McKean, 4 July 1789 [letter not found]To the Society of the Cincinnati, 4 July 1789From Thomas Proctor, 5 July 1789From Otho Holland Williams, 5 July 1789To John Barry, 6 July 1789From Elizabeth Gaudin, 6 July 1789From Stephen Gregory, 6 July 1789From Isaac Huger, 6 July 1789From Henry Knox, 6 July 1789From James Nicholson, 6 July 1789To Uzal Ogden, 6 July 1789From Beverley Randolph, 6 July 1789From John Brooks, 7 July 1789From Henry Knox, 7 July 1789From Henry Knox, 7 July 1789From Henry Knox, 7 July 1789From Marinus Willett, 7 July 1789From Nathaniel Falconer, 8 July 1789From Michael Hodge, 8 July 1789From Samuel Langdon, 8 July 1789From George Morgan White Eyes, 8 July 1789Conversation with Samuel Griffin, 9 July 1789From John Noble Cumming, 9 July 1789From Constant Freeman, 9 July 1789 [letter not found]From Sturgis Gorham, 9 July 1789From Mathew Irwin [document with enclosures]To the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives, 9 July 1789From Ebenezer Sproat, 9 July 1789From Cyrus Griffin, 10 July 1789From Thomas Hartley, 10 July 1789From John Marshall, 10 July 1789 [letter not found]From William Moultrie, 10 July 1789From Dorsey Pentecost, 10 July 1789From Lewis Pintard, 10 July 1789From Nathaniel Smith, 10 July 1789To the Officials of Washington College, 11 July 1789From Edward Pemberton, 11 July 1789From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 11 July 1789From Samuel Smedley, 11 July 1789From Francis Mennis, 12 July 1789From Elizabeth Whiting, 12 July 1789From Anonymous, 13 July 1789From Joshua Mersereau, 13 July 1789From Clement Skerrett, 13 July 1789From Joseph Whipple, 13 July 1789From Jonathan Deare, 14 July 1789From Richard Harris, 14 July 1789From Thomas Howells, 14 July 1789To John Jay, 14 July 1789From John Page, 14 July 1789From John Stake, 14 July 1789From David Stuart, 14 July 1789From Otho Holland Williams, 14 July 1789From James Dunlop, 15 July 1789From Ebenezer Hazard, 15 July 1789 [letter not found]From William Imlay, 15 July 1789 [letter not found]From John Jay, 15 July 1789From Christopher Leffingwell, 15 July 1789From Rufus Putnam, 15 July 1789To Beverley Randolph, 15 July 1789From John Woodward, 15 July 1789From John Adams, 16 July 1789From Hodge, Allen, & Campbell, 16 July 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 16 July 1789From John Marsden Pintard, 16 July 1789From Charles Shnabell, 16 July 1789From James Bowdoin, 17 July 1789From William Hardy, 17 July 1789From Joseph Harris, 17 July 1789To Ebenezer Hazard, 17 July 1789To Hodge, Allen, & Campbell, 17 July 1789From John Langdon, 17 July 1789From Thomas Newton, Jr., 17 July 1789From William Reily, 17 July 1789From Ebenezer Stevens, 17 July 1789From Elias Boudinot, 18 July 1789From Giuseppe Chiappe, 18 July 1789From Israel Keith, 18 July 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 18 July 1789From Jeremiah Platt, 18 July 1789From William Thompson, 18 July 1789From James Young, 18 July 1789From Miles King, 19 July 1789From Robert Brough, 20 July 1789From Solomon Bush, 20 July 1789From Richard Graham, 20 July 1789To Abraham Hunt, 20 July 1789To Mathew Irwin, 20 July 1789From Thomas Lee, 20 July 1789From William Maclay, 20 July 1789To Thomas Mifflin, 20 July 1789From Ralph Pomeroy, 20 July 1789From George William Smith, 20 July 1789From Meriwether Smith, 20 July 1789From Abraham Hunt, 21 July 1789From James Jackson, 21 July 1789From Lotbinière, 21 July 1789From John Lynch, 21 July 1789From Herbert McElroy, 21 July 1789From Benjamin Goodhue, 22 July 1789From John D. Mercier, 22 July 1789From Michael Jenifer Stone, 22 July 1789From David Austin, 23 July 1789From the Board of Treasury, 23 July 1789From Richard Claiborne, 23 July 1789From John Eager Howard, 23 July 1789From Richard Morris, 23 July 1789From Nathaniel Pendleton, 23 July 1789From Charles Thomson, 23 July 1789From Andrew Bell, 24 July 1789From John Skey Eustace, 24 July 1789From Diego de Gardoqui, 24 July 1789From George Leonard, 24 July 1789From Betty Lewis, 24 July 1789From Edward Newenham, 24–27 July 1789From James Seagrove, 24 July 1789From Thomas Smith, 24 July 1789 [letter not found]To Charles Thomson, 24 July 1789From Henry Carbery, 25 July 1789From John Brown Cutting, 25 July 1789From Mordecai Gist, 25 July 1789From the Kentucky Convention, 25 July 1789From John Parke, 25 July 1789From Charles Thomson, 25 July 1789From Elkanah Watson, 25 July 1789From Rachel Levy, 26 July 1789To David Stuart, 26 July 1789From Reuben Wilkinson, 26 July 1789From Thaddeus Burr, 27 July 1789 [letter not found]From Bartholomew von Heer, 27 July 1789From Leonard Henley, Jr., 27 July 1789From Richard Henry Lee, 27 July 1789To Thomas Nelson, Jr., 27 July 1789George Partridge to Tobias Lear, 27 July 1789From George Walton, 27 July 1789To Bushrod Washington, 27 July 1789From Thomas Fosdick, 28 July 1789From Bernard Hubley, Jr., 28 July 1789From Henry Knox, 28 July 1789From Jonathan Lawrence, 28 July 1789From Richard Bland Lee, 28 July 1789From William Thompson, 28 July 1789From John Graham, 29 July 1789From Jorre, 29 July 1789From the Leyden Poetical Society, 29 July 1789To Edward Newenham, 29 July 1789From Benjamin Bankson, 30 July 1789From John Langdon, 30 July 1789From Robert Walker, 30 July 1789Egbert Benson to David Humphreys, 31 July 1789From Thomas Hartley, 31 July 1789From Jonathan Jackson, 31 July 1789From Gouverneur Morris, 31 July 1789From John Page, 31 July 1789From Comfort Sage, 31 July 1789From Thomas Randall, July 1789From George Davis, 1 August 1789From De Grasse, 1 August 1789From William Imlay, 1 August 1789From John H. Purviance, 1 August 1789From Stephen Sewall, 1 August 1789To Richard Henry Lee, 2 August 1789From Edmund Randolph, 2 August 1789From William Milnor, 3 August 1789From William Tate, 3 August 1789To the United States Senate, 3 August 1789From Gulian Verplanck, 3 August 1789From Nathaniel Appleton, 4 August 1789From John Mason, 4 August 1789To the New York Legislature, 4 August 1789From John Blagge, 5 August 1789To James Madison, 5 August 1789From Beverley Randolph, 5 August 1789From Hans Rudolph Saabye, 5 August 1789To the United States Senate, 5 August 1789From Pierce Butler, 6 August 1789From Robert Morris, 6 August 1789To the United States Senate, 6 August 1789To the United States Senate, 6 August 1789From Jacob Duché, 7 August 1789From Ralph Izard, 7 August 1789From Abraham Lott, 7 August 1789To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 7 August 1789From James Brice, 8 August 1789From Pierce Butler, 8 August 1789Conference with a Committee of the United States Senate, 8 August 1789From George Morgan White Eyes, 8 August 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 9 August 1789To James Madison, 9 August 1789From John Beck, 10 August 1789To Pierce Butler, 10 August 1789To Wilson Miles Cary, 10 August 1789Conference with a Committee of the United States Senate, 10 August 1789From Henry Hill, 10 August 1789From Ralph Izard, 10 August 1789From Leonard Jarvis, 10 August 1789From William Moultrie, 10 August 1789To the United States Senate and House of Representatives [document with enclosures]From Aquila Giles, 11 August 1789From Spence Grayson, 11 August 1789From Thomas Leaming, Jr., 11 August 1789To Benjamin Lincoln, 11 August 1789From Abraham Whipple, 11 August 1789From John Taylor Gilman, 12 August 1789From Stephen Gregory, 12 August 1789From Brice McGeehon, 12 August 1789From Henry Knox, 13 August 1789From Thomas Nelson, Jr., 13 August 1789From the Board of Treasury, 14 August 1789From Edward Newenham, 14–26 August 1789From Thomas Edwards, 15 August 1789From John Livingston, 15 August 1789From William Mercier, 15 August 1789To the Moravian Society for Propagating the Gospel, 15 August 1789From Walter Stewart, 15 August 1789From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 15 August 1789To Arthur Young, 15 August 1789Farm Reports, 16–22 August 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 16 August 1789From Nathaniel Ramsey, 16 August 1789To George Augustine Washington, 16 August 1789 [letter not found]To Wakelin Welch & Son, 16 August 1789From Elias Dayton, 17 August 1789From Henry Knox, 17 August 1789From Henry Knox, 17 August 1789From Eliphalet Dyer, 18 August 1789From John Elliott, Jr., 18 June 1789From John Skey Eustace, 18 August 1789 [letter not found]To Cyrus Griffin, 18 August 1789To the New York Port Wardens, 18 August 1789To Comfort Sage, 18 August 1789From Elizabeth Thompson, 18 August 1789From George Turner, 18 August 1789To the United States Senate, 18 August 1789From Wakelin Welch & Son, 18 August 1789To the Protestant Episcopal Church, 19 August 1789From Andrew Ellicott, 20 August 1789From David Jones, 20 August 1789To Benjamin Lincoln, 20 August 1789To the United States Senate, 20 August 1789From the Board of Treasury, 21 August 1789From John Hills, 21 August 1789From Francis Nichols, 21 August 1789From the Public Creditors of Pennsylvania, 21 August 1789To the United States Senate, 21 August 1789To the United States Senate, 21 August 1789From Bennet Ballew, 22 August 1789From Arthur Campbell, 22 August 1789From Robert Johnson, 22 August 1789To the United States Senate, 22 August 1789From George Walton, 22 August 1789From Nathan Brownson, 24 August 1789From James Craik, 24 August 1789From John Hurt, 24 August 1789From Thomas Lowrey, 24 August 1789From Andrew Porter, 24 August 1789From Ségur, 24 August 1789From Roger Alden, 25 August 1789From Burgess Ball, 25 August 1789From Joseph Howell, Jr., 25 August 1789From Thomas Rodney, 25 August 1789From Steuben, 25 August 1789From William Tate, 25 August 1789 [letter not found]To Henry Knox, 26 August 1789From Matthew McAllister, 26 August 1789From George McCarmick, 26 August 1789From the Oneida, 6 August 1789From George Augustine Washington, 26 August 1789From Mary Seymour Austin, 28 August 1789From William Graves, 28 August 1789To John Hurt, 28 August 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 28 August 1789To the Commissioners to the Southern Indians, 29 August 1789From James Manning, 29 August 1789Proclamation to the Southern Indians, 29 August 1789From George Walton, 30 August 1789From Anthony Wayne, 30 August 1789From Roger West, 30 August 1789From William Fitzhugh, Sr., 31 August 1789From William Jackson, 31 August 1789From George Plater, 31 August 1789To the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College, August 1789From Jonathan Burrall, August 1789From John Jay, August 1789From Robert James Livingston, August 1789From Arthur St. Clair, August 1789From Civis, 1 September 1789From George Morgan, 1 September 1789From Andrew Ellicott, 2 September 1789From George Gilpin, 2 September 1789From William Barton, 3 September 1789From Samuel Chase, 3 September 1789From Frederick Craig & Company, 3 September 1789From Samuel A. Otis, 3 September 1789To Henry Knox, 4 September 1789From Michael Hillegas, 5 September 1789From John Kean, 5 September 1789To Henry Knox, 5 September 1789From Robert Smith, 5 September 1789