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Presidential Series (24 September 1788–30 September 1794) | Volume 4 (8 September 1789–15 January 1790) | Documents

To James Craik, 8 September 1789From the inhabitants of Kentucky, 8 September 1789 [letter not found]To James Madison, 8 September 1789To Edmund Randolph, 8 September 1789From Richard Bland Lee, 9 September 1789Ratification of the Consular Convention with France, 9 September 1789From Abraham Bancker, 10 September 1789From George Cornell, 10 September 1789From the Rhode Island Legislature, 10–19 September 1789From Pierre L'Enfant, 11 September 1789To the United States Senate, 11 September 1789From John Taylor Gilman, 12 September 1789From John Parker, Sr., 12 September 1789To the Pennsylvania Legislature, 12 September 1789From David Stuart, 12 September 1789From Benjamin Thompson, 12 September 1789To Betty Washington Lewis, 13 September 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 14 September 1789To the Rhode Island Society of the Cincinnati, 14 September 1789From Arthur St. Clair, 14 September 1789From George Thacher, 14 September 1789To Arthur Campbell, 15 September 1789To George Gilpin, 15 September 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 16 September 1789To Margaret Tilghman Carroll, 16 September 1789From Benjamin Franklin, 16 September 1789From Samuel Meredith, 16 September 1789To the United States Senate, 16 September 1789To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 16 September 1789Tobias Lear to Henry Knox, 17 September 1789From Andrew Moore, 17 September 1789To the United States Senate, 17 September 1789From Bellegard, 18 September 1789 [letter not found]From Clement Gosselin, 18 September 1789From William McWhir, 18 September 1789 [letter not found]From James Read, 18 September 1789From Ann Carter Willis, 18 September 1789From Hugh Williamson, 19 September 1789From Edward Archer, 21 September 1789From Ebenezer Hazard, 21 September 1789 [letter not found]From David Humphreys, 21 September 1789From William Smith, 21 September 1789To David Stuart, 21 September 1789From William Grayson, 22 September 1789To Benjamin Franklin, 23 September 1789To James Madison, 23 September 1789From John Page, 23 September 1789To Thomas Smith, 23 September 1789From Isaac Stephens, 23 September 1789To John Canon, 24 September 1789To Constant Freeman, Jr., 24 September 1789From William Littlefield, 24 September 1789To the United States Senate, 24 September 1789From Benjamin Fishbourn, 25 September 1789From John Hall, 25 September 1789To Alexander Hamilton, 25 September 1789From Joseph Martin, 25 September 1789 [letter not found]To the United States Senate, 25 September 1789From David Humphreys, 26 September 1789From Beverley Randolph, 26 September 1789To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 26 September 1789From William Bedlow, 27 September 1789From David Humphreys, 27 September 1789From John Sullivan, 27 September 1789From Henry Bicker, Jr., 28 September 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 28 September 1789To Robert Hanson Harrison, 28 September 1789From Moses Michael Hays, 28 September 1789To Thomas Johnson, 28 September 1789To Samuel Langdon, 28 September 1789To Edmund Pendleton, 28 September 1789To John J. Pringle, 28 September 1789 [letter not found]To Edmund Randolph, 28 September 1789To Thomas Hartley, 29 September 1789From Benjamin Palmer, 29 September 1789Proclamation on the Treaty of Fort Harmar, 29 September 1789To John Rutledge, 29 September 1789To the United States Senate, 29 September 1789To the United States Senate [document with enclosures]To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 29 September 1789To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 29 September 1789From Hezekiah Welch, 29 September 1789From Zacharias Sickels, September 1789From Betty Washington Lewis, 1 October 1789From Jacob Richardson, 1 October 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 2 October 1789Circular to the Governors of the States, 2 October 1789From John Moriarty, 2 October 1789Circular to the Governors of the States, 3 October 1789From James Duane, 3 October 1789Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3 October 1789From Solomon Bush, 4 October 1789From William Dawson, 5 October 1789To John Jay, 5 October 1789From John O'Connor, 5 October 1789From Samuel Osgood, 5 October 1789To Arthur St. Clair, 6 October 1789From Pierre Marmie, 7 October 1789From Burgess Ball and Charles Carter, 8 October 1789From John Dandridge, 8 October 1789From John Macpherson, 8 October 1789From James Maury, 8 October 1789From Wakelin Welch & Son, 8 October 1789From Henry Knox, 9 October 1789To Louis XVI, 9 October 1789From Richard Law, 10 October 1789From Edward Newenham, 10 October 1789From Lewis Nicola, 10 October 1789From Otho Holland Williams, 10 October 1789From William Allibone, 12 October 1789To Henry Laurens, 12 October 1789To Betty Washington Lewis, 12 October 1789To William McWhir, 12 October 1789To Joseph Mandrillon, 12 October 1789To John Mason, 12 October 1789To Thomas Newton, Jr., 12 October 1789To Henrich Wilmans, 12 October 1789From John Blair, 13 October 1789To D'Estaing, 13 October 1789Tobias Lear to Alexander Hamilton, 13 October 1789From David Humphreys, 13 October 1789From John Jay, 13 October 1789To Thomas Jefferson, 13 October 1789To Armand, 13 October 1789To Gouverneur Morris, 13 October 1789To Gouverneur Morris, 13 October 1789To Rochambeau, 13 October 1789To the Society of Quakers, 13 October 1789From Beauregard and Bourgeois, 14 October 1789To Lafayette, 14 October 1789From John Marshall, 14 October 1789From James Mercer, 15 October 1789From Thomas Paine, 16 October 1789To the Congregational Ministers of New Haven, 17 October 1789To the Connecticut Legislature, 17 October 1789From H. Duplessis, 17 October 1789To Burgess Ball and Charles Carter, 18 October 1789From Henry Knox, 18 October 1789From James Wilson, 18 October 1789From Samuel Coleman, 19 October 1789From Alexander Hamilton, 20 October 1789To the Officials of Hartford, 20 October 1789From William Reynolds, 20 October 1789From Thomas Smith, 20 October 1789From John Hancock, 21 October 1789To John Hancock, 22 October 1789From Henry Knox, 22 October 1789From Thomas Pinckney, 22 October 1789From John Hancock, 23 October 1789To John Hancock, 23 October 1789From Orina, 23 October 1789From George Cabot, 24 October 1789From Thomas Fielder, 24 October 1789From the Massachusetts Legislature, 24 October 1789From Thomas Newton, 24 October 1789 [letter not found]From Jonathan Titcomb, 24 October 1789From Jabez Bowen, 25 October 1789From Henry Knox, 25 October 1789From Matthew Whiting, 25 October 1789From Edward Carrington, 26 October 1789From John Hancock, 26 October 1789To John Hancock, 26 October 1789From Michael Lacassagne, 26 October 1789From Warner Lewis, 26 October 1789From Moses D. Nathans, 26 October 1789To the Citizens of Boston, 27 October 1789From Thomas Bartholomew Bowen, 27 October 1789From Richard Cary, 27 October 1789To the Society of the Cincinnati of Massachusetts, 27 October 1789From John Coles, 27 October 1789From Cadwallader Ford, Jr., 27 October 1789To the President and Fellows of Harvard University, 27 October 1789From Henry Knox, 27 October 1789To the Massachusetts Legislature, 27 October 1789From Jacob Milligan, 27 October 1789From John Sullivan, 27 October 1789From Sampson Brown, 28 October 1789From David Humphreys, 28 October 1789From the Massachusetts Veterans, 28 October 1789To the Inhabitants of Salem, 29 October 1789From the Vermont Legislature, 29 October 1789From Catherine Sawbridge Macaulay Graham, 30 October 1789To the Citizens of Newburyport, 30 October 1789From John C. Ogden, 30 October 1789From Piomingo, 30 October 1789 [letter not found]From John Sullivan, 30 October 1789From Edward Rutledge, 31 October 1789 [letter not found]To the Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in North America, October 1789[To the Society of Quakers, October 1789 - document moved]From the Citizens of Haverhill, Mass., 1 November 1789From Francis Willis, Jr., 1 November 1789To the Citizens of Marblehead, 2 November 1789To the Citizens of Portsmouth, 2 November 1789To the Presbyterian Ministers of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, 2 November 1789To the Governor and Legislature of New Hampshire, 3 November 1789From William Dawson, 4 November 1789From Joseph Willard, 7 November 1789From Nicholas Eveleigh, 8 November 1789To Samuel Taft, 8 November 1789From John Bondfield, 12 November 1789From Nathaniel Ramsay, 12 November 1789From Joseph Jones, 15 November 1789From Pierce Butler, 16 November 1789From Sarah Gardner, 16 November 1789From Samuel Osgood, 16 November 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 17 November 1789From Andrew Dunscomb, 17 November 1789From Fenwick, 17 November 1789 [letter not found]From Samuel Goodwin, 17 November 1789To James Mercer, 17 November 1789To Alexander Anderson, 18 November 1789From William Cushing, 18 November 1789To William Drayton, 18 November 1789Tobias Lear to Henry Knox, 18 November 1789To George Augustine Washington, 19 November 1789 [letter not found]From James Madison, 20 November 1789From George Plater, 20 November 1789From Henry Knox, 21 November 1789Tobias Lear to Henry Knox, 21 November 1789From Charles-Bertin-Gaston Chapuy de Tourville, 21 November 1789Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 22 November 1789From Edmund Randolph, 22 November 1789From George Savage, 22 November 1789To Otho Holland Williams, 22 November 1789To John Brown Cutting, 23 November 1789To Thomas Newton, Jr., 23 November 1789To Edward Rutledge, 23 November 1789To Abigail Adams, 24 November 1789From David Sewall, 24 November 1789From Samuel Goodwin, 25 November 1789From Elijah Jackson, 25 November 1789Tobias Lear to Henry Knox, 25 November 1789From Edmund Randolph, 26 November 1789From James Boyd, 27 November 1789From Joseph Buckminster, 27 November 1789From Henry Knox, 27 November 1789From Winthrop Sargent, 27 November 1789From Thomasin Gordon, 28 November 1789Tobias Lear to Alexander Hamilton, 28 November 1789From David Ross, 28 November 1789From John Trumbull, 29 November 1789Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 30 November 1789To John Jay, 30 November 1789To Thomas Jefferson, 30 November 1789To James McHenry, 30 November 1789From the Citizens of Mero District, North Carolina, 30 November 1789To Edmund Randolph, 30 November 1789From Corbin Washington, 30 November 1789To George Augustine Washington, 30 November 1789 [letter not found]From Joseph Ogle, November 1789To John Jay, 1 December 1789To Sidi Mohammed, 1 December 1789From John Habersham, 2 December 1789From David Stuart, 3 December 1789Tobias Lear to William Duer, 4 December 1789From Joseph Mandrillon, 4 December 1789To the New Jersey Legislature, 4 December 1789From the North Carolina Ratifying Convention, 4 December 1789From Christian Febiger, 5 December 1789From Fenwick, Mason, & Company, 5 December 1789From Harry Innes, 5 December 1789From William McNamara, 5 December 1789From James Madison, 5 December 1789From William Shepard, 5 December 1789Farm Reports, 6–12 December 1789From Edmund Randolph, 6 December 1789William Jackson to Clement Biddle, 7 December 1789From Fenwick, 7 December 1789 [letter not found]From George Washington, 8 December 1789From Elijah Hunter, 9 December 1789To John Jay, 9 December 1789William Jackson to ——, 9 December 1789From Robert Morris, 9 December 1789 [letter not found]From Samuel Osgood, 9 December 1789From Samuel Powel, 9 December 1789Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 10 December 1789To Samuel Hanson, 10 December 1789 [letter not found]From Samuel Hanson of Samuel, 10 December 1789[To the New Jersey Legislature, 10 December 1789 - document moved]From Edmund Randolph, 11 December 1789From James Vaughan, 11 December 1789 [letter not found]From Hopley Yeaton, 11 December 1789From Philip Dalby, 12 December 1789From the Representatives of Ohio, Monongahela, Harrison, and Randolph Counties, Virginia, 12 December 1789From John Walker, 13 December 1789To Robert Morris, 14 December 1789From Charles Pinckney, 14 December 1789To Beverley Randolph, 14 December 1789From George Augustine Washington, 14 December 1789From Jabez Bowen, 15 December 1789From Thomas Jefferson, 15 December 1789From Charles Morrell, 15 December 1789To Samuel Powel, 15 December 1789From Edmund Randolph, 15 December 1789To the Chiefs of the Choctaw Nation, 17 December 1789To Alexander Hamilton, 17 December 1789George Augustine Washington to John Francis Mercer, 17 December 1789Tobias Lear to Alexander Hamilton, 18 December 1789From Beverley Randolph, 18 December 1789From John Paul Jones, 20 December 1789Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 21 December 1789From Diego de Gardoqui, 21 December 1789To Joseph Buckminster, 23 December 1789From Mary Katherine Goddard, 23 December 1789To Samuel Huntington, 23 December 1789From Edmund Randolph, 23 December 1789From James Read, 23 December 1789William Jackson to George Turner, 23 December 1789To Joseph Willard, 23 December 1789To William Fitzhugh, 24 December 1789From Benjamin Lincoln, 24 December 1789Tobias Lear to John Henry Livingston, 24 December 1789From Alexander Martin, 24 December 1789From “An Old Soldier”, 25 December 1789From John Ely, 25 December 1789Indenture with William Gray, 25 December 1789From Charles Thomson [document with enclosures]From Burgess Ball, 26 December 1789From Perez Morton, 26 December 1789From Poellnitz, 26 December 1789To Jabez Bowen, 27 December 1789From Christopher and George Champlin, 27 December 1789From George Clendinen, 27 December 1789From Bushrod Washington, 27 December 1789From Thomas Harwood, 28 December 1789To Samuel Huntington, 28 December 1789 [letter not found]To George Augustine Washington, 28 December 1789 [letter not found]From John Daves, 29 December 1789To the Georgia Legislature, December 1789Farm Reports: Statement of Crops for 1789From Alexander Hamilton, 1789–1795From the Invalid Pensioners of Pennsylvania, 1789To John Jay, 1789–1797From Michael McDonnell, 1789Washington's Memoranda on Indian Affairs, 1789Memoranda on Thomas Jefferson's Letters, 27 August 1789From Pierre Penet, 1789From Alexander White, 1789From Nathaniel Keais, 1 January 1790From John Tanner, 1 January 1790From Joseph Willard, 1 January 1790To the South Carolina Society of the Cincinnati, 2 January 1790From Matthew Clarkson, 2 January 1790From Samuel Huntington, 2 January 1790From Armand, 2 January 1790From Winthrop Sargent, 2 January 1790From Samuel Shaw, 2 January 1790Farm Reports, 3–9 January 1790From David Forman, 3 January 1790 [letter not found]From Alexander Hamilton, 3 January 1790From Samuel Meredith, 3 January 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 4 January 1790William Jackson to John Jay, 4 January 1790From Christian Charles de Klauman, 4 January 1790From Henry Knox, 4 January 1790From James Madison, 4 January 1790To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 4 January 1790Tobias Lear to Alexander Hamilton, 5 January 1790To Sarah Bomford, 6 January 1790From James Coor, 7 January 1790From John Christopher Kunze, 7 January 1790David Humphreys to John Jay, 8 January 1790To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 8 January 1790From William Temple Franklin, 9 January 1790To Catharine Sawbridge Macaulay Graham, 9 January 1790From Joseph Mandrillon, 9 January 1790From Francis Adrian Van der Kemp, 9 January 1790From Thomas Hickling, 10 January 1790[From Edmund Randolph, 10 Jan. 1790 - document moved]To Noah Webster, 10 January 1790From Moustier, 11 January 1790To Charles Pinckney, 11 January 1790From Beverley Randolph, 11 January 1790From Edward Rutledge, 11 January 1790 [letter not found]To the United States Senate, 11 January 1790To the United States Senate, 11 January 1790To the United States Senate: Answer to the Address of the Senate, 11 January 1790From Lafayette, 12 January 1790To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 12 January 1790From Philemon Dickinson, 13 January 1790From David Jones, 13 January 1790Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 14 January 1790From the Marquise de Lafayette, 14 January 1790From Beverley Randolph, 14 January 1790To the United States House of Representatives, 14 January 1790To the United States Senate, 14 January 1790To Gabriel Dupare de Bellegard, 15 January 1790From Andrew Ellicott, 15 January 1790From James Ewing, 15 January 1790From Clement Hall, 15 January 1790To Edward Newenham, 15 January 1790From George Augustine Washington, 15 January 1790