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Presidential Series (24 September 1788–30 September 1794) | Volume 6 (1 July 1790–30 November 1790) | Documents

To Diego de Gardoqui, 1 July 1790To Ségur, 1 July 1790To the United States Senate, 2 July 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 3 July 1790From Hugh Nelson, 3 July 1790From Philemon Waters, 3 July 1790From Martha Dangerfield Bland, 4 July 1790From James Mercer, 4 July 1790From Charles Pinckney, 4 July 1790To George Augustine Washington, 4 July 1790 [letter not found]To the People of South Carolina, 5 July 1790Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 6 July 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 6 July 1790Franco Petrus Van Berckel to Tobias Lear, 6 July 1790To Gouverneur Morris, 7 July 1790David Humphreys to John Adams, 8 July 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 8 July 1790To Charles Pinckney, 8 July 1790From James Wood, 8 July 1790From Anonymous, 9 July 1790From Fenwick, Mason, & Company, 9 July 1790From William Temple Franklin, 9 July 1790From Beverley Randolph, 10 July 1790Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 11 July 1790Planting Plans, 11 July 1790From Robert Denny, 12 July 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 12 July 1790From Thomas Jefferson [document with enclosures]From “Junius Americanus”, 12 July 1790From Thomas McKean, 12 July 1790From Moustier, 12 July 1790Tobias Lear to Alexander Hamilton, 13 July 1790Roger Alden to Tobias Lear, 14 July 1790From Burrill Devereux, 15 July 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 15–22 July 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 15 July 1790From George Cabot, 16 July 1790From George Augustine Washington, 16 July 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 17 July 1790From Juan Nepomuceno de Quesada, 17 July 1790From William Loughton Smith, 17 July 1790Tobias Lear to Richard Varick, 19 July 1790To Clement Biddle, 20 July 1790From Battaile Muse, 20 July 1790From the Commissioners for Settling Accounts, 21 July 1790From William Godwin, 21 July 1790From Thomas McCabe, 21 July 1790Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 22 July 1790Indenture with Jedediah Sanger, 22 July 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 22 July 1790From Clement Biddle, 23 July 1790From J. Huiberts, 23 July 1790John Fenno to Tobias Lear, 24 July 1790From David Harris, 24 July 1790From Rufus Putnam, 24 July 1790From Elbridge Gerry, 26 July 1790From William Heron, 26 July 1790Tobias Lear to Captain Hollis, 26 July 1790To Thomas Jefferson, 26 July 1790From Ebenezer Brush, 28 July 1790From William Nichols, 28 July 1790From Noah Webster, 28 July 1790From William Barton, 29 July 1790From Jacques Michel Guillaume Bénière, 29 July 1790From Samuel Osgood, 29 July 1790From George Hazard Peckham, 29 July 1790From Winthrop Sargent [document with enclosures]From William Jackson, 31 July 1790From Henry Latimer, 31 July 1790From Winthrop Sargent, 31 July 1790From George Augustine Washington, 31 July–20 August 1790 [letter not found]From William Moultrie, July 1790From Clement Biddle, 1 August 1790From Winthrop Sargent, 1 August 1790From James Ewing, 2 August 1790From Alexander Contee Hanson, 2 August 1790From Joseph Hardy, 2 August 1790From John Neilson, 2 August 1790From Richard Peters, 2 August 1790From Abishai C. Thomas, 2 August 1790To the United States Senate, 2 August 1790From Beverley Randolph [document with enclosures]From William Shute, 4 August 1790To the United States Senate [document with enclosures]From Alexander Hamilton, 5 August 1790From William Patterson, 5 August 1790From James Schureman, 5 August 1790From John Moylan, 6 August 1790From Charles Peale Polk, 6 August 1790To the United States Senate, 6 August 1790To the United States Senate, 6 August 1790To the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 6 August 1790From Timothy Bloodworth, 7 August 1790From Henry Knox, 7 August 1790To the United States Senate, 7 August 1790To the United States Senate, 7 August 1790From Jeremiah Wadsworth, 7 August 1790From Caleb Gibbs, 8 August 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 8 August 1790To George Augustine Washington, 8 August 1790 [letter not found]To James Wood, 8 August 1790From John Churchman, 9 August 1790To the Convention of the Universal Church, 9 August 1790From Abiel Easterbrooks, 9 August 1790Tobias Lear to Sarah Nestor, 9 August 1790To the United States Senate, 9 August 1790To Diego de Gardoqui, 10 August 1790To La Luzerne, 10 August 1790To Thomas Paine, 10 August 1790To Rochambeau, 10 August 1790To the United States Senate, 10 August 1790To Lafayette, 11 August 1790From George Lux, 11 August 1790To the United States Senate, 11 August 1790From “John A. Dingwell”, 12 August 1790To Edmund Randolph, 12 August 1790From Edmund Randolph, 12 August 1790 [letter not found]To Alexander Hamilton, 13 August 1790To Henry Knox, 13 August 1790From Samuel Meredith, 13 August 1790To Gouverneur Morris, 14 August 1790Proclamation, 14 August 1790From Edward Newenham, 15–28 August 1790From Peter Delivet, 16 August 1790From “John A. Dingwell”, 16 August 1790From John Hoomes, 16 August 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 16 August 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 16 August 1790Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 17 August 1790“John A. Dingwell” to Henry Knox or Tobias Lear, 17 August 1790From Jacob Isaacks, 17 August 1790To the Clergy of Newport, Rhode Island, 18 August 1790Tobias Lear to “John A. Dingwell”, 18 August 1790To the Freemen of Newport, Rhode Island, 18 August 1790To the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island, 18 August 1790To the Masons of King David's Lodge, Newport, Rhode Island, 18 August 1790Memorandum from Tobias Lear [document with enclosures]To the Inhabitants of Providence, Rhode Island, 19 August 1790To the Corporation of Rhode Island College, 19 August 1790From “A Friend”, 20 August 1790From Armand, 20 August 1790From Samuel Witham Stockton, 20 August 1790From Daniel Tillinghast, 20 August 1790From George Augustine Washington, 20 August 1790From Samuel G. Dorr, 23 August 1790From Lafayette, 23 August 1790From William Paterson, 23 August 1790To Beverley Randolph, 24 August 1790From Edmund Randolph, 24 August 1790 [letter not found]From the St. Tammany's Society, 24 August 1790 [letter not found]To Richard Varick et al., 24 August 1790From James Simpson, 25 August 1790From Samuel Bard, 26 August 1790To the Governor and Council of North Carolina, 26 August 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 26 August 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 26 August 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 26 August 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 26 August 1790Proclamation, 26 August 1790To Edmund Randolph, 26 August 1790To John Adams [document with enclosures]To John Jay, 27 August 1790 [letter not found]To Thomas Jefferson, 27 August 1790To Henry Knox, 27 August 1790 [letter not found]To Henry Lee, 27 August 1790To John Adams, 28 August 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 28 August 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 28 August 1790To John Hancock, 28 August 1790From John Jay, 28 August 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 28 August 1790From Benjamin Waterhouse, 28 August 1790 [letter not found]From John Adams, 29 August 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 29 August 1790From Henry Knox, 29 August 1790Memorandum from Thomas Jefferson, 29 August 1790Memorandum from James Madison, 29 August 1790Authorization for Tobias Lear, 30 August 1790From Phebe Baldwin, 30 August 1790From James McHenry, 30 August 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 30 August 1790To Thomas Randall, 30 August 1790From David Humphreys, 1 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 3 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 3 September 1790From Timothy Pickering, 3 September 1790From Shubael Swain, 3 September 1790From John Claypoole, 4 September 1790To Timothy Pickering, 4 September 1790To Tobias Lear, 5 September 1790From Timothy Pickering [document with enclosures]From Henry Knox [document with enclosures]To Clement Biddle, 9 September 1790 [letter not found]To David & Francis Clark, 9 September 1790 [letter not found]To Tobias Lear, 9 September 1790To Robert Morris, 9 September 1790From John O'Donnell, 9 September 1790From Edmund Randolph, 9 September 1790 [letter not found]From John Hague, 10 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 10 September 1790From Edmund Randolph, 10 September 1790 [letter not found]From Louis XVI, 11 September 1790From Thomas Marshall, 11 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 12 September 1790From Charles Lee, 12 September 1790From David & Francis Clark, 13 September 1790From the United States Supreme Court Justices, 13 September 1790To Charles Carter of Ludlow, 14 September 1790Memorandum from Thomas Jefferson, 14 September 1790From Joshua Barney, 15 September 1790From Joseph Greenway, 15 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton [document with enclosures]From Betty Washington Lewis, 16 September 1790To David & Francis Clark, 17 September 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 17 September 1790To Tobias Lear, 17 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 17 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 18 September 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 18 September 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 20 September 1790From James Iredell, 20 September 1790To Tobias Lear, 20 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 20 September 1790To Charles Lee, 20 September 1790From John William Gerar de Brahm, 21 September 1790From John Dandridge, 21 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 21 September 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 21 September 1790From John Blair, 22 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 22 September 1790From Clement Biddle, 23 September 1790From William McRea, 24 September 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 24 September 1790From Tobias Lear, 26 September 1790From Edmund Randolph, 26 September 1790 [letter not found]From Nathaniel Gilman, 27 September 1790 [letter not found]To Alexander Hamilton, 27 September 1790To Tobias Lear, 27 September 1790To James Innes, 28 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 29 September 1790From Richard Henry Lee, 29 September 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 30 September 1790From Daniel Waters, 30 September 1790From Samuel Tucker, 1 October 1790Tobias Lear to Clement Biddle, 3 October 1790To Tobias Lear, 3 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 3 October 1790To Edmund Randolph, 3 October 1790From Ralph Hart Bowles, 4 October 1790From Kentucky Convention, 4 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 5 October 1790From John Boyle, 6 October 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 6 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 6 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 6 October 1790From James Tilghman, Sr., 6 October 1790From John Rice, 7 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 8 October 1790To Tobias Lear, 10 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 10 October 1790From Nicholas Pariset, 10 October 1790Agreement of Georgetown, Md., Property Owners, 13 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 14 October 1790From Stephen Sayre, 15 October 1790From Edward Newenham, 16 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 17 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 17 October 1790From Elizabeth Haynie, 19 October 1790 [letter not found]To Elizabethtown, Md., Citizens, 20 October 1790From Mary Harding Bristow, 22 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 24 October 1790From Jeremy Belknap, 25 October 1790To William Temple Franklin, 25 October 1790From Henry Knox, 25 October 1790From Samuel Waldo, 25 October 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 26 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 26 October 1790From Thomas Jefferson, 27 October 1790To Tobias Lear, 27 October 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 28 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 28 October 1790From John Mitchel, 29 October 1790From David Humphreys, 31 October 1790To Tobias Lear, 31 October 1790From Tobias Lear, 31 October 1790To Moustier, 1 November 1790From Otho Holland Williams, 1 November 1790To Henry Knox, 2 November 1790From William Deakins, Jr., 3 November 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 4 November 1790From Alexander Hamilton, 4 November 1790From Benjamin Hawkins, 4 November 1790From David Humphreys, 4 November 1790 [letter not found]To Henry Knox, 4 November 1790From Tobias Lear, 4–5 November 1790From James Keith, 6 November 1790From Moustier, 6 November 1790To James Tilghman, Sr., 6 November 1790From the Assembly of the Northern Province of Saint Domingue, 7 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 7 November 1790From Tobias Lear, 7 November 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 8 November 1790Joseph Nourse to Tobias Lear, 8 November 1790Indenture with Thomas Green, 9 November 1790–14 December 1791From the Marquise de Lafayette, 9 November 1790From William Marshall, 9 November 1790To Alexander Hamilton, 10 November 1790 [letter not found]To Abishai C. Thomas, 10 November 1790 [letter not found]From John Howell, 11 November 1790From Francis Deakins, 12 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 12 November 1790From Daniel McLane, 12 November 1790From John Jay, 13 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 14 November 1790From Tobias Lear, 14 November 1790From Isaac Backus, 15 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 17 November 1790From William Deakins, Jr., 18 November 1790To William Heth, 18 November 1790 [letter not found]From the Comtesse de Rochambeau, 18 November 1790To James Wood, 18 November 1790To John Jay, 19 November 1790To Henry Knox, 19 November 1790To Benjamin Waterhouse, 19 November 1790To James Henry, 20 November 1790From Henry Putnam, 20 November 1790To the Rhode Island Legislature, 20 November 1790From Stephen Sayre, 20 November 1790To Benjamin Harrison, Jr., 21 November 1790From Tobias Lear, 21 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 22 November 1790From Gouverneur Morris, 22 November 1790To Tobias Lear, 23 November 1790From Thomas Nelson, 24 November 1790From George Clinton, 26 November 1790From Angelica Schuyler Church, 27 November 1790 [letter not found]From Henry Lee, 28 November 1790To George Augustine Washington, 28 November 1790 [letter not found]From Thomas Jefferson, 29 November 1790From Beverley Randolph, 29 November 1790From Wakelin Welch & Son, 29 November 1790From David Humphreys, 30 November 1790