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Retirement Series (4 March 1797–13 December 1799) | Volume 1 (4 March 1797–30 December 1797) | Documents

From Henry Hill, 4 March 1797From Matthias Slough, 4 March 1797To Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, 5 March 1797To George Ball, 6 March 1797From Oliver Ellsworth, 6 March 1797To Caleb Gibbs, 6 March 1797From William Hamilton, 6 March 1797To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 6 March 1797To Rhode Island Society of the Cincinnati, 6 March 1797To John Sinclair, 6 March 1797From Madame Bacler Van Berckel, 6 March 1797To Jeremiah Wadsworth, 6 March 1797From Elias Boudinot, 7 March 1797From Lewis Peabody, 7 March 1797From James Anderson, 8 March 1797To Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 8 March 1797To Tobias Lear, 9 March 1797From Arthur Fenner, 10 March 1797To Tobias Lear, 10 March 1797From Elizabeth Willing Powel, 11–13 March 1797Address of Baltimore City Council, 12 March 1797From Landon Carter, 12 March 1797To Tobias Lear, 12 March 1797From John Fitzgerald and James Craik, 13 March 1797From Edmund Pendleton, 13 March 1797To Timothy Pickering, 14 March 1797From Thomas Erskine, 15 March 1797From Tobias Lear, 15 March 1797From Tobias Lear, 20 March 1797From Francis Peyton, Jr., 20 March 1797From Timothy Pickering, 21 March 1797From Gustavus Scott, 21 March 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 22 March 1797From John Turberville, 22 March 1797From James McHenry, 24 March 1797From William Bingham, 25 March 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 25 March 1797To Tobias Lear, 25 March 1797To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 26 March 1797To Alexander Spotswood, 26 March 1797From James Gillis, 28 March 1797From John Sinclair, 29 March 1797From Joseph Fay, 30 March 1797George Lewis to GW, 31 March 1797 [letter not found]From Alexander Spotswood, 31 March 1797From Priscilla Beale, 2 April 1797Farm Reports, 2–8 April 1797To Henry Lee, Jr., 2 April 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 3 April 1797To Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 3 April 1797To James McHenry, 3 April 1797GW to Bartholomew Dandridge, 5 April 1797 [letter not found]From Thomas Hatfield, 5 April 1797From Timothy Pickering, 5 April 1797From Timothy Pickering, 5 April 1797From Isaac Price, 5 April 1797From James McHenry, 6 April 1797From Battaile Muse, 6 April 1797To James Anderson (of Scotland), 7 April 1797From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 8 April 1797Farm Reports, 9–15 April 1797To George Lewis, 9 April 1797From John Eager Howard, 10 April 1797From James McHenry, 10 April 1797From Robert Morris, 10 April 1797To Timothy Pickering, 10 April 1797From Alexander Smith, 10 April 1797From Timothy Pickering, 11 April 1797From Henry Lee, Jr., 15 April 1797From George Lewis, 15 April 1797Farm Reports, 16–22 April 1797From William Heath, 17 April 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 19 April 1797From Reed & Forde, 20 April 1797From Timothy Pickering, 21 April 1797From William Charles Cole Claiborne, 22 April 1797To Gustavus Scott, 22 April 1797From Elizabeth Foote Washington, 22 April 1797Farm Reports, 23–29 April 1797From Gustavus Scott, 23 April 1797From George Ball, 24 April 1797From Joshua Humphreys, 24 April 1797To Paul Revere et al., 24 April 1797From St. George Tucker, 24 April 1797From Elizabeth Foote Washington, 24 April 1797From Saunders A. Read, 25 April 1797From Gustavus Scott, 25 April 1797From John Trumbull, 25 April 1797From Rufus King, 26 April 1797From Patrick McCarty, 26 April 1797From George Gilpin, 27 April 1797From Miles King, 27 April 1797From Timothy Pickering, 27 April 1797To Timothy Pickering, 28 April 1797GW to Gustavus Scott, 28 April 1797 [letter not found]From Gustavus Scott, 29 April 1797To John Eager Howard, 30 April 1797To Enoch Edwards, 1 May 1797To Mary White Morris, 1 May 1797From William Herbert, 2 May 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 2 May 1797To George Ball, 7 May 1797To James McAlpin, 7 May 1797From Mary White Morris, 9 May 1797From Ludwell Lee, 11 May 1797From Gustavus Scott, 11 May 1797From George Pearson, 12 May 1797From James McHenry, 14 May 1797From James McAlpin, 15 May 1797To Stephen Milburn, 15 May 1797To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 15 May 1797From James Angell, 16 May 1797From Timothy Pickering, 16 May 1797From Landon Carter, 18 May 1797Samuel Stanhope Smith to GW, 18 May 1797 [letter not found]From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 18 May 1797To Reed & Forde, 19 May 1797To William Heath, 20 May 1797From William Neil, 21 May 1797From Newburgh Burroughs, 22 May 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 22 May 1797From William Hartshorne, 24 May 1797To Samuel Stanhope Smith, 24 May 1797From Thomas Dockery, 25 May 1797To Clement Biddle, 28 May 1797To Thomas Pinckney, 28 May 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 29 May 1797To James McHenry, 29 May 1797To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 29 May 1797To William Charles Cole Claiborne, 30 May 1797To St. George Tucker, 30 May 1797From Tobias Lear, 31 May 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 31 May 1797From Charles Landon Carter, 2 June 1797From Callohill Mennis, 2 June 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 4 June 1797From Reed & Forde, 5 June 1797From Timothy Pickering, 6 June 1797To Daniel Jenifer, Jr., 7 June 1797To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 7 June 1797To Clement Biddle, 8 June 1797From Clement Biddle, 8 June 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 8 June 1797From Jedidiah Morse, 8 June 1797From John Sinclair, 9 June 1797From David Henley, 11 June 1797To John Fitzgerald, 12 June 1797From John Fitzgerald, 12 June 1797To Timothy Pickering, 12 June 1797To Gustavus Scott, 12 June 1797From B. N. M., 13 June 1797To Thomas Peter, 14 June 1797To Jacob Van Vleck, 14 June 1797GW to Rufus King, 15 June 1797 [letter not found]From James McHenry, 15 June 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 15 June 1797From Gustavus Scott, 16 June 1797To James Anderson, 18 June 1797From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 18 June 1797From Thomas Pinckney, 18 June 1797To Gustavus Scott, 19 June 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 20 June 1797 [letter not found]From James Anderson (of Scotland), 21 June 1797From James Anderson, 21 June 1797From Gustavus Scott, 22 June 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 23 June 1797To Dumas, 24 June 1797To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 24 June 1797To Gustavus Scott, 24 June 1797To Ségur, 24 June 1797To John Quincy Adams, 25 June 1797To Rufus King, 25 June 1797From Gustavus Scott, 25 June 1797To William Booker, 26 June 1797To Edward Carrington, 26 June 1797To Charles Carter, Jr., 26 June 1797To David Humphreys, 26 June 1797To Richard Peters, 26 June 1797To Timothy Pickering, 28 June 1797From Edward Carrington, 30 June 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 1 July 1797From Timothy Pickering, 1 July 1797From Charles Carter, Jr., 2 July 1797To James Ross, 2 July 1797To Clement Biddle, 3 July 1797From William Booker, 3 July 1797To David Henley, 3 July 1797To James McAlpin, 3 July 1797From James McHenry, 3 July 1797From Richard Peters, 3 July 1797To Timothy Pickering, 3 July 1797To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 3 July 1797To Buchan, 4 July 1797From Gustavus Scott, 4 July 1797To Philip Freneau and Alexander Menut, 5 July 1797To William Booker, 7 July 1797To James McHenry, 7 July 1797From John Marshall, 7 July 1797To Timothy Pickering, 7 July 1797From Samuel Washington, 7 July 1797To Radnor, 8 July 1797From James McHenry, 9 July 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 10 July 1797 [letter not found]From Edward Carrington, 10 July 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 10 July 1797To Robert Goodloe Harper, 10 July 1797To Tobias Lear, 10 July 1797To John William Bronaugh, 11 July 1797To Samuel Washington, 12 July 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 12 July 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 14 July 1797To John Sinclair, 15 July 1797From John Sinclair, 15 July 1797To William Strickland, 15 July 1797From Zechariah Lewis, 17 July 1797To William Pearce, 17 July 1797From Gustavus Scott, 19 July 1797From John Sinclair, 19 July 1797From Ludwell Lee, 20 July 1797From Nathaniel Ramsay, 20 July 1797To Timothy Pickering, 21 July 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 22 July 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 23 July 1797To Samuel Hanson, 23 July 1797To Richard Peters, 23 July 1797From Charles Lee, 24 July 1797From Lawrence Lewis, 24 July 1797From William Pearce, 24 July 1797To Bushrod Washington, 24 July 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 25 July 1797 [letter not found]From Timothy Pickering, 25 July 1797From Henry Lee, Jr., 26 July 1797From Moses Jenkins, 27 July 1797To Bushrod Washington, 28 July 1797From Samuel Washington, 29 July 1797From George Washington Parke Custis, 30 July 1797From Israel Shreve, 30 July 1797To Rufus King, 31 July 1797To Tobias Lear, 31 July 1797To Charles Lee, 31 July 1797To Timothy Pickering, 31 July 1797From John Searson, 2 August 1797From James Anderson (of Scotland), 3 August 1797To Charles Lee, 4 August 1797To Lawrence Lewis, 4 August 1797From Archibald McClean, 4 August 1797To Timothy Pickering, 4 August 1797To Edward Newenham, 6 August 1797From Ludwell Lee, 7 August 1797From Nathaniel Ramsay, 7 August 1797From Timothy Pickering, 9 August 1797From Timothy Pickering, 10 August 1797From Charles Lee, 11 August 1797To Nathaniel Ramsay, 11 August 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 12 August 1797 [letter not found]To Harry Dorsey Gough, 13 August 1797To Nathaniel Ramsay, 13 August 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 13 August 1797To Clement Biddle, 14 August 1797To Zechariah Lewis, 14 August 1797To James McHenry, 14 August 1797To William Pearce, 14 August 1797From Tobias Lear, 16 August 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 17 August 1797 [letter not found]From Harry Dorsey Gough, 17 August 1797From Nathaniel Ramsay, 17 August 1797From William Deakins, Jr., 18 August 1797From Nathaniel Ramsay, 18 August 1797From Thomas Macdonald, 19 August 1797From Timothy Pickering, 19 August 1797To Newburgh Burroughs, 20 August 1797From Anthony Heusler, 20 August 1797To John Searson, 20 August 1797To Clement Biddle, 21 August 1797George Washington Parke Custis to GW, 21 August 1797 [letter not found]To Alexander Hamilton, 21 August 1797From David Longworth, 21 August 1797From Ferdinando Fairfax, 22 August 1797To Clement Biddle, 23 August 1797To Harry Dorsey Gough, 23 August 1797GW to Alexander Spotswood, 23 August 1797 [letter not found]From Lawrence Augustine Washington, 23 August 1797From Timothy Pickering, 24 August 1797GW to James Craik, 26 August 1797 [letter not found]From William Vans Murray, 26 August 1797From Henry Lee, Jr., 27 August 1797From William Pearce, 27 August 1797From James Craik, 28 August 1797From Alexander Hamilton, 28 August 1797From Richard Parkinson, 28 August 1797To George Washington Parke Custis, 29 August 1797To Ludwell Lee, 29 August 1797To Thomas Macdonald, 29 August 1797To Timothy Pickering, 29 August 1797Clement Biddle to GW, 30 August 1797 [letter not found]From Benjamin Goodhue, 30 August 1797From Timothy Pickering, 30 August 1797From Burgess Ball, Sr., 31 August 1797From William Gordon, 31 August 1797To Timothy Pickering, 31 August 1797To Israel Shreve, 1 September 1797To Lawrence Augustine Washington, 3 September 1797To John O'Donnell, 4 September 1797To Clement Biddle, 6 September 1797From Rufus King, 6 September 1797To William Pearce, 6 September 1797From Tobias Lear, 8 September 1797To Henry Lee, Jr., 8 September 1797From Timothy Pickering, 8 September 1797From John O'Donnell, 9 September 1797To Tobias Lear, 10 September 1797To Tobias Lear, 11 September 1797From John Searson, 13 September 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 13 September 1797To Clement Biddle, 15 September 1797From John Marshall, 15 September 1797To George Pearson, 15 September 1797From William Vans Murray, 16 September 1797From William Vans Murray, 17 September 1797To Anthony Heusler, 18 September 1797From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 19 September 1797To Augustine Davis, Matthew Brown, and Leonard Yundt, 20 September 1797From Richard Randolph, Jr., 20 September 1797From John Bassett, 23 September 1797From George Washington Motier Lafayette, 23 September 1797To William Triplett, 24 September 1797From John Langhorne [Peter Carr], 25 September 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 27 September 1797From Thomas Law, 28 September 1797From Francis Walker, 28 September 1797From Jean Luzac, 30 September 1797To Thomas Law, 2 October 1797From James McHenry, 2 October 1797From James Ross, 2 October 1797To Thomas Coleman Martin, 3 October 1797From William Hartshorne, 4 October 1797From Samuel Williams, 5 October 1797From Lafayette, 6 October 1797From William Thornton, 6 October 1797To William Thornton, 7 October 1797From Elizabeth Foote Washington, 7 October 1797To Alexander Hamilton, 8 October 1797From Tadeusz Kościuszko, 8 October 1797To Lafayette, 8 October 1797William Thornton to GW, 8 October 1797 [letter not found]To Elizabeth Foote Washington, 8 October 1797GW to William Herbert, 9 October 1797 [letter not found]From William Herbert, 9 October 1797From William Vans Murray, 9 October 1797To Samuel Stanhope Smith, 9 October 1797To Bushrod Washington, 9 October 1797From Elizabeth Foote Washington, 9 October 1797GW to William Herbert, 10 October 1797 [letter not found]From William Herbert, 10 October 1797To William Thornton, 10 October 1797To Francis Walker, 10 October 1797From Thomas Lewis, 13 October 1797GW to Matthias Slough, 14 October 1797 [letter not found]From Alexander Spotswood, 14 October 1797To William Stoy, 14 October 1797To Clement Biddle, 15 October 1797To Benjamin Goodhue, 15 October 1797To William Gordon, 15 October 1797To John Langhorne [Peter Carr], 15 October 1797From Hannah Bushrod Washington, 15 October 1797From Paul Ferdinand Fevot, 16 October 1797To James McHenry, 16 October 1797From Thomas Coleman Martin, 16 October 1797From William Stoy, 19 October 1797From Matthias Slough, 20 October 1797From Bushrod Washington, 20 October 1797From George Washington Motier Lafayette and Felix Frestel, 21 October 1797From Jacob Valentine, 21 October 1797From Felix Frestel, 22 October 1797From George Washington Motier Lafayette, 22 October 1797To Bushrod Washington, 23 October 1797From William Hodgson, 24 October 1797To Tobias Lear, 24 October 1797From John Marshall, 24–27 October 1797From George Washington Motier Lafayette and Felix Frestel, 25 October 1797From Bushrod Washington, 25 October 1797To James Barry, 26 October 1797From Robert Lewis, 26 October 1797From Timothy Pickering, 26 October 1797To Robert Brooke, 27 October 1797From Jason Hand, 27 October 1797From William Herbert, 27 October 1797From Rufus King, 27 October 1797From Medad Rogers, 27 October 1797From Bushrod Washington, 27 October 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 28 October 1797To Daniel McCarty, 30 October 1797From Daniel Morgan, 30 October 1797From Edward Newenham, 30 October 1797To Timothy Pickering, 30 October 1797From Timothy Pickering, 30 October 1797To Bushrod Washington, 30 October 1797From Bushrod Washington, 30 October 1797From William Vans Murray, 1 November 1797To Alexander Spotswood, 1 November 1797From Felix Frestel and George Washington Motier Lafayette, 2 November 1797From Daniel McCarty, 2 November 1797To Robert Lewis, 3 November 1797To Daniel McCarty, 3 November 1797To Bushrod Washington, 3 November 1797To James Anderson (of Scotland), 4 November 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 4 November 1797From Daniel McCarty, 6 November 1797From Robert Morris, 6 November 1797To Timothy Pickering, 6 November 1797To James Ross, 6 November 1797To John Sinclair, 6 November 1797From Jonathan Boucher, 8 November 1797From Bushrod Washington, 8 November 1797From Tobias Lear, 9 November 1797 [letter not found]To Tobias Lear, 10 November 1797To William Wilson, 10 November 1797 [letter not found]From William Wilson, 10 November 1797To George Lewis, 13 November 1797To Daniel McCarty, 13 November 1797From Bushrod Washington, 13 November 1797From Charles Carter, 14 November 1797 [letter not found]From James Keith, 18 November 1797From John Nicholas, 18 November 1797From Timothy Pickering, 20 November 1797From Louis La Colombe, 21 November 1797To John Fitzgerald, William Herbert, and George Gilpin, 22 November 1797To Bushrod Washington, 22 November 1797From James Welch, 24 November 1797From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 24 November 1797To James Anderson, 25 November 1797From Burwell Bassett, Jr., 26 November 1797From Bushrod Washington, 26 November 1797To Clement Biddle, 28 November 1797To Richard Parkinson, 28 November 1797To John Sinclair, 28 November 1797From James Welch, 29 November 1797To James Craik, 30 November 1797 [letter not found]To John Nicholas, 30 November 1797From James Craik, 1 December 1797To James Welch, 1 December 1797To Charles Carter, 3 December 1797To Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 3 December 1797To Louis La Colombe, 3 December 1797To William Vans Murray, 3 December 1797To Felix Frestel, 4 December 1797To John Marshall, 4 December 1797To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 4 December 1797To Lafayette, 5 December 1797To George Washington Motier Lafayette, 5 December 1797To Rufus King, 6 December 1797To James Welch, 7 December 1797From John Nicholas, 9 December 1797From James Welch, 9 December 1797To James Keith, 10 December 1797To Timothy Pickering, 11 December 1797To Burwell Bassett, 13 December 1797 [letter not found]From George Gilpin, 14 December 1797From Timothy Pickering, 14 December 1797To Richard Parkinson, 15 December 1797From William Strickland, 16 December 1797Martha Washington to Elizabeth Willing Powel, 17 December 1797To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 17 December 1797To Bushrod Washington, 18 December 1797To James Anderson, 21 December 1797From George Washington Motier Lafayette, 21 December 1797From Gustavus Scott, 21 December 1797From Alexandria Masons, 22 December 1797From Burwell Bassett, Jr., 22 December 1797From Thomas Law, 22 December 1797From Joseph Cooke, 25 December 1797To Thomas Law, 25 December 1797From James Wilkinson, 26 December 1797From Lafayette, 27 December 1797From Francis Deakins, 28 December 1797–7 January 1798 [letter not found]From Bushrod Washington, 28 December 1797From Alexander Spotswood, 30 December 1797 [letter not found]From Thomas Bruff, 1797