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Retirement Series (4 March 1797–13 December 1799) | Volume 2 (2 January 1798–15 September 1798) | Documents

To James McHenry, 2 January 1798To John Mason, 2 January 1798To Arthur St. Clair, 4 January 1798From Louis La Colombe, 5 January 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 7 January 1798To Gustavus Scott, 8 January 1798From Jesse Simms, 8 January 1798From Alexander White, 8 January 1798From John Dunn, 9 January 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 9 January 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 9 January 1798From Bushrod Washington, 9 January 1798To Burwell Bassett, Jr., 10 January 1798To Clement Biddle, 10 January 1798Certificate of Proxy, 10 January 1798To Frederick Kitt, 10 January 1798To Bushrod Washington, 10 January 1798To Samuel Williams, 10 January 1798To Alexander White, 11 January 1798From Tobias Lear, 12 January 1798To Timothy Pickering, 12 January 1798From James Ross, 12 January 1798From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 12 January 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 14 January 1798 [letter not found]To Francis Deakins, 15 January 1798From Frederick Kitt, 15 January 1798From Clement Biddle, 16 January 1798 [letter not found]From William Herbert, 18 January 1798To Bushrod Washington, 19 January 1798To Charles Williamson, 19 January 1798From John Fitzgerald, 20 January 1798 [letter not found]From Timothy Pickering, 20 January 1798From Alexander White, 20 January 1798From Bushrod Washington, 21 January 1798 [letter not found]To James Ross, 22 January 1798To David Stuart, 22 January 1798To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 22 January 1798From Alexandria Poor Relief Committee, 24 January 1798From John Mason, 24 January 1798From James Welch, 24 January 1798From William Gordon, 25 January 1798To Henry Lee, Jr., 25 January 1798To Robert Lewis, 26 January 1798From Albin Rawlins, 26 January 1798From David Stuart, 26 January 1798From Timothy Pickering, 27 January 1798To Winthrop Sargent, 27 January 1798To George Thacher, 27 January 1798To James McHenry, 28 January 1798To Rufus Putnam, 28 January 1798To Clement Biddle, 29 January 1798From Rufus King, 29 January 1798To Frederick Kitt, 29 January 1798To Bushrod Washington, 30 January 1798From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 30 January 1798Robert Lewis to GW, 31 January 1798 [letter not found]To Albin Rawlins, 31 January 1798To James Anderson, 1 February 1798From James McHenry, 1 February 1798From James McHenry, 1 February 1798From Bushrod Washington, 1 February 1798From Alexander White, 1 February 1798From Henry Lee, Jr., 2 February 1798From James Ross, 2 February 1798To John Fitzgerald, 3 February 1798From Alexander Martin, 4 February 1798From William Adamson, 5 February 1798To James Anderson, 6–7 February 1798To Timothy Pickering, 6 February 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 6 February 1798 [letter not found]To James McHenry, 7 February 1798To Bushrod Washington, 7 February 1798From James Anderson (of Scotland), 8 February 1798From John Parker, 9 February 1798From George Richards Minot, 10 February 1798To Sally Ball Haynie, 11 February 1798To Robert Lewis, 11 February 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 11 February 1798To Albin Rawlins, 12 February 1798From Thomas Peter, 13 February 1798From William Augustine Washington, 15 February 1798 [letter not found]From John Fitzgerald, 19 February 1798To John Fitzgerald, 20 February 1798From John Jones, 20 February 1798From Alexander White, 20 February 1798From John Fitzgerald, 21 February 1798From Clement Biddle, 22 February 1798 [letter not found]From William Hayward Foote, 22 February 1798From John Nicholas, 22 February 1798From Francis Deakins, 24 February 1798From John Sinclair, 24 February 1798To David Stuart, 26 February 1798To Clement Biddle, 27 February 1798From Dumas, 27 February 1798To William Augustine Washington, 27 February 1798To Clement Biddle, 28 February 1798 [letter not found]From William Stoy, 28 February 1798From David Stuart, 1 March 1798To Alexander White, 1 March 1798From Ferdinando Fairfax, 2 March 1798To Clement Biddle, 3 March 1798From Tobias Lear, 4 March 1798To James McHenry, 4 March 1798To Francis Deakins, 5 March 1798To John McDowell, 5 March 1798To Benjamin Fendall, 6 March 1798From John Trumbull, 6 March 1798From James Ash, 8 March 1798From Elizabeth Swan Bornick, 8 March 1798From John McDowell, 8 March 1798From John Marshall, 8–10 March 1798To John Nicholas, 8 March 1798To Bushrod Washington, 8 March 1798From Edward Graham, 9 March 1798From Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 9 March 1798From Timothy Pickering, 10 March 1798From Alexander White, 10 March 1798From Clement Biddle, 11 March 1798 [letter not found]From George Washington Parke Custis, 12 March 1798To James Keith, 13 March 1798From Bushrod Washington, 13 March 1798From James Keith, 14 March 1798From William Scales, 14 March 1798From Nicholas Fitzhugh, 15 March 1798To Thomson Mason, 15 March 1798 [letter not found]From Thomson Mason, 17 March 1798To William Stoy, 17 March 1798From Alexander White, 17 March 1798To Clement Biddle, 19 March 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 19 March 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 23 March 1798From William Augustine Washington, 23 March 1798From Alexander White, 24 March 1798From Clement Biddle, 25 March 1798 [letter not found]From Henry Hollingsworth, 25 March 1798To Alexander White, 25 March 1798To William Hartshorne, 27 March 1798 [letter not found]To James McHenry, 27 March 1798To Miles Smith, 27 March 1798From Judith Sargent Murray, 29 March 1798From Edmund Jennings Lee, 30 March 1798 [letter not found]To Thomas Marshall, 30 March 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 30 March 1798From Uvedale Price, 31 March 1798From Nathaniel Luff, Jr., 3 March 1798Comments on Monroe's A View of the Conduct of the Executive of the United States, March 1798From Alexander White, 1 April 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 2 April 1798To John Henry, 3 April 1798To Alexander Smith, 3 April 1798From Paul Ferdinand Fevot, 4 April 1798To Edmund Jennings Lee, 5 April 1798To William Augustine Washington, 5 April 1798To Clement Biddle, 8 April 1798To Oliver Evans, 8 April 1798From Alexander White, 8 April 1798From John Searson, 9 April 1798From Thomas Attwood Digges, 10 April 1798From Timothy Pickering, 11 April 1798From Hugh West, 11 April 1798 [letter not found]To Hugh West, 11 April 1798From Washington Academy Trustees, 12 April 1798From Timothy Pickering, 14 April 1798To William Booker, 15 April 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 15 April 1798To Paul Ferdinand Fevot, 15 April 1798To James Lloyd, 15 April 1798To Patrick O'Flynn, 15 April 1798To Timothy Pickering, 16 April 1798From George Deneale, 18 April 1798From Alexander White, 18 April 1798To Bushrod Washington, 22 April 1798From Charles Lucas Pinckney Horry, 23 April 1798From William Augustine Washington, 23 April 1798 [letter not found]From Oliver Evans, 26 April 1798 [letter not found]From Lafayette, 26 April 1798From Tobias Lear, 26 April 1798To Tobias Lear, 26 April 1798From Bushrod Washington, 26 April 1798From Tobias Lear, 27 April 1798From Paul Ferdinand Fevot, 28 April 1798From Foster & May, 30 April 1798 [letter not found]From Thomas Law, 4 May 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 5 May 1798To James McHenry, 6 May 1798To William Pearce, 6 May 1798To Thomas Pinckney, 6 May 1798To Foster & May, 7 May 1798To Thomas Law, 7 May 1798To William Herbert, 8 May 1798From Joseph Hopkinson, 9 May 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 10 May 1798From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 11 May 1798To Bennett & Watts Co., 12 May 1798 [letter not found]From Richard Williams, 13 May 1798From Thomas Peter, 14 May 1798From Israel Shreve, 14 May 1798To Bryan Fairfax, 15 May 1798From Bryan Fairfax, 15 May 1798To Rufus King, 15 May 1798To Thomas Coleman Martin, 15 May 1798To John Sinclair, 15 May 1798To William Strickland, 15 May 1798To Sarah Cary Fairfax, 16 May 1798From Thomas Peter, 16 May 1798From Thomas Pinckney, 16 May 1798From Alexander Addison, 17 May 1798To Bryan Fairfax, 18 May 1798To Thomas Peter, 18 May 1798From James Anderson, 19 May 1798 [letter not found]From Alexander Hamilton, 19 May 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 20 May 1798From Lafayette, 20 May 1798To [John Fitzgerald], 21 May 1798To Georgetown Postmaster, 21 May 1798 [letter not found]To James Mease McRea, 21 May 1798 [letter not found]From Thomas Coleman Martin, 21 May 1798To James Anderson, 22 May 1798From James Anderson, 22 May 1798From Robert Lewis, 23 May 1798From James Piercy, 23 May 1798From James Butler, 24 May 1798From Joshua Sands, 24 May 1798 [letter not found]From James Abercrombie, 25 May 1798From George Washington Motier Lafayette, 26 May 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 27 May 1798To Joseph Hopkinson, 27 May 1798To Clement Biddle, 28 May 1798To Edward Carrington, 28 May 1798From Jeremy Belknap, 29 May 1798To Joshua Sands, 29 May 1798To William Fitzhugh, 30 May 1798From William Linn, 30 May 1798From Rawleigh Colston, 1 June 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 2 June 1798To Alexander Addison, 3 June 1798From Edward Savage, 3 June 1798From Edward Carrington, 4 June 1798To Robert Lewis, 4 June 1798From James Lloyd, 6 June 1798From John Sinclair, 6 June 1798From John Sinclair, 6 June 1798From John Gardner Ladd, 8 June 1798From Clement Biddle, 9 June 1798 [letter not found]From James Anderson, 10 June 1798 [letter not found]From ——, 10 June 1798To James Anderson, 11 June 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 11 June 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 13 June 1798To James Lloyd, 13 June 1798To John McDowell, 13 June 1798From John McDowell, 14 June 1798From Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, 14 June 1798From Thomas Peter, 14 June 1798To Jeremy Belknap, 15 June 1798From Winthrop Sargent, 16 June 1798To John Adams, 17 June 1798To Clement Biddle, 17 June 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 17 June 1798From Bryan Fairfax, 17 June 1798To Thomas Coleman Martin, 17 June 1798From Winthrop Sargent, 17 June 1798To Alexander Smith, 17 June 1798From James Lloyd, 18 June 1798From James Anderson, 19 June 1798From John McDowell, 19 June 1798To Thomas Peter, 20 June 1798From James Lloyd, 21 June 1798From Joseph Riddle, 21 June 1798From John Adams, 22 June 1798To William Booker, 22 June 1798 [letter not found]To James McHenry, 22 June 1798From John Marshall, 22 June 1798From Henry Philips, 24 June 1798From Alice DeLancey Izard, 25 June 1798To Tobias Lear, 25 June 1798To James Lloyd, 25 June 1798To Tobias Lear, 26 June 1798From James McHenry, 26 June 1798To William Augustine Washington, 26 June 1798To James Lloyd, 27 June 1798From Samuel Chase, 28 June 1798From Alexander Smith, 29 June 1798From Burwell Bassett, Jr., 30 June 1798From James Shephard, 30 June 1798 [letter not found]From Tobias Lear, 2 July 1798 [letter not found]From Archibald McClean, 2 July 1798From Thomas Peter, 2 July 1798From James McHenry, 3 July 1798To John Adams, 4 July 1798To Ferdinando Fairfax, 4 July 1798From Henry Hill, 4 July 1798To Tobias Lear, 4 July 1798From James Lloyd, 4 July 1798To James McHenry, 4 July 1798To James McHenry, 5 July 1798From William Booker, 6 July 1798From Daniel Jenifer, 6 July 1798 [letter not found]From James McHenry, 6 July 1798From Timothy Pickering, 6 July 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 6 July 1798From John Adams, 7 July 1798From Francis Corbin, 7 July 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 8 July 1798To Thomas Peter, 8 July 1798GW to Burwell Bassett, 10 July 1798 [letter not found]To John Sinclair, 10 July 1798From Alexander Addison, 11 July 1798From Zechariah Lewis, 11 July 1798 [letter not found]To Timothy Pickering, 11 July 1798To Jeremy Belknap, 12 July 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 12 July 1798From Robert Townsend Hooe, 12 July 1798To John Adams, 13 July 1798From Josiah Dunham, 13 July 1798From William Heth, 13 July 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 14 July 1798Memorandum, 14 July 1798Suggestions for Military Appointments, 14 July 1798To Edward Carrington, 15 July 1798To William Hickman, 15 July 1798To Daniel Jenifer, Jr., 15 July 1798To Thomas Peter, 15 July 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 15 July 1798From John Tayloe, 15 July 1798 [letter not found]To Rawleigh Colston, 16 July 1798From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 16 July 1798To Henry Knox, 16 July 1798From Anthony Macharg, 16 July 1798 [letter not found]To James Markham Marshall, 16 July 1798To Peyton Short, 16 July 1798From Jesse Simms, 16 July 1798From Buchan, 17 July 1798From Robert Townsend Hooe, 17 July 1798From Edward Carrington, 18 July 1798From Francis Corbin, 18 July 1798To William Heth, 18 July 1798From James McHenry, 18 July 1798To Alice DeLancey Izard, 20 July 1798To Thompson & Veitch, 20 July 1798 [letter not found]From James Athill, 21 July 1798From George Washington Parke Custis, 21 July 1798To John Tayloe, 21 July 1798To Tobias Lear, 22 July 1798To James McHenry, 22 July 1798From Thomas Peter, 22 July 1798From Peyton Short, 22 July 1798From William Washington, 22 July 1798 [letter not found]From George Washington Parke Custis, 23 July 1798From Jonathan R. Wilmer, 23 July 1798To William Temple Broome, 24 July 1798To Thomas Cadwalader, 24 July 1798To Francis Corbin, 24 July 1798To George Washington Parke Custis, 24 July 1798From John Smith, 24 July 1798From William Augustine Washington, 24 July 1798To James Anderson (of Scotland), 25 July 1798From Charles Carter, Jr., 25 July 1798To James McHenry, 25 July 1798From James McHenry, 25 July 1798To Charles Fenton Mercer, 25 July 1798To Thomas Peter, 25 July 1798 [letter not found]To John Trumbull, 25 July 1798To James McHenry, 27 July 1798From James Anderson, 28 July 1798To William Hambly, 28 July 1798To Anthony Macharg, 28 July 1798To James McHenry, 28 July 1798From Thomas Peter, 28 July 1798To Alexander Addison, 29 July 1798To James Ash, 29 July 1798To Clement Biddle, 29 July 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 29 July–1 August 1798From Henry Knox, 29 July 1798To James McHenry, 29 July 1798To Richard Clough Anderson, 30 July 1798From William Heth, 30 July 1798To John McDowell, 30 July 1798From Clement Biddle, 31 July 1798 [letter not found]To James McHenry, 31 July 1798To James McHenry, 1 August 1798From James McHenry, 1 August 1798To Charles Carroll (of Carrollton), 2 August 1798To Tobias Lear, 2 August 1798To James McHenry, 2 August 1798To Thomas Nelson, 2 August 1798To James Mease McRea, 4 August 1798To James McHenry, 4 August 1798From Thomas Marshall, Jr., 4 August 1798To Timothy Pickering, 4 August 1798To Edward Carrington, 5 August 1798To William Fitzhugh, 5 August 1798To William Heth, 5 August 1798To Archibald McClean, 6 August 1798From James McHenry, 6 August 1798From Bushrod Washington, 7 August 1798From James McHenry, 8 August 1798From Robert Morris, 8 August 1798 [letter not found]From Charles Carroll (of Carrollton), 9 August 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 9 August 1798To Henry Knox, 9 August 1798To Lewis Murarius, 9 August 1798From Thomas Peter, 9 August 1798From Timothy Pickering, 9 August 1798From James Welch, 9 August 1798To James McHenry, 10 August 1798To James McHenry, 10 August 1798To William Vans Murray, 10 August 1798From Clement Biddle, 11 August 1798 [letter not found]To Thomas Peter, 12 August 1798To Bushrod Washington, 12 August 1798To Clement Biddle, 13 August 1798From Arthur Campbell, 13 August 1798From John McDowell, 13 August 1798To James McHenry, 13 August 1798To James McHenry, 13 August 1798From James McHenry, 13 August 1798From Jacob Read, 13 August 1798To David Stuart, 13 August 1798From Edward Carrington, 14 August 1798From William Heth, 14 August 1798To Jonathan Boucher, 15 August 1798From Thomas Peter, 17 August 1798To Thomas Peter, 18 August 1798To Henry Gird, Jr., 19 August 1798To Robert Morris, 19 August 1798To Jacob Read, 19 August 1798From Bartholomew Dandridge, Jr., 20 August 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 20 August 1798From Lafayette, 20–21 August 1798To James McHenry, 20 August 1798From Bushrod Washington, 20 August 1798From Bryan Fairfax, 21–23 August 1798From Alexander Addison, 22 August 1798From G. W. Snyder, 22 August 1798From David Stuart, 22 August 1798From James McHenry, 25 August 1798From Henry Knox, 26 August 1798From Henry Lee, Jr., 26 August 1798To Thomas Peter, 27 August 1798To Bushrod Washington, 27 August 1798To John Gassaway, 28 August 1798From Richard Parkinson, 28 August 1798To Thomas Peter, 28 August 1798From Thomas Peter, 29 August 1798To Tobias Lear, 30 August 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 30 August 1798To Thomas Peter, 1 September 1798From Timothy Pickering, 1 September 1798From Timothy Pickering, 1 September 1798To John McDowell, 2 September 1798To Edmund Jennings Lee, 3 September 1798To James McHenry, 3 September 1798From Thomas Peter, 3 September 1798To James Athill, 4 September 1798To Thomas Peter, 4 September 1798From Lafayette, 5 September 1798From Bryan Fairfax, 7 July 1798From James McHenry, 7 September 1798From Landon Carter, 8 September 1798To Citizens of Greene County, Tennessee, 8 September 1798From William Russell, 8 September 1798From Alexander White, 8 September 1798To Timothy Pickering, 9 September 1798To Clement Biddle, 10 September 1798To William Jones and the Philadelphia Board of Health, 10 September 1798From James McHenry, 10 September 1798From Thomas Peter, 10 September 1798From David Stuart, 10 September 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 11 September 1798To Alexander White, 12 September 1798To Daniel McCarty, 13 September 1798From Timothy Pickering, 13 September 1798To James McHenry, 14 September 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 14 September 1798From William Fitzhugh, 15 September 1798From John Francis, 15 September 1798To Oliver Evans, 20 July 1798