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Retirement Series (4 March 1797–13 December 1799) | Volume 3 (16 September 1798–19 April 1799) | Documents

To James Anderson, 16 September 1798To James McHenry, 16 September 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 16 September 1798From Benjamin Stoddert, 16 September 1798From Timothy Pickering, 18 September 1798From John Trumbull, 18 September 1798From James McHenry, 19 September 1798From John C. Ogden, 20 September 1798From James McHenry, 21 September 1798From Bushrod Washington, 21 September 1798From Thomas Law, 22 September 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 23 September 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 24 September 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 24 September 1798To John Adams, 25 September 1798From Marmaduke Leigh, 25 September 1798To James McHenry, 26 September 1798To Benjamin Stoddert, 26 September 1798From Charles Carter, 27 September 1798From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 27 September 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 27 September 1798To William Washington, 27 September 1798To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 28 September 1798From Henry Lee, Jr., 28 September 1798To Zechariah Lewis, 28 September 1798To William Russell, 28 September 1798To Henry Lee, Jr., 29 September 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 30 September 1798To James McHenry, 30 September 1798From Landon Carter, 1 October 1798To James McHenry, 1 October 1798To James McHenry, 1 October 1798To Timothy Pickering, 1 October 1798To James Ross, 1 October 1798To Israel Shreve, 1 October 1798From Joel Barlow, 2 October 1798From James McHenry, 2 October 1798From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 3 October 1798From Timothy Pickering, 3 October 1798To William Augustine Washington, 3 October 1798To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 4 October 1798To William Herbert, 4 October 1798To Landon Carter, 5 October 1798From William Herbert, 5 October 1798From Henry Lee, 5 October 1798From James McHenry, 5 October 1798From James McHenry, 5 October 1798To William Augustine Washington, 5 October 1798Address from the Virginia Militia, 6 October 1798From Rawleigh Colston, 6 October 1798To Andrew E. Belknap, 8 October 1798To William Herbert, 8 October 1798To Samuel Hodgdon, 8 October 1798From John Adams, 9 October 1798To Benjamin Stoddert, 9 October 1798From Bartholomew Dandridge, 10 October 1798From Samuel Knox, 10 October 1798Memorandum of Agreement with James Welch, 11 October 1798From the Charles Town Academy Trustees, 13 October 1798From Timothy Pickering, 13 October 1798From Mildred Thornton Washington, 13 October 1798 [letter not found]From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 15 October 1798 [letter not found]To James McHenry [document with enclosures]To Timothy Pickering, 15 October 1798From Timothy Pickering, 15 October 1798From James McHenry, 16 October 1798From James McHenry, 16 October 1798From William Thornton, 16 October 1798 [letter not found]To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 17 October 1798From Thomas Law, 17 October 1798 [letter not found]From George Blagdin, 18 October 1798From Richard Bland Lee, 18 October 1798From James McHenry, 18 October 1798To Timothy Pickering, 18 October 1798To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 18 October 1798To William Thornton, 18 October 1798To Mildred Thornton Washington, 18 October 1798From Bushrod Washington, 19 October 1798From James Washington, 19 October 1798From William Washington, 19 October 1798From James McHenry, 20 October 1798From Timothy Pickering, 20 October 1798To the South Carolina Society of the Cincinnati, 20 October 1798To John Adams, 21 October 1798To Rawleigh Colston, 21 October 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 21 October 1798To Henry Knox, 21 October 1798To James McHenry, 21 October 1798To James McHenry, 21 October 1798To Edward Carrington, 22 October 1798To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 22 October 1798To Thomas Marshall, Jr., 22 October 1798To James McHenry, 23 October 1798From Thomas Pinckney, 23 October 1798To William Richardson Davie, 24 October 1798From John Lambert, 24 October 1798To Thomas Law, 24 October 1798From Isaiah and Alexander Thomas, 24 October 1798To Bushrod Washington, 24 October 1798From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 25 October 1798From William Thornton, 25 October 1798To James McHenry, 26 October 1798From James McHenry, 26 October 1798To Timothy Pickering, 26 October 1798From James Ross, 26 October 1798To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 27 October 1798From Timothy Pickering, 27 October 1798To William Thornton, 28 October 1798From John Quincy Adams, 29 October 1798From Alexander Hamilton, 29 October 1798From Israel Shreve, 29 October 1798From James McHenry, 30 October 1798From William Thornton, 30 October 1798From William Washington, 30 October 1798From John Frederick Ramnitz, 31 October 1798To James Anderson, 1 November 1798From James McHenry, 1 November 1798From John C. Ogden, 1 November 1798From Peyton Short, 1 November 1798From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 2 November 1798To William Thornton, 2 November 1798 [letter not found]To James Anderson, 3 November 1798To John Greenwood, 3 November 1798 [letter not found]To William B. Harrison, 4 November 1798From Benjamin Hawkins, 4 November 1798From Henry Knox, 4 November 1798To Henry Lee, Jr., 4 November 1798To James McHenry, 4 November 1798To Alexander Spotswood, 4 November 1798To John Greenwood, 5 November 1798From Samuel Hodgdon, 6 November 1798From Anna Young, 6 November 1798From James Anderson, 7 November 1798From Samuel Washington, 7 November 1798To Maryland Masons, 8 November 1798From James McHenry, 9 November 1798To Alexander Hamilton and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 10 November 1798From James McHenry, 10 November 1798To Alexander Hamilton, 12 November 1798To James McHenry, 13 November 1798Notes on an Interview with George Logan and Robert Blackwell, 13 November 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 13 November 1798 [letter not found]From William Richardson Davie, 14 November 1798To James McHenry, 14 November 1798From James McHenry, 14 November 1798From Andrew Moore and Samuel Legrand Campbell, 14 November 1798From James McHenry, 16 November 1798From James McHenry, 16 November 1798From Philip Rootes, 16 November 1798From Elizabeth Willing Powel, 17 November 1798 [letter not found]To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 17 November 1798From James McHenry, 19 November 1798To John Lambert, 20 November 1798 [letter not found]From Philip Schuyler, 20 November 1798From Alexander Addison, 21 November 1798 [letter not found]From Lawrence Lewis, 21 November 1798To Alexander Spotswood, Jr., 22 November 1798From Alexander Spotswood, 24 November 1798From John Gerard William De Brahm, 26 November 1798From James McHenry, 29 November 1798Candidates for Army Appointments from VirginiaTo Elizabeth Willing Powel, 1 December 1798To Lawrence Lewis, 2 December 1798From Elizabeth Willing Powel, 3 December 1798From Elias Boudinot, 4 December 1798To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 4 December 1798From James McHenry, 5 December 1798To Alexander Addison, 6 December 1798To John Greenwood, 7 December 1798From Elizabeth Willing Powel, 7 December 1798To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 7 December 1798Clement Biddle to Tobias Lear, 8 December 1798From John Greenwood, 8 December 1798 [letter not found]To Elizabeth Willing Powel, 9 December 1798To John Trumbull, 10 December 1798 [letter not found]From James McHenry, 11 December 1798To Charles Carroll, Jr., 13 December 1798To James McHenry, 13 December 1798To James McHenry, 13 December 1798From James McHenry, 13 December 1798To James McHenry, 14 December 1798To James McHenry, 16 December 1798From Jacob Read, 19 December 1798From Rawleigh Colston, 20 December 1798From Bernard Hubley, Jr., 20 December 1798From William Russell, 20 December 1798To William Thornton, 20 December 1798From Israel Shreve, 21 December 1798From William Thornton, 21 December 1798From David Shepherd Garland, 24 December 1798From Richard Raynal Keene, 24 December 1798 [letter not found]From Alexander Spotswood, 24 December 1798To George Washington Motier Lafayette, 25 December 1798To Lafayette, 25 December 1798From John Sevier, 25 December 1798From William Thornton, 25 December 1798 [letter not found]To William Vans Murray, 26 December 1798From David Stuart, 27 December 1798To William Richardson Davie, 28 December 1798From John Greenwood, 28 December 1798To Richard Raynal Keene, 28 December 1798From James McHenry, 28 December 1798To William Washington, 28 December 1798From William Richardson Davie [document with enclosures]To John Marshall, 30 December 1798To David Stuart, 30 December 1798To William Thornton, 30 December 1798From John Augustine Spotswood, 31 December 1798To Bushrod Washington, 31 December 1798To David Stuart, 3 January 1799 [letter not found]To Timothy Pickering, 4 January 1799From David Stuart, 4 January 1799 [letter not found]To David Stuart, 4 January 1799From James McHenry, 5 January 1799To James McHenry, 6 January 1799From John Marshall, 8 January 1799From Daniel Call, 10 January 1799From Lawrence Lewis, 10 January 1799From James McHenry, 10 January 1799To Israel Shreve, 10 January 1799From William Heth, 12 January 1799From Clement Biddle, 13 January 1799 [letter not found]To John Marsden Pintard, 13 January 1799 [letter not found]From George Turner, 14 January 1799To Patrick Henry, 15 January 1799From Francis Deakins, 16 January 1799 [letter not found]To John Quincy Adams, 20 January 1799To Clement Biddle, 20 January 1799To Bryan Fairfax, 20 January 1799To John Sinclair, 20 January 1799To James Washington, 20 January 1799From James McHenry, 21 January 1799From Elijah Brainerd, 23 January 1799To Lawrence Lewis, 23 January 1799To Robert Lewis, 23 January 1799To John Tayloe, 23 January 1799From William B. Harrison, 24 January 1799From Timothy Pickering, 24 January 1799To Bartholomew Dandridge, 25 January 1799To Francis Deakins, 25 January 1799From Clement Biddle, 27 January 1799 [letter not found]To James McAlpin, 27 January 1799To James McHenry, 27 January 1799From James Lloyd, 28 January 1799To James McHenry, 28 January 1799From William Thornton, 28 January 1799 [letter not found]From Henry Lee, Jr., 29 January 1799To William Thornton, 30 January 1799To John Sevier, 31 January 1799To Samuel Washington, 31 January 1799To John Adams, 1 February 1799To Clement Biddle, 1 February 1799From James McHenry, 1 February 1799To Thomas Peter, 1 February 1799 [letter not found]From Thomas Peter, 1–2 February 1799From Timothy Pickering, 2 February 1799To James McHenry, 4 February 1799From Clement Biddle, 5 February 1799To William B. Harrison, 6 February 1799To James McHenry, 6 February 1799To Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., 6 February 1799From Timothy Pickering, 8 February 1799To James McAlpin, 10 February 1799To James McHenry, 10 February 1799To Timothy Pickering, 10 February 1799From John Tayloe, 10 February 1799From William Heath, 11 February 1799To James Lloyd, 11 February 1799From Patrick Henry, 12 February 1799From James McHenry, 12 February 1799From John C. Ogden, 12 February 1799To John Tayloe, 12 February 1799From William Taylor, 12 February 1799From William Thornton, 12 February 1799From Robert Lewis, 13 February 1799From William Thornton, 14 February 1799To William Augustine Washington, 14 February 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 15 February 1799To Timothy Pickering, 15 February 1799To William Thornton, 15 February 1799To James Welch, 15 February 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 16 February 1799To James McHenry, 16 February 1799To James Anderson, 17 February 1799To Thomas Law, 17 February 1799To Clement Biddle, 18 February 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 18 February 1799From John Adams, 19 February 1799To George Deneale, 19 February 1799From William B. Harrison, 21 February 1799 [letter not found]From Timothy Pickering, 21 February 1799From Ezekiel L. Bascom, 22 February 1799From Jonathan Trumbull, Jr., 22 February 1799To Jane Dennison Fairfax, 23 February 1799To Andrew, Catherine, and William Ramsay, 23 February 1799From James Anderson, 25 February 1799To Alexander Hamilton, 25 February 1799To Alexander Hamilton, 25 February 1799To James Ewing, 26 February 1799From Henry Lee, Jr., 28 February–3 March 1799To Jedediah Morse, 28 February 1799From Timothy Pickering, 28 February 1799To John Adams, 3 March 1799To William Booker, 3 March 1799To Timothy Pickering, 3 March 1799To Alexander Addison, 4 March 1799To James McHenry, 4 March 1799To John Moody, 4 March 1799To William B. Harrison, 5 March 1799From Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 8 March 1799From James Welch, 10 March 1799From Timothy Pickering, 11 March 1799From Bartholomew Dandridge, 12 March 1799List of Houses at Mount Vernon, 13 March 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 14 March 1799To William Thornton, 14 March 1799From Alexander Spotswood, 15 March 1799To Joseph Anthony, 17 March 1799To George Ball, 17 March 1799To Clement Biddle, 17 March 1799To Benjamin Lincoln, 17 March 1799To Tobias Lear, 18 March 1799To William Thompson, 18 March 1799From William Thornton, 18 March 1799To Timothy Pickering, 20 March 1799To John Frederick Ramnitz, 20 March 1799From Clement Biddle, 21 March 1799From Tobias Lear, 24 March 1799 [letter not found]To William Thornton, 24 March 1799From John Trumbull, 24 March 1799From John Churchman, 25 March 1799To Julius Burbidge Dandridge, 25 March 1799To Alexander Hamilton, 25 March 1799To James McHenry, 25 March 1799To Alexander Spotswood, 25 March 1799To Tobias Lear, 26 March 1799From John Tayloe, 26 March 1799From Mason Locke Weems, 26 March 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 27 March 1799From William B. Harrison, 28 March 1799From Samuel Washington, 28 March 1799From James McHenry, 30 March 1799From William Booker, 31 March 1799 [letter not found]To Tobias Lear, 31 March 1799From James McHenry, 31 March 1799To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 31 March 1799To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, 31 March 1799To Benjamin Stoddert, 31 March 1799To John Tayloe, 31 March 1799To William Washington, 31 March 1799To Mason Locke Weems, 31 March 1799From Nicholas Fitzhugh, 1 April 1799To Samuel Washington, 2 April 1799From Alexander Hamilton, 3 April 1799From Benjamin Lincoln, 3 April 1799From Daniel Morgan, 3 April 1799 [letter not found]From Charles Demoumonier, 5 April 1799 [letter not found]To William Booker, 7 April 1799To James McHenry, 7 April 1799To James McHenry, 7 April 1799From William Vans Murray, 7 April 1799 [letter not found]To James Welch, 7 April 1799From Thomas Law, 9 April 1799To Alexander Hamilton, 10 April 1799To William B. Harrison, 10 April 1799To James McHenry, 10 April 1799To Daniel Morgan, 10 April 1799From Bushrod Washington, 10 April 1799From Clement Biddle, 11 April 1799From William Hambly, 13 April 1799From James Anderson (of Scotland), 15 April 1799To Henry Lee, Jr., 18 April 1799From John Searson, 18 April 1799From Jesse Simms, 19 April 1799 [letter not found]From William Thornton, 19 April 1799