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Yard, Elizabeth Kortright (Mrs. James) [1 reference]

Yard, James [3 references]

Yarmouth, England [1 reference]

Yazoo land claims [1 reference]

Yeardsly, Capt. [1 reference]

Yeats, Alexander [1 reference]

Yellow fever [3 references + 3 subentries]

York, Duke of [See redirect]

York, Pa. [1 reference]

Yorke, Charles Philip [1 subentry]

Young, Moses [1 subentry]

Young Eagle (U.S. ship) [1 reference]

Young Factor (U.S. ship) [2 references]

Yrujo, Carlos Fernando Martínez de [12 subentries]

Yrujo, Sally McKean (Mrs. Carlos Fernando Martínez de) [1 reference]

Yusuf, Sidi [1 reference]

Yusuf Sahib-at-Taba [1 subentry]

Yznardy (Yznardi), Josef [2 subentries]