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 Madison Papers Indexes | Papers of James Madison, Index to Secretary of State Series volume 9 |  J

J. & J. Pleasant (Baltimore merchants) [1 reference]

J. Townsend and Co. [1 subentry]

Jackson, Andrew [1 subentry]

Jackson, George (father of John G.) [1 reference]

Jackson, John G. [3 subentries]

Jackson, Mary Payne (Mrs. John G.) [3 references]

Jacob Cohen & Co. (Charleston, S.C. auctioneers) [1 reference]

Jacobi-Kloest, Baron Konstans Philipp Wilhelm von (Prussian minister to Great Britain) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Jade River [3 references]

Jalouse (British sloop) [1 reference]

Jamaica [4 references + 7 subentries]

Jamaica Plain, Mass. [1 subentry]

Jamaica station, commander of [See redirect]

James River [1 reference]

Janssens, Jan Willem (Dutch governor of Cape of Good Hope) [1 reference]

Jarruca [See redirect]

Jaruco, conde de [See redirect]

Jarvis, William [11 subentries]

Java (U.S. ship) (Capt. Baker) [1 reference]

Jay, John [1 reference]

Jay treaty (1794) [3 references + 9 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Jefferson, George [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jefferson, Thomas [1 reference + 84 subentries]

Jefferson College, Washington, Miss. Territory [2 references]

Jefferson County, Miss. Territory [1 reference]

Jenkins, Sir Leoline [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Jenkinson, Robert Banks [See redirect]

Jervis, John [See redirect]

Jeune Creole (French privateer) (Capt. Bairon) [1 reference]

Jews [1 subentry]

Joanna (U.S. ship) (Capt. Quiner) [1 reference]

João [2 subentries]

Johanna (Danish brig) (Capt. Hahn) [1 reference]

John (U.S. brigantine) (Capt. Martin) [1 reference]

John Adams (U.S. frigate) [1 reference + 2 subentries]

John & Robert Gamble, Jr. (Richmond, Va. merchant firm) [1 reference + 2 “see also” entries]

John Bulkeley and Son (merchant house at Lisbon) [1 reference]

John Jones (U.S. ship) (Capt. Allen) [1 reference]

Johnson, Joseph (London bookseller) [1 reference]

Johnson, William (judge at Charleston) [1 reference]

Johnston, George [1 subentry]

Johnston, Jacob [1 reference]

Johnston, Thomas (purser of Constitution) [2 references]

Jolley, William [1 reference]

Jones, Joseph [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Jones, William [2 subentries]

Jonesborough, Tenn. [1 reference]

Journal historique de l’establissement des Français á la Louisiane (Bénard de La Harpe) [1 reference]

Judges [1 subentry]

Julian (U.S. schooner) (Capt. Horton) [2 references]

Julianne [See redirect]

Julio, Capt. Juan [1 subentry]

Juno, General [See redirect]

Junot, Jean-Andoche, duc de Abrantès (French minister to Portugal) [2 references + 2 subentries]

Jupiter (U.S. ship) (Capt. Law) [2 references]