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 Madison Papers Indexes | Papers of James Madison, Index to Secretary of State Series volume 9 |  O

O (Spanish frigate) [1 reference]

O’Brien, Elizabeth Maria Robinson (Mrs. Richard) [1 reference]

O’Brien, Capt. James (of Emerald) [1 reference]

O’Brien, Richard [3 subentries]

occupations [5 subentries]

Ogden, Samuel G. [1 reference]

Ohio [2 references + 7 subentries]

Ohio County, Va. (now W.Va.) [1 reference]

Ohio River [1 subentry]

Ohio Territory [1 subentry]

Oldenburg, Duke of (Peter Friedrich Ludwig; administrator of Oldenburg) [1 reference]

Oldenburg, Germany [1 subentry]

Olive Branch (U.S. ship) (Capt. W. Bryant) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Olive Branch (U.S. ship) (Capt. Vanlevanigh) [3 references]

Olivia (U.S. brig) (Capt. Teubner) [1 reference]

Oneco (U.S. schooner in Chile) [1 reference]

Opelousas, La. [3 references]

Orange County, Va. [3 references]

Orde, Sir John [4 subentries]

Order of San Gennaro [1 reference]

Oresund, Denmark [1 reference]

Orleans Gazette; and Commercial Advertiser (New Orleans) [3 references]

Orleans Territory [3 references + 30 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Orne, Capt. Joseph (of Essex) [1 reference]

Orue y Gorvea, José [1 subentry]

Osborne, Audley Laurens [1 subentry]

Osservazioni mediche sulla malattia febbrile dominante in Livorno per servire d’istruzioni ai signori medici destinati al servizio de nuovo spedale provvisorio de S. Jacopo (Palloni) [2 references]

Otis, Samuel [1 reference]

Ottoman Empire [1 subentry]

Otway, William Albany (dockyard commissioner at Gibraltar) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Ouachita River (Ouashita, Washita) [2 references]

Ouezzane, Morocco [1 subentry]

Oxnard, Capt. Thomas (of True Blooded Yankee) [1 reference]