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 Madison Papers Indexes | Papers of James Madison, Index to Secretary of State Series volume 9 |  D

Dacres, James Richard (commander in chief, Jamaica station) [3 references]

Dallas, Alexander James [3 subentries]

Dalton, Mr. (of Bank of Alexandria) [1 reference]

Damen, Herman Hendrik (Amsterdam merchant) [1 reference]

Damen & Van Oliver (Amsterdam merchant house) [1 reference]

Dana, Samuel W. [2 subentries]

Dangerfield, Capt. (of Young Lion) [1 reference]

d’Annemours, Charles François (former French consul at Baltimore) [1 subentry]

Darien, Ga. [1 reference]

Darqawiyya brotherhood [1 subentry]

Dart (U.S. armed schooner) (Capt. Nicholl) [1 reference]

Dartmouth College [1 reference]

Dash (U.S. armed schooner) [1 reference]

Davidson, James (cashier of Bank of U.S.) [1 subentry]

Davis, Ann Pennock (Mrs. George) [1 reference]

Davis, George (acting consul at Tunis) [6 subentries]

Davis, John [1 reference]

Davis, Matthew Livingston [1 reference]

Davis, Mr. (visitor to Washington) [1 reference]

Davis, Samuel B. [1 subentry]

Dearborn, Henry [3 subentries]

Dearborn, Henry A. S. [1 reference]

Debatchioskey, Mr. (Russian consul at Lisbon) [1 reference]

Debaugue Brothers (Antwerp merchant firm) [1 reference]

de Becker, M. (Russian consul at Sicily) [1 reference]

Deblois, Lewis [1 reference + 1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

De Castro, Tomé (vice-consul at Terceira) [1 reference]

Decatur, Stephen [1 reference]

Declaration of Independence [1 reference]

DeCoest freres (French merchant house at Ghent) [1 reference]

Decrès, Denis [2 subentries]

Dederick, Capt. (of Speculation) [1 reference]

Deforgues, François Louis Michel Chemin (French consul at New Orleans) [1 reference]

de Gallo, Mr. [See redirect]

Degen, Frederick (U.S. Navy agent at Naples) [1 reference]

Degen, Purviance, and Co. (merchants and U.S. Navy agents at Leghorn) [3 references]

Dejan, Capt. Amado (of Vigilant) [1 reference]

Delassus de Luzière, Carlos Dehault (former Spanish lieut. governor of Upper La.) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Delaware [1 reference]

Delessert and Co. (French bankers) [1 reference]

de Letten, Armand [1 reference]

de Letten, Mme. (friend of Lafayette) [1 reference]

Dempsey, William [1 reference]

Denmark [13 subentries]

Den Onzekeren (Dutch ship) [1 reference]

Dent, Capt. John H. (commander of Nautilus) [1 reference]

Derbigny, Pierre Augustin Bourguignon [3 references + 1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

De Rham, Henry Casimir [1 reference + 1 subentry]

De Rham, Maria Theresa Moore (Mrs. Henry) [1 reference]

De Rham & Moore (N.Y. merchants) [1 reference]

Derieux (De Rieux), Justin Pierre Plumard [1 reference + 1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Derieux (De Rieux), Maria Margharita Martin (Mrs. Justin Pierre Plumard) [1 reference]

Derna, Tripoli [4 references]

DeSaussure, Henry William [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Dessalines, Jean-Jacques [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Destréhan de Tours, Jean Noël [3 references + 1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Destutt de Tracy, Antoine Louis Claude, comte [1 subentry]

Detroit, Mich. Territory [5 references + 2 subentries]

Dewhurst, Edward [1 subentry]

Dexter, Ga. [1 subentry]

Diana (British warship) [1 reference]

Diana (U.S. schooner) (Capt. Rice) [1 reference]

Diario Mercantil de Cádiz [2 references]

Dickason, Thomas, & Co. [See redirect]

Dieppe, France [1 reference]

Dig, India [1 reference]

Dillaway, Samuel [1 reference]

diplomats [4 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

disease [12 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Dispatch (U.S. brig) (Capt. B. Brown) [1 subentry]

District of Columbia [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Djerba, Tunis [1 reference]

Dohrman, Jacob (Dutch consul general at Lisbon) [1 reference]

Dolly (U.S. brig) [1 subentry]

Dominica, West Indies [1 subentry]

Donaldson, James Lowry (recorder of La. Territory) [1 reference]

Donaldson, Joseph, Jr. [1 subentry]

Dorcier [See redirect]

Dorgenoy, Francis Joseph Le Breton (marshal at New Orleans) [1 reference]

Dorsière (also Dorsier), Eugene Joris [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Douglass, Peter [3 references]

Dover, Delaware [1 reference]

Downs, William [1 reference]

Draper (U.S. ship) (Capt. Green) [1 reference]

Dreyer, Christof Vilhelm (Danish minister to France) [1 reference]

Dryad (British ship) [1 reference]

Duane, William [2 references]

Duckworth, John [1 reference + 1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

duels [2 references]

Duffield, George [2 subentries]

Dulton (Dalton), Thomas [2 references + 1 subentry]

Dumfries, Va. [1 reference]

Dunbar, Robert [1 subentry]

Dunbar, William [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Duncomb, Savage & Co. [1 reference]

Dundas, Henry [See redirect]

Dunnett, Capt. (of New York Packet) [1 reference]

Duplantier, Armand Gabriel Allard [1 subentry + 1 “see also” entry]

Du Pont, Victor Marie [2 subentries]

Du Pont de Nemours, Pierre Samuel [1 subentry]

Dupuy, James (merchant at Nantes) [2 references]

Durand, M. (notary public at Martinique) [1 reference]

Durazzo, Girolamo-Luigi Francesco, count (doge of Genoa) [4 references]

Dutton, Capt [See redirect]

Duvall, Gabriel [1 reference]