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Congressional Series | Volume 8 (10 March 1784–28 March 1786) | Documents

To Edmund Randolph, 10 March 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 16 March 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 16 March 1784From Eliza House Trist, ca. 13 April 1784From Patrick Henry, 17 April 1784From Alexander Hamilton, 18 April 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 25 April 1784Endorsement of Philip Mazzei's Petition, 25 April 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 25 April 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 7 May 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 8 May 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 8 May 1784To James Madison, Sr., 13 May 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 14 May 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 15 May 1784From Samuel House, 18 May 1784The General Assembly Session of May 1784 (Editorial Note)Resolutions to Strengthen Powers of Congress, 19 May 1784Bill for Regulating the Appointment of Delegates to Congress, 22 May 1784Motion on Settlement of National Accounts, 22 May 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 25 May 1784Report and Resolution on Accounts between Virginia and the United States, 28 May 1784To Samuel House, 29 May 1784Resolution on the Revision of the Virginia Statutes, 29 May 1784State Property and Poll Assessments for 1782, [ca. 31 May]Resolution Ordering the Election of a Northwest Claims Commissioner, 1 June 1784Resolution on Payment of Revisors, 1 June 1784From Thomas Jefferson, ca. 1 June 1784Resolution for Schedule of Tax Rates on Documents, 2 June 1784From James Madison, Sr., 4 June 1784To James Madison, Sr., 5 June 1784Bill Granting Congress Limited Power to Regulate Commerce, 5 June 1784Resolutions on Private Debts Owed to British Merchants, 7–23 June 1784Bill Restricting Foreign Vessels to Certain Virginia Ports, 8 June 1784From James Madison, Sr., 10 June 1784From George Washington, 12 June 1784Resolution to Expedite Settlement of Simon Nathan's Claims, 14 June 1784Resolution on the Pauly and Beaumarchais Claims, 14 June 1784Amendments to Bill for Regulating Elections, [ca. 14 June] 1784Rules of the Constitutional Society of Virginia, [ca. 14 June] 1784Notes for a Speech Favoring Revision of the Virginia Constitution of 1776, [14 or 21 June]To James Madison, Sr., 15 June 1784From John Blair Smith, 21 June 1784Bill Authorizing an Amendment in the Articles of Confederation, [21 June] 1784Resolution for Procuring a Statue of General Washington, 22 June 1784To James Madison, Sr., 24 June 1784Opinion in Controversy between Joseph Jones and William Lee, 26 June 1784Bill to Aid Thomas Paine, 28 June 1784Resolutions Appointing Virginia Members of a Potomac River Commission, 28 June 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 1 July 1784To George Washington, 2 July 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 3 July 1784From Noah Webster, 5 July 1784From William Overton Callis, 9 August 1784To George Washington, 12 August 1784Deed of Gift of Orange County Lands, 19 August 1784Bill of Sale for Orange County Lands, 19 August 1784 (Abstract)To Thomas Jefferson, 20 August 1784From Benjamin Hawkins, 4 September 1784To James Madison, Sr., 6 September 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 7 September 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 15 September 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 11 October 1784To Thomas Jefferson, 17 October 1784The General Assembly Session of October 1784 (Editorial Note)Resolutions on Western Law Enforcement and Mississippi Navigation, 3 November 1784From James Monroe, 7 November 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 11 November 1784Bill for Granting James Rumsey a Patent for Ship Construction, [11 November] 1784From John Francis Mercer, 12 November 1784To James Monroe, 14 November 1784To Richard Henry Lee, ca. 14 November 1784From Philip Mazzei, 15 November 1784From James Monroe, 15 November 1784Bill Enabling the Executive to Pension Disabled Veterans, with Amendments, [16 November & 6 December] 1784From Richard Henry Lee, 20 November 1784To James Monroe, [ca. 20 November] 1784From Andrew Dunscomb, 24 November 1784From Richard Henry Lee, 26 November 1784From John Francis Mercer, 26 November 1784Preamble and Portion of an Extradition Bill, [26 November] 1784To James Madison, Sr., 27 November 1784To James Monroe, 27 November 1784From George Washington, 28 November 1784Bill Extending the Alien Veterans' Land Rights, 30 November 1784From Philip Mazzei, 1 December 1784Resolutions Providing for a Bust of Lafayette, 1 December 1784Bill for the Establishment of Courts of Assize, 2 December 1784To James Madison, Sr., 3 December 1784Bill Prohibiting Further Confiscation of British Property, 3 December 1784Resolution on Pensions for Wounded Veterans, 3 December 1784To James Monroe, 4 December 1784To Lafayette, 4 December 1784From James Monroe, 6 December 1784From Thomas Jefferson, 8 December 1784To Richard Henry Lee, 11 December 1784To James Monroe, 11 December 1784To George Washington, 11 December 1784From James Monroe, 14 December 1784From Lafayette, 15–17 December 1784From James Monroe, 18 December 1784Bill Providing Funds for a James River Canal, [18 December] 1784From Edmund Pendleton, 18 December 1784Madison's Notes for Debates on the General Assessment Bill, [23–24 December] 1784To James Monroe, 24 December 1784To Richard Henry Lee, 25 December 1784From Richard Henry Lee, 27 December 1784From George Washington, 28 December 1784Act concerning the Appointment of Sheriffs, [28 December] 1784Resolutions Authorizing an Interstate Compact on Navigation and Jurisdiction of the Potomac, 28 December 1784Resolution for Opening Roads to Market Towns, [ca. 30 December] 1784To George Washington, 1 January 1785Resolutions Appointing a Western Road Commissioner, 1 January 1785Resolution Authorizing Payment to Certain French Creditors, 1 January 1785Resolutions Authorizing Surveys for a Western Road and Canal, 1 January 1785Act for Clearing and Improving the Navigation of James River, 3 January 1785 (Abstract)Act Giving Canal Company Shares to General Washington, [4–5 January] 1785To James Madison, Sr., 6 January 1785From George Muter, 6 January 1785Pay Voucher as Delegate to General Assembly, 7 January 1785To James Monroe, 8 January 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 9 January 1785To George Washington, 9 January 1785Election to the American Philosophical Society, 21 January 1785 (Abstract)To Thomas Jefferson, 22 January 1785To John Francis Mercer, 24 January 1785From George Wythe, February 1785From James Monroe, 1 February 1785From John Francis Mercer, 8 February 1785From Edmund Randolph, 12 February 1785From James Monroe, 6 March 1785To Edmund Randolph, 10 March 1785From Lafayette, 16 March 1785From Thomas Jefferson, 18 March 1785To Lafayette, 20 March 1785To Richard Henry Lee, 20 March 1785To James Monroe, 21 March 1785To Patrick Henry, 25 March 1785From Joseph Jones, 30 March 1785To Martha Jefferson Carr, ca. 1–17 April 1785To James Monroe, 12 April 1785To James Monroe, [14 April] 1785To George Wythe, 15 April 1785From Martha Jefferson Carr, 18 April 1785From George Nicholas, 22 April 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 27 April 1785To James Monroe, 28 April 1785From William Grayson, 1 May 1785From James Monroe, [8 May] 1785From Thomas Jefferson, 11 May 1785From John Blair Smith, [ca. 16 May] 1785From Richard Barbour, 19 May 1785From Gabriel Royez, 24 May 1785To John Blair Smith, 27 May 1785From William Grayson, 28 May 1785To James Monroe, 29 May 1785To William Grayson, 29 May 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 30 May 1785From François de Barbé-Marbois, 31 May 1785From Philip Mazzei, 3 June 1785From Joseph Jones, 12 June 1785From Philip Mazzei, 15 June 1785Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessments, [ca. 20 June] 1785To James Monroe, 21 June 1785From Joseph Jones, 23 June 1785From William Grayson, 27 June 1785Copy of a Protestant Episcopal Church Petition to the General Assembly of Virginia, [July?] 1785To Richard Henry Lee, 7 July 1785From George Nicholas, 7 July 1785From James Monroe, 12 July 1785From Caleb Wallace, 12 July 1785From Edmund Randolph, 17 July 1785From John Dawson, 20 July 1785From George Nicholas, 24 July 1785To Edmund Randolph, 26 July 1785From James Monroe, 26 July 1785To James Monroe, 28 July 1785To James Monroe, 7 August 1785From George Mason, 9 August 1785From Richard Henry Lee, 11 August 1785From James Monroe, 14 August 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 20 August 1785From William Grayson, 21 August 1785To Caleb Wallace, 23 August 1785From Jean August Marie Chevallié, 27 August 1785From Jacob Read, 29 August 1785From Thomas Jefferson, 1 September 1785From Ambrose Madison, 9 September 1785From William Grayson, 16 September 1785To Ambrose Madison, 20 September 1785From Thomas Jefferson, 20 September 1785From Caleb Wallace, 25 September 1785From John Hatley Norton, 1 October 1785From John Hatley Norton, 2 October 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 3 October 1785From Caleb Wallace, 8 October 1785From William Grayson, 14 October 1785To George Washington, 20 October 1785From George Washington, 22 October 1785From Gerard Banks, 28 October 1785From Arthur Campbell, 28 October 1785From Thomas Jefferson, 28 October 1785From George Washington, 29 October 1785The General Assembly Session of October 1785 (Editorial Note)Bills for a Revised State Code of Laws, [31 October] 1785Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, [31 October] 1785From William Grayson, 8 November 1785To George Washington, 11 November 1785From James Madison, Sr., ca. 12–14 November 1785Debates and Resolutions Related to the Regulation of Commerce by Congress, Including a Call for a Convention at Annapolis, November 1785–January 1786 (Editorial Note)Draft of Resolutions on Foreign Trade, [ca. 12 November] 1785From William Grayson, 14 November 1785Resolution Calling for the Regulation of Commerce by Congress, 14 November 1785To Thomas Jefferson, 15 November 1785From the Reverend James Madison, 15 November 1785Act Securing the Copyright for Authors, 16 November 1785Amendments to the Act Conveying Canal Shares to George Washington, [16 November] 1785To James Madison, Sr., 18 November 1785From William Grayson, 22 November 1785From William Grayson, 28 November 1785From Benjamin Waller, 28 November 1785From George Washington, 30 November 1785Notes for Debate on Commercial Regulations by Congress, 30 November–1 December 1785To Ambrose Madison, 1 December 1785To James Madison, Sr., ca. 1 December 1785From George Mason, 7 December 1785To James Monroe, 9 December 1785To George Washington, 9 December 1785Resolutions on Kentucky Statehood, 12 December 1785To James Madison, Sr., ca. 13 December 1785To Ambrose Madison, 15 December 1785Act Giving Executive the Power to Deal with Aliens, 15 December 1785To James Monroe, 17 December 1785From James Monroe, 19 December 1785Bill Providing for Installment Payments on British Debts, 19 December 1785Act Concerning Statehood for the Kentucky District, 22 December 1785To James Madison, Sr., 24 December 1785To James Monroe, 24 December 1785Act Ratifying the Chesapeake Compact with Maryland, [ca. 24–26 December] 1785From James Madison, Sr., 24 December 1785From James Monroe, 26 December 1785To James Madison, Sr., 27 December 1785To James Monroe, 30 December 1785Notes on Charters of Incorporation, [January?] 1786Resolution for Printing and Distributing Session Laws, [18 January] 1786To Ambrose Madison, 21 January 1786Resolution Authorizing a Commission to Examine Trade Regulations, 21 January 1786To John Francis Mercer, ca. 21 January 1786To Thomas Jefferson, 22 January 1786To James Monroe, 22 January 1786Pay Voucher as Delegate to the General Assembly, [28 January] 1786From Samuel House, ca. 1–8 February 1786To James Monroe, 4 February 1786From Thomas Jefferson, 8 February 1786From Thomas Jefferson, 9 February 1786From James Monroe, 9 February 1786From Eliza House Trist, 9 February 1786From James Monroe, 11 February 1786To Edmund Randolph, ca. 14 February 1786From Henry Lee, 16 February 1786From James Monroe, 16 February 1786To James Monroe, 24 February 1786From Edmund Randolph, 1 March 1786From Daniel Carroll, 13 March 1786To James Monroe, 14 March 1786To Eliza House Trist, 14 March 1786To Caleb Wallace, 15 March 1786To Thomas Jefferson, 18 March 1786To James Monroe, 19 March 1786From James Monroe, 19 March 1786From William Grayson, 22 March 1786From John Francis Mercer, 28 March 1786