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Congressional Series | Volume 16 (27 April 1795–27 March 1797) | Documents

From Thomas Jefferson, 27 April 1795From John Beckley, 27 April 1795To Richard Taylor, ca. May 1795To John Lee, 1 May 1795To Pierce Butler, ca. 1 May 1795From John Beckley, 4 May 1795From Giuseppe Ceracchi, [ca. 11 May] 1795From Giuseppe Ceracchi, 11 May 1795From John Hurt, 12 May 1795From Philip Freneau, 20 May 1795From John Beckley, 25 May 1795From Henry Lee, 6 June 1795 (Abstract)To John Swanwick, 7 June 1795From John Brown, 8 June 1795From Joseph Jones, 10 June 1795From Pierce Butler, 12 June 1795From James Monroe, 13 June 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 14 June 1795From John Swanwick, 14 June 1795To Henry Tazewell, ca. 16 June 1795From Pierce Butler, 17 June 1795From Pierce Butler, 24 June 1795From Pierce Butler, 26 June 1795From Henry Tazewell, 26 June 1795From James Monroe, 28 June 1795From Henry Tazewell, 29 June 1795From James Monroe, 30 June 1795To John Swanwick, 30 June 1795From Robert R. Livingston, 6 July 1795From Richard Taylor, 11 July 1795From Thomas Jefferson, 13 July 1795From James Monroe, [ca. 23 July] 1795From the Right Reverend James Madison, 25 July 1795From James Monroe, 26 July 1795From John Swanwick, 26 July 1795From Thomas Jefferson, 3 August 1795From an Unidentified Correspondent, 3 August 1795From James Monroe, 5 August 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 6 August 1795From Hubbard Taylor, 9 August 1795To Robert R. Livingston, 10 August 1795From George Joy, 10 August 1795From Joseph Jones, 19 [August] 1795From Pierce Butler, 21 August 1795To an Unidentified Correspondent, 23 August 1795From John Minor, Jr., and Others, [post 25 August] 1795From Henry Tazewell, 30 August 1795Draft of the Petition to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, [ca. September] 1795From James Monroe, 8 September 1795From John Beckley, 10 September 1795From Samuel Spring, 12 September 1795From Thomas Jefferson, 21 September 1795From Thomas Paine, 24 September 1795To Henry Tazewell, 25 September 1795Petition to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, [12 October] 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 18 October 1795From James Monroe, 23 October 1795From James Monroe, 24 October 1795To the Executive Council of Virginia, 28 October 1795 (Abstract)From Joseph Jones, 29 October 1795From James Monroe, 29 October 1795From Edmund Randolph, 1 November 1795From George Nicholas, 6 November 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 8 November 1795To James Madison, Sr., 8 November 1795From James Monroe, 8 November 1795From Robert R. Livingston, 16 November 1795From James Jackson, 17 November 1795From Ebenezer Zane, 17 November 1795From Thomas Posey, 21 November 1795From Joseph Jones, 22 November 1795From Thomas Jefferson, 26 November 1795From John Montgomery, 28 November 1795From John Baker and Others, 2 December 1795From Thomas Jefferson, 3 December 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 6 December 1795From George Washington, 6 December 1795Madison in the Fourth Congress, 7 December 1795–3 March 1797 (Editorial Note)From Joseph Nevill, 8 December 1795To James Monroe, 9 December 1795From Thomas Knox, 12 December 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 13 December 1795Address of the House of Representatives to the President, [ca. 14 December] 1795To Joseph Jones, ca. 16 December 1795Petition of Beverley Winslow and Joseph Hawkins, ca. 18 December 1795From Joseph Jones, 19 December 1795To James Monroe, 20 December 1795From Joseph Jones, 21 December 1795From the Governor of Virginia, 24 December 1795To Thomas Jefferson, 27 December 1795To James Madison, Sr., 27 December 1795The Case of Robert Randall and Charles Whitney, 28 December 1795–13 January 1796 (Editorial Note)Case of Randall and Whitney, [28 December] 1795From Robert Murray and Company, 29 December 1795Case of Randall and Whitney, [30 December] 1795Case of Randall and Whitney, [31 December] 1795From Edmund Pendleton, 1796?Case of Randall and Whitney, [4 January] 1796Articles of Agreement with Theodorus Bailey, 5 January 1796 (Abstract)From Edmund Pendleton, 6 January 1796Petition of John Storie, ca. 7 January 1796Case of Randall and Whitney, [7 January] 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 10 January 1796From Robert Murray and Company, 11 January 1796From John Dawson, 12 January 1796From James Monroe, 12 January 1796Indian Trading Houses, [13 January] 1796To Robert Murray and Company, 13 January 1796Commercial Restrictions, [15 January] 1796From Hubbard Taylor, 16 January 1796To James Madison, Sr., 17 January 1796From Joseph Jones, 18 January 1796Appropriations for 1796, [19 January] 1796From James Monroe, 20 January 1796From Robert Murray and Company, 20 January 1796Appropriations for 1796, [20 January] 1796From George Washington, 22 January 1796From Francis Taylor, 23 January 1796From Arthur Campbell, 24 January 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 24 January 1796To James Monroe, 25 January 1796To James Monroe, 26 January 1796From John Browne Cutting, 26 January 1796From George Taylor, Jr., 30 January 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 31 January 1796From Robert Simons, [ca. 1 February] 1796From Joseph Jones, 4 February 1796From Richard Peters, 4 February 1796From John Browne Cutting, [ca. 5 February] 1796Postal Road Survey, [5 February] 1796From John Browne Cutting, 6 February 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 7 February 1796To Edmund Pendleton, 7 February 1796Compensation for Members of Congress, [8 February] 1796From Jared Ingersoll, [9 February] 1796Domestic Debt of the United States, [9 February] 1796To Robert Simons, [ca. 10 February] 1796From James Wattson, 10 February 1796Postal Road Survey, [11 February] 1796Contested Election, [11 February] 1796To George Washington, 12 February 1796From George Washington, 13 February 1796From Jared Ingersoll, 14 February 1796From Joseph Jones, 17 February 1796To James Blair, ca. 20 February 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 21 February 1796To James Madison, Sr., 21 February 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 21 February 1796To Arnold Henry Dohrman, 21 February 1796From William Russell, 22 February 1796Loan for the City of Washington, [22 February] 1796Assignment of a Share in the Library Company of Philadelphia, 22 February 1796 (Abstract)From Jared Ingersoll, [24 February] 1796From James Madison, Sr., 24 February 1796To James Monroe, 26 February 1796From Arnold Henry Dohrman, 26 February 1796Compensation for Members of Congress, [26 February] 1796From James Monroe, 27 February 1796From Robert Simons, 28 February 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 29 February 1796Impressed American Seamen, [29 February] 1796From Hubbard Taylor, [1 March] 1796From Hubbard Taylor, 1 March 1796Impressed American Seamen, [1 March] 1796From Mark Pragers and Company, 3 March 1796Northwestern Land Offices, [3 March] 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 6 March 1796To James Madison, Sr., 6 March 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 6 March 1796From George Washington, 6 March 1796To Arnold Henry Dohrman, ca. 6 March 1796From James Hickley, 7 March 1796Jay's Treaty, [7 March] 1796Jay's Treaty, [10 March] 1796From Arnold Henry Dohrman, 11 March 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 13 March 1796To James Madison, Sr., 13 March 1796From Frederick Frelinghuysen, 17 March 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 21 March 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 21 March 1796Notes for Speech in Congress, [ca. 23 March–2 April] 1796From James Monroe, 24 March 1796From Philip Mazzei, 24 March 1796From Joseph Jones, 25 March 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 27 March 1796From Samuel Wilds, [28 March] 1796Impressed American Seamen, [28 March] 1796To Joseph Jones, 28 March 1796To Joseph Jones, 30 March 1796To Hubbard Taylor, ca. 1 April 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 4 April 1796From Robert Gamble, 4 April 1796Northwestern Land Offices, [5 April] 1796From Joseph Habersham, 6 April 1796Jay's Treaty, [6 April] 1796To James Monroe, 7 April 1796Naval Armament, [7 April] 1796From Thomas Southcomb, 8 April 1796Naval Armament, [8 April] 1796Indian Intercourse Bill, [9 April] 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 11 April 1796To James Madison, Sr., 11 April 1796Execution of Treaties, [14 April] 1796From Henry Tazewell, [ca. 15 April] 1796Jay's Treaty, [15 April] 1796From A. Robertson, 16 April 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 17 April 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 18 April 1796To James Monroe, 18 April 1796From Edmund Randolph, 22 April 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 23 April 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 24 April 1796To James Madison, Sr., 25 April 1796From Edmund Randolph, 25 April 1796From Joseph Jones, 26 April 1796From John Langdon, 28 April 1796From William Walker, 28 April 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 1 May 1796To John Langdon, 1 May 1796To James Madison, Sr., 1 May 1796From Joseph Jones, [ca. 1 May] 1796To Walter Jones, 1 May 1796Report on Sale of Ohio Company Lands, [3 May] 1796To William Thornton, 5 May 1796Admission of Tennessee, [5 May] 1796From James Monroe, 7 May 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 9 May 1796From Stephen Moylan, [9 May] 1796To Hubbard Taylor, 10 May 1796Sale of Prizes, [11 May] 1796Receipt from Stephen Girard, 11 May 1796 (Abstract)From Timothy Pickering, 12 May 1796From George Washington, 12 May 1796 (Abstract)To Arthur Breese, 13 May 1796To James Monroe, 14 May 1796From Walter Jones, 15 May 1796Postal Road Survey, [19 May] 1796Act respecting the Mint, [21 May] 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 22 May 1796To George Washington, 25 May 1796From James Thomson Callender, 28 May 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 30 May 1796From Richard Harrison, 1 June 1796From James Monroe, 7 June 1796From Hubbard Taylor, ca. 14 June 1796From John Beckley, 20 June 1796From James Monroe, 5 July 1796From Hubbard Taylor, 16 July 1796From Fulwar Skipwith, 27 July 1796Deed of Sale, 29 July 1796 (Abstract)From James Monroe, 1 August 1796To James Madison, Sr., 10 August 1796From Timothy Pickering, 19 August 1796From Edmund Randolph, 19 August 1796 (Abstract)From James Monroe, 1 September 1796From James Yard, 9 September 1796From Hubbard Taylor, 12 September 1796From James Monroe, 19 September 1796From James Monroe, 20 September 1796From James Monroe, 26 September 1796From Alexander White, 26 September 1796To James Monroe, 29 September 1796To John Beckley, 1 October 1796From Henry Tazewell, 3 October 1796From John Beckley, 15 October 1796To Henry Tazewell, 18 October 1796From William Russell, 24 October 1796From Hubbard Taylor, 14 November 1796From James Monroe, 15 November 1796From John Taylor, 16 November 1796From Joseph Jones, 23 November 1796From Stephen Moylan, [ca. 26 November] 1796To James Madison, Sr., 27 November 1796From James Maury, 28 November 1796To George Washington, 1 December 1796From Philip Freneau, 1 December 1796To Joseph Jones, 1 December 1796From Joseph Chew, 2 December 1796From Alexander White, 2 December 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 5 December 1796To Joseph Jones, 5 December 1796From Joseph Jones, 9 December 1796Power of Attorney from James Madison, Sr., 9 December 1796 (Abstract)To Thomas Jefferson, 10 December 1796To Joseph Jones, 11 December 1796From James Madison, Sr., 11 and 12 December 1796National University, [12 December] 1796Petition of Peter Gree, ca. 13 December 1796From Alexander Fowler, 15 December 1796From Joseph Jones, [ca. 15 December] 1796To William Madison, ca. 15 December 1796From John Watts, 16 December 1796From George Washington, 16 December 1796 (Abstract)To Joseph Jones, 16 December 1796From Arthur Breese, 17 December 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 17 December 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 19 December 1796To James Madison, Sr., 19 December 1796To John Watts, ca. 23 December 1796To Thomas Jefferson, 25 December 1796To James Madison, Sr., 25 December 1796National University, [26 December] 1796Memorial of Joseph Nourse, ca. 26 December 1796Petition of John Porter, ca. 27 December 1796Petition of Hugh Lawson White, [30 December] 1796From Thomas Jefferson, 1 January 1797From James Monroe, 1 January 1797From James Madison, Sr., 2 January 1797From John Hopkins, 3 January 1797From Lawrence Taliaferro, 4 January 1797Land Sales in Ohio, [5 January] 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 8 January 1797From Thomas Jefferson, 8 January 1797From Joseph Jones, 8 [January] 1797From James Monroe, 8 January 1797From Edmund Randolph, 8 January 1797From James Madison, Sr., 8 January 1797Petition of Joseph-Léonard Poirey, [9 January] 1797James and Dolley P. Madison v. Edward Heston, 10 January 1797 (Abstract)From George Taylor, Jr., 11 January 1797Petition of Gilbert Dench, [11 January] 1797Petition of Joseph-Léonard Poirey, [11 January] 1797Relations with Algiers, [13 January] 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 15 January 1797To Robert R. Livingston, 15 January 1797To James Madison, Sr., 15 January 1797From Francis Corbin, 15 January 1797To Robert Gamble, 15 January 1797From Thomas Jefferson, 16 January 1797From James Madison, Sr., 16 January 1797Relations with Algiers, [17 January] 1797To James Maury, 18 January 1797From John Bacon, 18 January 1797From Enoch Edwards, 19 January 1797Additional Revenue, [19 January] 1797To Horatio Gates, 20 January 1797Additional Revenue, [20 January] 1797From Robert Gamble, 21 January 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 22 January 1797To James Madison, Sr., 22 January 1797From Thomas Jefferson, 22 January 1797Compensation to Public Officers, [26 January] 1797From John Wilcocks, 28 January 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 29 January 1797To James Madison, Sr., 29 January 1797From Joseph Jones, 29 January 1797From Thomas Jefferson, 30 January 1797Manumitted Slaves, [30 January] 1797From James Madison, Sr., 30 January 1797Military and Naval Appropriations, [31 January] 1797From Stephen Moylan, 2 February 1797Post Offices and Post Roads, [2 February] 1797From Joseph Chew, 3 February 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 5 February 1797To James Madison, Sr., 5 February 1797From Joseph Jones, 5 February 1797From Robert Gamble, 7 February 1797Petition of Anna de Neufville, [7 February] 1797From James Swan, 10 February 1797To Thomas Jefferson, 11 February 1797To James Madison, Sr., 13 February 1797Petition of Anna de Neufville, [13 February] 1797From Joseph Jones, [ca. 16 February] 1797From Timothy Pickering, 16 February 1797From Stephen R. Bradley, 18 February 1797To James Madison, Sr., 19 February 1797To Joseph Jones, ca. 19 February 1797From Joseph Jones, 22 February 1797From Joseph Jones, 23 February 1797Indirect Taxes, [23 February] 1797From William Eve, 27 February 1797To Joseph Chew, 28 February 1797From Joseph Jones, 3 March 1797Release of Lafayette, [3 March] 1797To James Madison, Sr., ca. 5 March 1797From Joseph Jones, 8 March 1797From John Beckley, 11 March 1797To James Madison, Sr., 12 March 1797From Joseph Jones, ca. 15 March 1797To James Madison, Sr., 19 March 1797From Joseph Jones, 23 March 1797To James Madison, Sr., [ca. 27 March] 1797To Hubbard Taylor, 27 March 1797