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Retirement Series | Volume 1 (4 March 1817–31 January 1820) | Documents

From James H. Blake, 4 March 1817To James H. Blake, 4 March 1817From Thomas L. McKenney, 4 March 1817From an Unidentified Correspondent, 4 March 1817To Henry Colman, 5 March 1817To James Monroe, 5 March 1817To George M. Dallas, 6 March 1817From William Prentiss, 7 March 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 10 March 1817To Tench Coxe, ca. 11 March 1817From Joshua Dawson, 13 March 1817To Benjamin Waterhouse, [ca. 16] March 1817To John Lewis Thomson, ca. 16 March 1817From Nicholas Gouin Dufief, 17 March 1817To Joseph Delaplaine, 20 March 1817To Gabriel Slaughter, 20 March 1817From Edward Coles, 20 March 1817From Richard T. Fenner, 20 March 1817From William Bainbridge, 27 March 1817To William Eustis, [ca. 31] March 1817To Albert Gallatin, [ca. 31] March 1817To Charles Carroll, 4 April 1817From Valentine Gill, 4 April 1817From William Lee, 4 April 1817Promissory Note from Richard Cutts, 4 April 1817To William Bainbridge, 5 April 1817To Thomas Jefferson, 10 April 1817To James P. Preston, 10 April 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 13 April 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 15 April 1817From George Joy, 17 April 1817From William Harris Crawford, 18 April 1817From Richard Rush, 18 April 1817From John Adams, 22 April 1817From James Maury, 22 April 1817To Richard Rush, 23 April 1817To an Unidentified Correspondent, 23 April 1817To William Harris Crawford, 24 April 1817From George Bomford, 25 April 1817From James Monroe, 27 April 1817From Francis Corbin, 29 April 1817From Thomas Truxton, 3 May 1817Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 5 May 1817From George Joy, 10 May 1817From James Monroe, 16 May 1817From Isaac Coffin, 17 May 1817From James Pleasants Jr., 18 May 1817From George M. Dallas, 19 May 1817To John Adams, [22] May 1817To Richard Cutts, 27 May 1817To Francis Corbin, 28 May 1817To George M. Dallas, 28 May 1817To James P. Preston, [ca. 31] May 1817To Valentine Gill, [ca. 31] May 1817To David Gelston, ca. 5 June 1817To George Bomford, 7 June 1817To an Unidentified Correspondent, 7 June 1817From Donald Fraser Sr., 8 June 1817From George Bomford, 13 June 1817From Dominick Lynch Jr., 14 June 1817From James P. Preston, 14 June 1817From John Adams, 17 June 1817From George Joy, 17 June 1817From Richard Rush, 18 June 1817From William Thornton, 18 June 1817From Richard Rush, 20 June 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 22 June 1817From Charles Valérie de Perron, 22 June 1817To George Bomford, 23 June 1817From Alexander Garrett, 24 June 1817From Michael Hutton, 25 June 1817From David Gelston, 26 June 1817To Dominick Lynch Jr., 27 June 1817To Richard Rush, 27 June 1817To Charles Stewart, 30 June 1817From Edmond Kelly, 1 July 1817From Richard Bland Lee, 2 July 1817From Tench Coxe, 5 July 1817From Charles Stewart, 6 July 1817From Edward Caffarena, 12 July 1817To Richard Cutts, 13 July 1817Account with Charles Taylor, [14 July] 1817From John Love, 15 July 1817From Hezekiah Niles, [ca. 15] July 1817From Albert Gallatin, 17 July 1817From John Pope, 20 July 1817To Richard Cutts, 23 July 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 23 July 1817From James Monroe, 27 July 1817From Thomas Todd, 27 July 1817Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 28 July 1817From Thomas Todd, 6 August 1817To the Committee of the 1776 Association of Charleston, South Carolina, 8 August 1817To George Joy, 15 August 1817To James Monroe, 22 August 1817From Joseph C. Cabell, 22 August 1817From Charles Bagot, 26 August 1817From John French, 26 August 1817To John Coffee, 28 August 1817From Donald Fraser Sr., 30 August 1817From Charles Stuart Waugh, 30 August 1817To Charles Bagot, 31 August 1817To Charles Fenton Mercer, [ca. 31] August 1817From Jeremy Bentham, [September] 1817From Lewis Deblois, 3 September 1817From Charles Bagot, 5 September 1817From Antonio Capellano, 5 September 1817From Richard Rush, 6 September 1817To Hezekiah Niles, 7 September 1817To William Lee, [ca. 8 September] 1817To Antonio Capellano, 8 September 1817From Charles Stuart Waugh, 8 September 1817To George Graham, 10 September 1817From William Eustis, 13 September 1817From George Graham, 15 September 1817From Armistead T. Mason, 15 September 1817From Morris Birkbeck, 18 September 1817From Joshua Stow, 20 September 1817From Tench Coxe, 25 September 1817To Charles Bagot, 26 September 1817To Domenico A. Azuni, October 1817To Charles Kelsall, October 1817Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 7 October 1817Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 8 October 1817To Richard Cutts, 12 October 1817From William Harris Crawford, 12 October 1817From Thomas Mann Randolph, 14 October 1817From James Monroe, 18 October 1817To James Monroe, 21 October 1817To William Harris Crawford, 24 October 1817To Thomas Mann Randolph, 24 October 1817From John Gardiner, 29 October 1817From Edmond Kelly, [ca. 30] October 1817To Edward Caffarena, 1 November 1817From Hezekiah Niles, [1 November] 1817From William Taylor, 3 November 1817From the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, [4 November] 1817From Daniel Lescallier, 6 November 1817From George Tebbs, 8 November 1817To Morris Birkbeck, [ca. 9 November] 1817To Tench Coxe, 14 November 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 15 November 1817From Charles Valérie de Perron, 18 November 1817From Thomas Cooper, 24 November 1817From James Monroe, 24 November 1817From Parke Street, 25 November 1817To Richard Cutts, [ante–26 November] 1817To Richard Cutts, 26 November 1817To Thomas Jefferson, 29 November 1817To James Monroe, 29 November 1817From George M. Dallas, 1817From George Tebbs, 1 December 1817From Robert Walsh Jr., 5 December 1817To Richard Cutts, 6 December 1817To James Monroe, 9 December 1817To George Tebbs, 9 December 1817From John L. E. W. Shecut, 11 December 1817To Robert Walsh Jr., 13 December 1817From John Quincy Adams, 15 December 1817From Henry St. George Tucker, 18 December 1817To Benjamin Bell, 22 December 1817From Isaac Coffin, 22 December 1817From James Monroe, 22 December 1817To John Quincy Adams, 23 December 1817To Henry St. George Tucker, 23 December 1817From Tench Ringgold, 24 December 1817From Charles J. Ingersoll, 25 December 1817From Edmond Kelly, 25 December 1817From John Trumbull, 26 December 1817To James Monroe, 27 December 1817From Ebenezer Huntington, 30 December 1817From Thomas Jefferson, 30 December 1817To Thomas Jefferson, 1 January 1818From Thomas Jefferson, 2 January 1818To David Watson, 3 January 1818To Ebenezer Huntington, 4 January 1818To Charles J. Ingersoll, 4 January 1818To Richard Cutts, 6 January 1818To John L. E. W. Shecut, 6 January 1818From Richard Bache, 8 January 1818To Richard Bache, [post–8] January 1818To John Trumbull, 10 January 1818From John W. Green, 10 January 1818From Richard Rush, 14 January 1818From James B. Johnson, 17 January 1818From Jacob Gideon Jr., 19 January 1818From Philip Slaughter, 23 January 1818From Gales & Seaton, 26 January 1818From John R. Phillips, 27 January 1818To Jacob Gideon Jr., 28 January 1818To Gales & Seaton, 2 February 1818From Samuel Dana, 6 February 1818From Thomas Jefferson, 6 February 1818From Robert Mallory, 7 February 1818To Robert Mallory, 11 February 1818To an Unidentified Correspondent, 11 February 1818To Thomas Jefferson, 12 February 1818From Jacob Gideon Jr., 12 February 1818From James Monroe, 13 February 1818From William Reed, 14 February 1818From Joseph C. Cabell, 16 February 1818To James Monroe, 18 February 1818To Jacob Gideon Jr., 20 February 1818To Samuel Dana, 21 February 1818To Joseph C. Cabell, 23 February 1818To Richard Cutts, 24 February 1818From William Lee, 27 February 1818From Thomas Todd, [March 1818]From Benjamin Silliman, 3 March 1818From Edmond Kelly, 4 March 1818To William Lee, 5 March 1818From Henry Carroll, 5 March 1818From Hezekiah Niles, 6 March 1818To James Monroe, 8 March 1818From Charles P. Howard, 8 March 1818To Henry Carroll, 11 March 1818From St. George Tucker, 11 March 1818To Richard Cutts, 14 March 1818From Robert Patton, 17 March 1818From James P. Preston, [18 March] 1818From Armistead T. Mason, 21 March 1818To Benjamin Silliman, 28 March 1818To St. George Tucker, 28 March 1818From James Smith, 28 March 1818To an Unidentified Correspondent, 28 March 1818To Thomas Jefferson, 29 March 1818To Joseph Gales Jr., 30 March 1818From Nathaniel Bowditch, 30 March 1818From Richard Bache, 10 April 1818From James Barbour, 11 April 1818From Thomas Jefferson, 11 April 1818To James Barbour, 16 April 1818From John S. Barbour, 18 April 1818To Thomas Jefferson, 20 April 1818From John Rhea, 23 April 1818From Blackford, Arthur, and Company, 28 April 1818From James Monroe, 28 April 1818From Richard Rush, 2 May 1818To Richard Cutts, 5 May 1818From Mordecai M. Noah, 6 May 1818Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 11 May 1818Notes on Agriculture, [ante–12 May] 1818Address to the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, 12 May 1818 (Editorial Note)Address to the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, 12 May 1818From Peter Minor, 13 May 1818To Peter Minor, [ca. 15] May 1818To Mordecai M. Noah, 15 May 1818To Nathaniel Bowditch, 16 May 1818From James Monroe, 18 May 1818To James P. Preston, [19 May] 1818From James P. Preston, 20 May 1818To James Monroe, 21 May 1818To James P. Preston, 27 May 1818From John S. Barbour, 29 May 1818From Peter S. Du Ponceau, 10 June 1818To Joseph Delaplaine, 17 June 1818To Peter S. Du Ponceau, 18 June 1818From Joseph Delaplaine, 22 June 1818From James Warrell, 25 June 1818From Thomas Jefferson, 28 June 1818From William J. Coffee, 4 July 1818To William S. Stone, [6 July] 1818To George Bomford, 6 July 1818From Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 8 July 1818From James Monroe, 10 July 1818From Thomas A. Digges, 11 July 1818From Phineas Bradley, 16 July 1818From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 16 July 1818From James K. Paulding, 16 July 1818From Asher Robbins, 17 July 1818From James Monroe, 20 July 1818From James Monroe, 22 July 1818To James K. Paulding, 23 July 1818From James Monroe, 23 July 1818To Thomas Jefferson, [ca. 24 July] 1818To Benjamin Henry Latrobe, 24 July 1818To James Maury, 24 July 1818To Richard Rush, 24 July 1818From John B. Legare and Others, 24 July 1818To an Unidentified Correspondent, 24 July 1818From John Adams, 25 July 1818To Richard Cutts, 27 July 1818From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 28 July 1818From William Plumer, 28 July 1818To Dolley Payne Madison, [30 July] 1818From Richard Peters, 30 July 1818List of Subscribers, Contributors, and Founders of the Central College, 1 August 1818Minutes of the Board of Commissioners for the University of Virginia, [1–4 August] 1818Report of the Board of Commissioners for the University of Virginia to the Virginia General Assembly, [4 August] 1818To James Monroe, [5 August] 1818To John Adams, 7 August 1818To Asher Robbins, 8 August 1818From Horatio Gates Spafford, 9 August 1818To William Plumer, 10 August 1818To Richard Peters, 15 August 1818From Jacob Gideon Jr., 15 August 1818To Isaac Winston, 18 August 1818To Jacob Gideon Jr., 20 August 1818From Richard Peters, 24 August 1818To William S. Stone, 26 August 1818Account with Charles Taylor, [27 August] 1818From Mordecai M. Noah, 1 September 1818From José Corrèa de Serra, 5 September 1818From William F. Gray, 7 September 1818From Edgar Macon, 12 September 1818To José Corrèa de Serra, 13 September 1818From Peter Minor, 15 September 1818From Francis Corbin, 24 September 1818From Peter Minor, 26 September 1818From James Monroe, 27 September 1818From James Maury, 29 September 1818To James Monroe, 2 October 1818From Joseph Hutton, 2 October 1818To Josiah Meigs, 3 October 1818From Benjamin Fry, 4 October 1818From James Monroe, 5 October 1818To Thomas Jefferson, [ca. 10 October] 1818To Benjamin Fry, 14 October 1818From John Quincy Adams, 22 October 1818From Edgar Macon, 28 October 1818From Joseph Milligan, 30 October 1818To John Quincy Adams, 2 November 1818To Jacob Brown, [7 November] 1818From John Stevens, 7 November 1818From James Taylor, 7 November 1818From Edmond Kelly, [ca. 12 November] 1818From Edward Wyer, 15 November 1818To John Stevens, 17 November 1818From James B. Reynolds, 18 November 1818To James Monroe, 23 November 1818From James Monroe, 23 November 1818To an Unidentified Correspondent, 25 November 1818To James Monroe, 28 November 1818To Isaac Winston, 3 December 1818From Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 3 December 1818To St. George Tucker, 7 December 1818To Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 9 December 1818From Benedict Dorsey, 10 December 1818To James Monroe, 11 December 1818From Richard Rush, 13 December 1818From William Whann, 15 December 1818To Benedict Dorsey, 17 December 1818From William Shaler, 18 December 1818From James Riley, 19 December 1818From James Monroe, 21 December 1818From James Monroe, 23 December 1818From Francis Corbin, 25 December 1818From William Eustis, 27 December 1818To James Riley, 28 December 1818From Xaverio Naudi, 29 December 1818From Jacob Brown, [31 December] 1818To James Maury, 5 January 1819From Gulian C. Verplanck, 9 January 1819From Mason Locke Weems, 22 January 1819To William Eustis, 25 January 1819From Tench Coxe, 2 February 1819From Joseph Dougherty, 4 February 1819From James Monroe, 7 February 1819From James Beatty, 11 February 1819From James B. Sheys and Peter Ludlow Jr., 11 February 1819To Tench Coxe, 12 February 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 12 February 1819From José Corrèa de Serra, 12 February 1819To James Monroe, 13 February 1819From Fontaine Maury, 14 February 1819From Robert Walsh Jr., 15 February 1819To Joseph Dougherty, 16 February 1819To Mason Locke Weems, 16 February 1819From Isaac Davis, 16 February 1819From Joseph Dougherty, 18 February 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 19 February 1819To Richard Peters, 22 February 1819To James B. Sheys and Peter Ludlow Jr., 22 February 1819From James Beatty, 25 February 1819From David Watson, 26 February 1819Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the Central College, 26 February 1819From James P. Preston, 27 February 1819To Robert Walsh Jr., 2 March 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 3 March 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 6 March 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 8 March 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 11 March 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 11 March 1819To James P. Preston, [ca. 12] March 1819From William Eustis, 15 March 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 16 March 1819From Robert Walsh Jr., 17 March 1819From James Monroe, 18 March 1819To Gulian C. Verplanck, 23 March 1819From Baldwin Taliaferro, 26 March 1819From William Shaler, 28 March 1819Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia, 29 March 1819From James B. Pleasants, 6 April 1819From Alexander Scott, 7 April 1819From Carver Willis, 15 April 1819From Maury and Latham, 27 April 1819From William Eustis, 28 April 1819From John S. Barbour, 30 April 1819From John Martin Baker, 3 May 1819From Micah Sterling, 7 May 1819To Richard Rush, 10 May 1819From the Calliopean Society of Transylvania University, 10 May 1819From William King, 10 May 1819From John Quincy Adams, 14 May 1819To Micah Sterling, 15 May 1819To John Quincy Adams, 18 May 1819To William King, 20 May 1819To Richard Rush, 20 May 1819From Benjamin Aydelott, 20 May 1819From Richard S. Hackley, 23 May 1819From John Quincy Adams, 24 May 1819To the Calliopean Society of Transylvania University, June 1819From John Quincy Adams, 1 June 1819From Robert J. Evans, 3 June 1819To John Quincy Adams, 7 June 1819From William Plumer, 8 June 1819From Isaac Coffin, 10 June 1819From Petr Ivanovich Poletika, 10 June 1819From Thomas O'Connor, 11 June 1819To Petr Ivanovich Poletika, 14 June 1819To Robert J. Evans, 15 June 1819From John Quincy Adams, 18 June 1819To Thomas O'Connor, [post–18 June] 1819To James Monroe, 20 June 1819To William Plumer, 20 June 1819From Robert J. Evans, 26 June 1819To John Quincy Adams, 27 June 1819To Calvin Jones, 28 June 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 29 June 1819To William S. Stone, 1 July 1819To James Monroe, 3 July 1819To William Eustis, 6 July 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 7 July 1819From John Stanard, 7 July 1819From Joseph C. Cabell, 10 July 1819From Thomas Lehré, 10 July 1819From James Stubblefield, 16 July 1819From Edward Coles, 20 July 1819To David Porter, 20 July 1819To Joseph C. Cabell, 26 July 1819From William Eustis, 26 July 1819From William Logan, 28 July 1819From Richard Bland Lee, 2 August 1819To John Adams, 5 August 1819To Richard Bland Lee, 5 August 1819To James Monroe, 8 August 1819From David Porter, 8 August 1819From Alexander Scott, 11 August 1819To William Logan, 12 August 1819From Frederick Dalcho, 13 August 1819From Elkanah Watson, 18 August 1819From Peter Cardelli, 19 August 1819From Spencer Roane, 22 August 1819To Bushrod Washington, 28 August 1819To Spencer Roane, 2 September 1819To Edward Coles, 3 September 1819From Thomas Poindexter Jr., 4 September 1819To James Monroe, 6 September 1819From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 7 September 1819From Richard Rush, 8 September 1819To John Taylor and James Garnett, 10 September 1819To Elkanah Watson, 10 September 1819From James Monroe, 10 September 1819To Major Dana, 12 September 1819From Bushrod Washington, 14 September 1819From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 20 September 1819From Rawdon and Balch, [ca. 21 September] 1819From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 23 September 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 23 September 1819Indenture between James and Dolley Payne Madison and Philip Edge, [27 September] 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 28 September 1819From Robert Walsh Jr., 30 September 1819To Isaac Coffin, 1 October 1819From John S. Barbour, 3 October 1819Minutes of the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia, 4 October 1819From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 5 October 1819James Madison v. John Strode, Berkley Ward, Isaac H. Williams, and Jonathan Williams, 6 October 1819 (Abstract)From Francis Corbin, 10 October 1819From George Divers, 11 October 1819To Thomas McKean Myer, 12 October 1819To Robert Walsh Jr., 16 October 1819From Anthony Charles Cazenove, 18 October 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 18 October 1819From Jonathan Russell, 18 October 1819From James Monroe, 20 October 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 23 October 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 25 October 1819From Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 25 October 1819From Peter Cardelli, 29 October 1819From Edmond Kelly, [ca. 31] October 1819To Peter Cardelli, 4 November 1819To Richard Peters, 4 November 1819Account of Charles Taylor, [4 November] 1819Circular Letter from Elias Boudinot, 5 November 1819From Henry St. George Tucker, 10 November 1819From Peter Cardelli, 11 November 1819From Thomas Herttell, 11 November 1819From Robert Walsh Jr., 11 November 1819From John Stanard, 12 November 1819From José Corrèa de Serra, 15 November 1819To Jean Guillaume Hyde de Neuville, 17 November 1819To James Monroe, [ante–24 November] 1819From James Monroe, 24 November 1819To Robert Walsh Jr., 27 November 1819From James Breckinridge, 27 November 1819From Hazlewood Farish, 27 November 1819From Clarkson Crolius, 29 November 1819From Thomas Jefferson, 30 November 1819From Francis Corbin, 2 December 1819From William Maury, 4 December 1819To Thomas Jefferson, 6 December 1819Account of the Agricultural Society of Albemarle, [ca. 6 December] 1819From James Monroe, 7 December 1819To James Breckinridge, 8 December 1819To Clarkson Crolius, [ca. 10–31 December] 1819To James Monroe, 11 December 1819To Bushrod Washington, 18 December 1819From Thomas B. Barton, 18 December 1819To Langdon Cheves, 20 December 1819To Thomas Herttell, 20 December 1819From Hazlewood Farish, 22 December 1819From William J. Coffee, 23 December 1819To William Maury, 24 December 1819To Richard Cutts, 28 December 1819From Frederick C. Schaeffer, 30 December 1819From Robert J. Evans, 31 December 1819Notes on Language, [post–31 December] 1819From Alexander Scott, 2 January 1820From Robert Walsh Jr., 2 January 1820To John Nicholas, 4 January 1820To James Monroe, 6 January 1820To Frederick C. Schaeffer, 8 January 1820To Robert Walsh Jr., 11 January 1820To James Breckinridge, 12 January 1820From Langdon Cheves, 14 January 1820From James B. Pleasants, 15 January 1820From James Breckinridge, 16 January 1820From James Breckinridge, 17 January 1820To Noah Webster, [18 January] 1820From Francis Corbin, 18 January 1820To James Breckinridge, 25 January 1820From Mathew Carey, 26 January 1820From John S. Barbour, 27 January 1820From Edmond Kelly, [ca. 29] January 1820From Cumberland D. Williams, 29 January 1820From Francis Preston, 30 January 1820From Bushrod Washington, 31 January 1820Madison's Detatched Memoranda, ca. 31 January 1820 (Editorial Note)Detatched Memoranda, ca. 31 January 1820