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A True Friend, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 14 November [Ratification by the States 8:163]

Debates [Ratification by the States 10:1188]


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– should have management of own internal affairs [11 references]

– role of in election of President [2 references]

– states will be affected differently [1 reference]

– minority of states not secured from local oppression [1 reference]

– and ratification of amendments to Constitution [6 references]

– debate over charge that large states will have undue influence over small states [1 reference]

– will have to pay delinquent congressional requisitions [1 reference]

– economic competition among will benefit Union [1 reference]

– proposal that they consent to federal poll tax [2 references]

– will likely overwhelm federal government [1 reference]

– Constitution reflects adversely on virtue and integrity of legislatures of [1 reference]

– will have far more officeholders than federal government [2 references]

– Constitution will not eliminate clashes among states [1 reference]

– Congress, U.S. [4 subentries]

– and loss of power of [22 subentries]

– and federal judiciary [4 references + 5 subentries]

– protections offered to [7 subentries]

– Senate, U.S. [4 subentries]

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