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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 8–10: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Virginia | S |  States Under the Articles of Confederation


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– and repeal of laws contrary to Treaty of Peace [12 references]

– Constitution as a compromise among [8 references]

– fail to comply with Treaty of Peace [14 references]

– danger from if Constitution is not ratified [1 reference]

– interstate relations will deteriorate if ratification of Constitution is postponed [1 reference]

– extension of powers of [1 reference]

– discordant interests of [12 references]

– inadequacies of governments of [17 references]

– fail to provide soldiers to federal army [1 reference]

– criticism of levying of export duties by [1 reference]

– sovereign and independent [6 references]

– instability of laws of [2 references]

– criticism of [1 reference]

– pardon power of executives of [1 reference]

– tax power of [1 reference]

– invited to send delegates to Annapolis Convention [2 references]

– will extinguish public and private debts if Constitution is not adopted [1 reference]

– restraints upon [2 references]

– delegates to Constitutional Convention as representatives of [1 reference]

– judiciaries of [1 reference]

– strength of relative to general government [1 reference]

– rely on direct taxes [1 reference]

– benefits to of requisition system [1 reference]

– commercial regulations of some harmful to others [2 references]

– voluntarily relinquished power when they joined Confederation [1 reference]

– are free, democratic, and at peace [1 reference]

– territorial claims of have been settled [1 reference]

– need strengthening [1 reference]

– number of legislators of [1 reference]

– have set and lowered salaries of their officials [1 reference]

– and money bills [2 references]

– neglect their militias [1 reference]

– possess right of secrecy [1 reference]

– militia laws of [2 references]

– interference with private contracts [1 reference]

– praise for Articles of Confederation’s provision for admission of new states [1 reference]

– Confederation Congress [10 subentries]

– constitutions of [28 references + 4 subentries]

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