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Note on Sources [Ratification by the States 8:xliv]

William Graham to Zachariah Johnston, Rockbridge, 3 November [Ratification by the States 8:143]+


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– “An American Citizen” (Tench Coxe) [1 reference]

– “Aristides” (Alexander Contee Hanson), Remarks on the Proposed Plan of a Federal Government [6 references]

– “A Citizen and Soldier” [1 reference]

– “A Citizen of America” (John O’Connor), Political Opinions, Particularly respecting the Seat of Federal Empire [1 reference]

– “A Citizen of America” (Noah Webster), An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution [3 references]

– “A Citizen of New-York” (John Jay), An Address to the People of the State of New-York [6 references]

– “A Citizen of North Carolina” (James Iredell) [1 reference]

– Decius (John Nicholas, Jr.), Decius’s Letters on the Opposition to the New Constitution in Virginia [2 references]

– A Defence of the Constitutions (John Adams) [8 references]

– Dissent of the Minority of the Pa. Convention (Samuel Bryan) [4 references]

– “Federal Farmer”, Letters [3 references]

– “Federal Farmer”, Additional Letters [3 references]

The Federalist (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison) [7 references]

– Benjamin Franklin, Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces [1 reference]

– R.H. Lee to Gov. Randolph (16 Oct.) [4 references]

– Luther Martin, Genuine Information [2 references]

– Md. Convention amendments [1 reference]

– George Mason’s Objections [2 references]

– Mass. Convention Debates [2 references]

– James Monroe, Some Observations on the Constitution [4 references]

– “A Native of Virginia”, Observations upon the Proposed Plan of Federal Government [4 references]

– Norfolk handbill for Fourth of July celebration [1 reference]

– “An Officer of the Late Continental Army” [1 reference]

– Address of the Seceding Members of the Pa. Assembly [1 reference]

– Debates in the Pa. Convention (Thomas Lloyd) [3 references]

– “A Plebeian” (Melancton Smith?), An Address to the People of the State of New-York [1 reference]

– Society of Western Gentlemen, Revised Constitution [1 reference]

– David Ramsay’s Oration [1 reference]

– Edmund Randolph to Va. House of Delegates (10 Oct.) [7 references]

– The Ratifications of the New Foederal Constitution, Together With the Amendments, Proposed by the Several States [1 reference]

– S.C. Ratification [2 references]

– “A True Friend”, 216–21—printings of Constitution [1 reference]

– Committee of Style report [1 reference]

– Dixon version (ordered by Va. legislature) [4 references]

– Davis version [2 references]

– Dunlap and Claypoole version [3 references]

– M’Lean version (privately done in Norfolk) [2 references]

– M’Lean version (ordered by Confederation Congress) [7 references]

– Richards version [3 references]

– anthologies [5 subentries]

– Virginia legislature [3 subentries]

– Virginia Convention debates and proceedings [4 subentries]

– Virginia ratification [3 subentries]

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