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Virginia Independent Chronicle, 14 November [Ratification by the States 8:159]+

Samuel McCraw to James Breckinridge, Richmond, 28 November [Ratification by the States 8:170 n.]

Americanus I, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 5 December [Ratification by the States 8:201]

Arthur Lee's Report on Virginia Antifederalism, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 7 March [Ratification by the States 8:467 n.]+

A Native of Virginia: Observations upon the Proposed Plan of Federal Government, 2 April [Ratification by the States 9:695]

Debates [Ratification by the States 9:1048 n.]


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– with Great Britain [20 references]

– amendment to give Confederation Congress power to regulate [5 references]

– rapacious traders will plunder South under Constitution [1 reference]

– criticism of Constitution’s power to regulate [4 references]

– problems with under Confederation [37 references]

– debate over Constitution’s provisions providing for regulation of by a simple majority of Congress [48 references]

– will improve under Constitution [24 references]

– Constitution prohibits interstate commercial restrictions [4 references]

– defense of power of Congress to regulate under Constitution [9 references]

– debate over in Constitutional Convention [7 references]

– debate over power of Congress under Constitution to grant exclusive privileges [5 references]

– attempts by Va., Md., and Pa. to solve their problems [1 reference]

– effects of Revolution on [2 references]

– with France and French West Indies [13 references]

– and possible conflict with agriculture [2 references]

– debate in Va. over importation of foreign liquors [4 references]

– with foreign nations [6 references]

– importance of [2 references]

– and a navy [5 references]

– commerce compared to avarice [1 reference]

– criticism of Va. regulations [2 references]

– and western agriculture [3 references]

– importance of interstate canals to [1 reference]

– treaties for [7 references]

– regulation of as legislative power [1 reference]

– danger to Va.’s commerce if it is out of Union [4 references]

– regulation of will not provide all benefits predicted [2 references]

– of Va. [1 reference]

– with The Netherlands [1 reference]

– doing well under Confederation [2 references]

– competition between Va. and Md. [1 reference]

– U.S. should advocate free trade [1 reference]

– endangered by European war [1 reference]

– will be harmed by increased duties if requisitions are not fully complied with [1 reference]

– imports will decrease as population increases [1 reference]

– and smuggling [3 references]

– among states as inducement to Union [1 reference]

– government should protect and encourage [1 reference]

– and neutrality rights during war [1 reference]

– distinction between carrying and non-importing states [2 references]

– distinction between carrying and producing states [1 reference]

– will have less influence under Constitution than under Confederation [1 reference]

– and federal judiciary [3 references]

– importance of to Va. and N.C. [1 reference]

– toasted [3 references]

– regulation of by Congress and encouragement of manufactures [1 reference]

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