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An Impartial Citizen, Petersburg Virginia Gazette, 10 January [Ratification by the States 8:296]


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– criticism of [66 references]

– defense or praise of [76 references]

– vested with sufficient powers to handle general administration [1 reference]

– as check on President [3 references]

– as check on state legislation [1 reference]

– to regulate judiciary’s appellate jurisdiction [20 references]

– and navigation of Mississippi [4 references]

– to establish inferior courts [9 references]

– has only those powers expressly granted to it [4 references]

– proposal to eliminate power to legislate over federal district, forts, etc. [2 references]

– praise that Congress may act directly on people [1 reference]

– of receipts and expenditures [6 references]

– to organize judiciary [1 reference]

– and amendments to Constitution [4 references]

– tendency of legislatures is to aggrandize power [1 reference]

– proponents of Constitution want all power given to [1 reference]

– to make treaties [4 references]

– war power [1 reference]

– to apportion direct taxes [2 references]

– criticism for having power of purse and sword [1 reference]

– has many powers that Confederation Congress had in principle [1 reference]

– to call up militias [1 reference]

– should not be given all powers in Constitution [1 reference]

– to limit Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction [1 reference]

– will provide reasonable regulation of location of criminal trials [1 reference]

– and maritime law [1 reference]

– to raise an army [1 reference]

– to establish schools to promote morality [1 reference]

– and Indian affairs [1 reference]

– restraints on [2 references + 12 subentries]

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