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The State Soldier I, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 16 January [Ratification by the States 8:307]

The State Soldier IV, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 19 March [Ratification by the States 8:514]

Providence United States Chronicle, 24 April [Ratification by the States 9:757]+

George Washington to John Armstrong, Sr. Mount Vernon, 25 April [Ratification by the States 9:759]

John Brown to James Madison, New York, 12 May [Ratification by the States 9:795]+

Debates [Ratification by the States 9:956]

Debates [Ratification by the States 9:986]

Debates [Ratification by the States 9:1064]

Debates [Ratification by the States 9:1067]

Debates [Ratification by the States 10:1478]

Debates [Ratification by the States 10:1551]

Poughkeepsie Country Journal, 8 July [Ratification by the States 10:1727]+


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– Constitution endangers [13 references]

– Constitution will promote [55 references]

– Articles of Confederation have not provided for [4 references]

– dependent on a free discussion of Constitution [1 reference]

– Antifederalists said to oppose political happiness [3 references]

– as purpose of government [9 references]

– depends on government [6 references]

– as an unalienable right [3 references]

– Articles of Confederation conducive to [1 reference]

– depends on Union [11 references]

– liberty as source of [5 references]

– depends on ratification of Constitution [4 references]

– amendments to Constitution needed to secure [8 references]

– U.S. has means of private happiness [1 reference]

– republican governments secure [3 references]

– compromise on slave trade in Constitutional Convention more important than happiness of people [1 reference]

– formation of state constitutions to promote [1 reference]

– protection of is purpose of state Convention delegates [2 references]

– representation in House of Representatives is sufficient to secure [1 reference]

– not possible in Va. because of slavery and oppressive state debt [1 reference]

– people can change government if it does not promote their happiness [1 reference]

– under Confederation [4 references]

– confederacies fail to promote [1 reference]

– people are happier in confederacies than in monarchies [2 references]

– of Swiss in confederacy [1 reference]

– motivates Randolph [1 reference]

– Albany Plan of Union would have destroyed [1 reference]

– executive branch important for security of [1 reference]

– strong government will promote [1 reference]

– dependent on economy and industry [1 reference]

– more important than Union [1 reference]

– not possible politically unless property is secure [1 reference]

– knowledge necessary for [1 reference]

– large navy will endanger in America [1 reference]

– depends on virtue of people [1 reference]

– Constitution may or may not promote [1 reference]

– based on interaction of reason and conscience [1 reference]

– based on principles of morality, religion, jurisprudence, and art of war [1 reference]

– both sides wanted a free and happy government [1 reference]

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