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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volume 15: Commentaries on the Constitution (3), 18 December 1787 – 31 January 1788 | S |  States, Impact of Constitution upon


385. Edmund Randolph and the Constitution [Commentaries on the Constitution 15:127]

386–C. Brutus, Boston Independent Chronicle, 24 January [Commentaries on the Constitution 15:138]+

425. Luther Martin: Genuine Information IV, Baltimore Maryland Gazette, 8 January [Commentaries on the Constitution 15:300]

430. Tamony, Virginia Independent Chronicle, 9 January [Commentaries on the Constitution 15:323]


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– central government will act directly upon people rather than through states [4 references]

– debate over charge that U.S. judiciary will supersede judiciaries of [17 references]

– constitutions and bills of rights of [18 references]

– debate over assertion that Constitution transfers all or part of sovereignty to central government [56 references]

– debate over assertion that all powers not enumerated in Constitution are reserved to [15 references]

– judicial review of laws of [2 references]

– election of senators by legislatures of [16 references]

– debate over equality of representation of in Senate [20 references]

– argument that states will be affected unequally [5 references]

– argument that states will be guardians of rights and liberties [5 references]

– debate over guarantee of republican form of government to [9 references]

– proposals in Constitutional Convention for congressional veto of laws of [2 references]

– provision for creation of new states [5 references]

– restrictions upon [13 references]

– danger that states may encroach on central government [3 references]

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