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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volume 16: Commentaries on the Constitution (4), 1 February – 31 March 1788 | P |  Pennsylvania


501. Centinel XIV, Philadelphia Independent Gazetteer, 5 February [Commentaries on the Constitution 16:35]

581. A Columbian Patriot: Observations on the Constitution: Boston, February [Commentaries on the Constitution 16:290 n.]

624. Poughkeepsie Country Journal, 18 March [Commentaries on the Constitution 16:410]


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– judiciary of [1 reference]

– Council of Censors of [3 references]

– legislature of [23 references]

– Supreme Executive Council of [9 references]

– constitution of [5 references]

– party spirit in [9 references]

– in Constitutional Convention [2 references]

– Republican Party in [2 references]

– influence of Mass. on [5 references]

– population of [2 references]

– influence of Va. on [1 reference]

– influence of adjournment of N.H. Convention on [4 references]

– petition campaign to undo ratification in [6 references]

– payment of congressional requisitions by [6 references]

– Constitutionalist Party in [1 reference]

– and first federal elections in [2 references]

– political conditions in western part of [1 reference]

– violence and intimidation in [3 references]

– bad weather in [1 reference]

– Philadelphia printers’ petition to state Assembly of [6 references]

– Antifederalists in [12 references + 4 subentries]

– convention of [1 reference + 16 subentries]

– Federalists in [4 references + 4 subentries]

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