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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volume 17: Commentaries on the Constitution (5), 1 April – 9 May 1788 | B |  Broadsides, Pamphlets, and Books


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– John Adams, Defence of the Constitutions [1 reference]

– Robert Ainsworth, Thesaurus Latinae Compendiarius [1 reference]

– anti-spirituous liquors [2 references]

– “Aristides” (Alexander Contee Hanson), Remarks on the Proposed Plan of a Federal Government [1 reference]

– “Aristocrotis” (William Petrikin) [1 reference]

– The Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and Other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston (1772) (Samuel Adams) [2 references]

– James Burgh, Political Disquisitions [1 reference]

– Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke [1 reference]

– “A Citizen of New-York” (John Jay), An Address to the People of the State of New-York [2 references]

– “A Columbian Patriot” (Mercy Warren), Observations on the New Constitution [2 references]

– proceedings of Congress (1774) [1 reference]

– Continental Association [1 reference]

– John Dickinson, The Letters of Fabius [1 reference]

– John Dickinson, Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania [2 references]

– “Federal Farmer|” An Additional Number of Letters [1 reference]

– “Federal Farmer|” Letters [1 reference]

The Federalist (Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison) [2 references]

– being collected by Ebenezer Hazard [2 references]

– Alain Rene Le Sage, Histoire de Gil Bias de Santillane [2 references]

– Luther Martin, Genuine Information [2 references]

– Address of Minority of Md. Convention [1 reference]

– Mass. Convention Debates [1 reference]

– Abbé André Morellet, Avis Faiseurs de Constitutions par M. Benjamin Franklin [1 reference]

– “A Native of Virginia” [1 reference]

– “One and All” [1 reference]

– Debates in Pa. Convention (Thomas Lloyd) [1 reference]

– “A Plebeian” (Melancton Smith?), An Address to the People of the State of New-York [2 references]

– Benjamin Rush, Observations upon the Present Government of Pennsylvania [1 reference]

– Schedule of the French and Dutch Loans … [1 reference]

– Sir William Temple, Observations Upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands [1 reference]

– Va. call of state convention [1 reference]

– revised Constitution by society of gentlemen in western Va. [1 reference]

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