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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volume 18: Commentaries on the Constitution (6), 9 May – 13 September 1788 | G |  Government, Debate Over Nature Of


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– federal republic supported [3 references]

– Constitution will create consolidated government [9 references]

– America will show that man can govern himself [10 references]

– Constitution called a revolution [9 references]

– Constitution will not immediately establish vigorous government [1 reference]

– Americans believe they can be free without government [1 reference]

– good constitution obtainable only through succession of bloody revolutions or powerful rule of a person [1 reference]

– Constitution not a representative government [1 reference]

– opposition to general government for America [1 reference]

– difficulty of applying general rules to all parts of a federal government [2 references]

– only general principles of can be relied on rather than specific constitutional protections [1 reference]

– Constitution is best form for U.S. [1 reference]

– need for permanent, efficient national government [12 references]

– power is not achieved by unanimous consent but by genius and luck [1 reference]

– party spirit almost indefatigable in democracy [1 reference]

– description of stages of American society [1 reference]

– because powers can be abused is no reason not to grant them [1 reference]

– Constitution makes states a nation [1 reference]

– continual effort to establish stability and order from chaos [1 reference]

– great revolutions of antiquity were mad, tumultuous actions [1 reference]

– revolutions in government usually exchange one tyrant for another [1 reference]

– Constitution will bring stability and replace libertinism of youthful U.S. [1 reference]

– criticism of too much dependence on those in power [1 reference]

– effectiveness of depends on virtue of people in elections [1 reference]

– best understood at time of American Revolution [1 reference]

– Americans most aware of study of government [1 reference]

– people are husbands and constitutions are wives [1 reference]

– voice of people is not voice of God [1 reference]

– “A Native of Boston’s” ideas of best government [1 reference]

The Federalist touches on primary issues concerning [1 reference]

– difficulty of united unequal states in confederacies [1 reference]

– new Constitution creates a federal government [1 reference]

– attributes of [17 subentries]

– dangers of [6 subentries]

– objects of government [2 references + 5 subentries]

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