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Convention Debates, 21 January, P.M. [Ratification by the States 6:1291]


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– amendment to Articles of Confederation concerning proposed by Mass. [1 reference]

– Americans will not submit to one that forces Constitution on them [1 reference]

– army officers in Mass. support Constitution [1 reference]

– Articles of Confederation gives more power to raise armies than Constitution will [1 reference]

– Britain can only appropriate funds for annually [2 references]

– Confederation Congress authorized to commission officers of [2 references]

– Confederation Congress has power to raise [4 references]

– Congress can rightfully send abroad [2 references]

– Congress needs taxing power to raise and support [2 references]

– criticism of Congress’ two-year limit on appropriation for [7 references]

– debate over Congress’ power to raise [18 references]

– defense of provision for two-years for military [5 references]

– fear that if Constitution is defeated positions in the army will be eliminated [2 references]

– only federal government knows what is needed [1 reference]

– Mass. commitment of men and supplies to Continental Army during Revolution [2 references]

– may be necessary to send abroad [1 reference]

– militia will be when embodied [1 reference]

– necessity of in governments of extensive territories without local control [1 reference]

– opposition of Quakers to Constitution’s provision for [1 reference]

– ought always to be subordinate to civil authorities [1 reference]

– people have power to disband [1 reference]

– praise of officers of [1 reference]

– President as commander in chief [2 references]

– always finds quarters [1 reference]

– President and Senate can borrow money to pay if sent abroad [1 reference]

– Revolutionary soldiers will benefit under Constitution [1 reference]

– soldiers (officers) part of Federalist leadership in state Convention [1 reference]

– soldiers and invalids will not be paid in Mass. [1 reference]

– states met their quotas during Revolution [1 reference]

– might be sent abroad under treaty power of President and Senate [1 reference]

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