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Tuesday, 29 January, A.M. and P.M. [Ratification by the States 7:1815]


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– civil cases will suffer under [1 reference]

– Congress can create inferior courts [13 references]

– power of Congress over is too extensive [1 reference]

– Constitution does not protect against being dragged hundreds of miles for trial [2 references]

– courts can alter the original intent [1 reference]

– danger from [8 references]

– danger from Congress setting procedure for [1 reference]

– defense of [2 references]

– denial it will be oppressive [4 references]

– described as “the mainspring of the whole Machinery” [1 reference]

– expensive [2 references]

– will give rise to expensive law suits [1 reference]

– will be terribly costly to get justice in criminal cases [1 reference]

– will try federal cases unprotected by a clause guaranteeing freedom of the press [1 reference]

– will hear cases where states are defendants [1 reference]

– for good behavior praised [2 references]

– and power to issue writs of habeas corpus [2 references]

– impeachment power is only thing that makes it a check on power [1 reference]

– removable only by impeachment forbad behavior [1 reference]

– importance of [2 references]

– independence of [3 references]

– judges should be prohibited from sitting in Congress [2 references]

– many lawyers will be appointed to [1 reference]

– and Mass. Constitutional Convention delegation split over jury trial in [1 reference]

– debated in Mass. Convention [2 references]

– necessity of [3 references]

– number of judicial cases would expand because of appeals to [1 reference]

– objection to [1 reference]

– does not represent any particular branch of people [1 reference]

– will oppress the poor [3 references]

– denial that appeal to a distant federal court will cause problem for poor [1 reference]

– praise of crimes being tried in state where committed [1 reference]

– praised as honest and just men [1 reference]

– fixed salaries give independence to [2 references]

– satire on collection of taxes due from the states [1 reference]

– will rule that federal laws have violated state constitutions [1 reference]

– state judiciaries will be destroyed by [6 references]

– state judiciaries will not be destroyed by [5 references]

– and relationship to state judiciaries [1 reference]

– support for limited [1 reference]

– too far off [1 reference]

– trial of vicinage not guaranteed under Constitution [2 references]

– and venue for criminal cases [1 reference]

– will be extensive [2 references]

– and appointment of judges [1 reference + 3 subentries]

– and Confederation Congress [4 subentries]

– and indictment by a grand jury [5 subentries]

– jurisdiction of [19 subentries]

– and Supreme Court [9 subentries]

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