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 Ratification of the Constitution Indexes | Index to Volumes 4–7: Ratification of the Constitution by the States: Massachusetts | N |  New England States


Massachusetts Gazette, 28 December [Ratification by the States 5:544]


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– Antifederalists in accused of being paper money men and Shaysites, 812n’ [1 reference]

– Antifederalists weak in [1 reference]

– capable of providing more ships for commerce than British [1 reference]

– Connecticut as first state in to ratify [1 reference]

– if it ratifies, Constitution will be ratified [1 reference]

– Constitution will benefit [1 reference]

– criticism of [4 references]

– will resist direct taxation [1 reference]

– enterprising spirit of is denounced by other sections [1 reference]

– potential effect of Benjamin Franklin’s speech in [1 reference]

– and Hartford Convention (1780) [1 reference]

– homogeneous population of [1 reference]

– “Landholder” more popular in than “Publius” [1 reference]

– threatened by luxuries [1 reference]

– Mass. leads on great political questions [1 reference]

– should join Middle States in separate confederacy [1 reference]

– moral superiority of to Pennsylvania [1 reference]

– referred to as a nation [1 reference]

– over-taxed and under-represented in Constitution [1 reference]

– Pennsylvania delegates to Constitutional Convention said to out-number in [2 references]

– poor attendance of delegates of in Congress [1 reference]

– prospects for ratification in [1 reference]

– ratification by will eliminate certain evils [1 reference]

– will ratify easily except for R.I. [2 references]

– shipbuilding in suffering under Confederation [1 reference]

– differs from Southern States [1 reference]

– Southern States have better land than [1 reference]

– Southerners fear commercial dominance by [2 references]

– will have sufficient power under Constitution to preserve itself [1 reference]

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